If Christmas is for Christians, then why is it celebrated in non-Christian lands?  Should Christians observe it?  Let’s see.

Christmas is something that most people grew up with, including me.

How we view Christmas

Why is Christmas celebrated in  … ?

I can recall the Christmas’ of when I was just a little kid.  Cold winters, nice warm house, snow on the ground, vacation from school or work, the bright lights on a tree, the red/green colors all around, presents under the tree, cooking smells throughout the house, and “stockings” hanging on the “mantel” (which at my house meant a thumbtacked “stocking” to an area by the tree).

Can you relate to any of the above?  On the other hand, maybe you lived in a warmer climate and skipped over the cold and snow.  Oh well, I guess that is the difference between where we grew up and what we’re used to.

 Birthday?  …  For Real?

I can recall  many times that I was told Christmas was Jesus’ birthday and Santa Claus brought presents from the North Pole where he lived.   I also remember very clearly when and where I was, when I found out that Santa Claus was just a made up character that  did not exist and that December 25 was not Jesus’ birthday.

Notice the Snow ?

Notice the Snow  covered ground?  Was Jesus born in a Snow Storm?

At first I did not, could not believe it.  Had I been lied to in the short years  that I had been living?  The answer to that is simple…………….. YES !

From that time forward, I never enjoyed a Christmas again.  To me, even being just a little kid, it was all a big fake, phoney, lie.   From that time on, I began to take notice of how people would act during the so-called “Christmas spirit” time of the year.   Why was it that they all pretended to be nice to each other up until after about the first of the new year , then they would just go back to their same old selves?

As a teenager, I began to hate Christmas. 

Mainly because it was so phoney.  It was not until a few years later that I was flipping through an old encyclopedia that I happened to land on the subject of Christmas.  I read what it said.

It started out from the beginning of the article, that it was a pagan “holiday”  (holyday) that had been adopted into the Catholic church and eventually being accepted into the many protestant churches world wide.  A pagan holiday !!!   What is this all about?  What was so shocking was that it had been in my own encyclopedia all these years ?!

Well, enough was enough.  I was totally done with Christmas!!!

It was not until a few more years went by that I chose to do more research on this pagan holiday and the claim that it is Jesus’ birthday.  Man, what an eye opener I found out !!!

Who Put The “X” In X-mas ?

What is xmas?

Today, do people actually think about Dec. 25 as Jesus birthday?  It’s true that we see these little plastic images of a nativity scene in yards, store fronts, and even in grassy areas throughout town, but that is about as far as it goes.   Mainly it is just a money making day for big business’ to make huge profits from selling their stuff to people that can not afford it and at the same time, going into debt for the next year.

Nativity Scene

Nativity Scene

Then they get to start it all over again the following year.

Why do we celebrate Christmas in places that are not claiming to be Christians though Christmas is supposed to be a “Christian” observance?   Have you ever hear of “x-mas?”   Most of us have.

The “X” takes the place of the first few letters of the word Christmas (which means Christ’s  Mass…a mass taking place in the Catholic church) which spell out :  CHRIST    Since so many big businesses are owned and operated by individuals or corporations, who are not claiming to be Christians, they had to come up with a way to also “celebrate” Christmas, and make money at the same time.

Therefore, the “X” was added before the word mass, completely removing any connection with CHRIST.

Since Christmas customs claim to be associated with Jesus in the Bible, we will also be using it as a basis to be worthy of consideration and to see exactly what is being said in the Bible.

We will be going into a bit of history together, and the Bible itself.  Bear with me.  Do your own research for yourself.  In this blog, I am just going to, “point you in the right direction” so you can get started.

Damage Of Christmas Celebrations

However, before we do, let’s take a look at the damage it can do to our children or even grandchildren.  If we tell them there is a Santa Claus, it is really a breach of trust.  If we as an adult, out and out lie to our children, do you think they will grow up to be a truthful person themselves?  Probably not.  They will only copy the example that we gave them to copy.

Sometimes kids reason that since Santa Claus is not real, and my parents lied to me many times in the past as I grew up, they come to the conclusion that “God is not real either, it’s all a big lie.”  Have we just destroyed our child’s ability to grasp spiritual things?  Is Christmas for Christians?   What do you think?  Remember, we have to bear the load of responsibility.

This so-called “Christian” holiday has become so entrenched in people lives and such a successful money maker for big business, that it is even accepted into countries that have no dealings with the Bible or association with Christians and their teachings.

The Japanese Buddhists, African animists, American Jews, and even Singaporean Muslims have accepted the celebration of:  ” A fat man in a red suit passing out presents and somehow gets to all homes earthwide in one night.”   But why?  Again, money is usually at the root of all of this.   Big business continues to promote its ‘stuff ‘ and makes a person feel bad or perhaps left out, if they do not join in.


Have you ever  sat down and asked yourself exactly WHY you celebrate Christmas?

Most do not know of or even care about what it stands for or when and under what circumstances it began.  “But what about the kids” , you may be thinking.  Some parents claim  they do it so the kids will have a good time.  But why have a ‘good time’ with the kids only once a year?  Why not have special occasions many times throughout the year instead?

A surprise for children is what they really like, and especially if dad and mom are the reasons for it.  It just draws families together naturally……

Do You Miss Your 3rd Arm?

Will children “miss” something that they have never had?  No.  Just like you do not “miss” not having 3 arms or 3 legs, because you never had them in the first place.  So if our children are raised in a home that does not promote falsehoods, it will automatically foster trust.

Trust is the number one thing that families should have towards one another.  If parents start off their children with lies about certain things, kids will wonder what else are their parents lying to them about.

Why Is Christmas Celebrated In December

Now for a bit of history on this Christmas observance.  Since it is claimed to be Jesus’ birthday, yes, we will be going into the Bible somewhat.  Now, do not close up your mind, just be a realist.

In the Bible, it clearly shows that Jesus was 33 1/2 years old when he was murdered.  That was in the very early part of the spring of the year 33 C.E.  (common era is a more accurate rendering of dates instead of the old A.D. which is no longer being used).   His death took place on that spring day of the Jewish Passover which would be Nisan 14 which corresponds to our Gregorian calendar month of late March or early April.

That means that if we count backwards 6 months, it will give us the month of his actual birth.  That takes us back to the early fall of the year 33 C.E. as Jesus’ date of birth, not Dec. 25, which would be in the dead of winter.

Jerusalem in Winter

Jerusalem in Winter

So how did Dec. 25 come to be so popular?

It began with the pagan Roman worship of the Sun.  Since people believed that as the days got shorter and shorter, the sun would eventually disappear and it was up to them to help do something about it.  If they did not help, the sun god would completely disappear from their lives.

Realizing that the sun warmed the earth, made things grow, gave them good seasons, they thought it to be quite ‘normal’ to worship it.  They viewed it as their life giver.

Families along with groups of people, would light candles, bonfires and anything else they could find in order to keep the sun fire burning.  They were trying to “revive” the sun.  Then when, after about the 21st or 22nd of the month, the days began to slowly grow longer, they viewed it as a success.  The ‘revived’ the sun once more.  This called for a celebration……

It was called the winter solstice.  Solstice is when the daylight hours and night time hours are of the same length.  There is also a Solstice in the springtime, called the Spring Equinox.

Since the December 25th date was considered to be a major celebration of the Invincible Sun, it was thought to be a good date for the Catholic church to “sanctify”  it by moving the birth of Jesus up to the same date as the observance of the sun worship.   In time, the mixture of the pagan teachings along with it’s thinking, would become so intermixed with nominal “Christianity” that you could not tell one from the other.

In an article written by the “Church Christmas Tab”  states : ”December was the major month of pagan celebration, and Dec. 25 was the high point of the winter revelries.  Some believe the bishop of Rome chose Dec. 25 as the birth date of Christ in order to “sanctify” the pagan celebrations.  What resulted was a strange mixture of the pagan and the Christian festivals that the world now calls Christmas.”

It goes on to state:  ” The word ‘Christmas’ does not appear in the Bible, and Scripture gives no mandate for celebrating Jesus’ birth.”

So we can see that the celebrating of the Saturnalia (worship of the sun) and the so-called “Christmas” celebration all come from pagan roots.   Another Pope (Gregory I ) continued this pagan tradition by giving church leaders instructions on how to use these pagan teachings and blend them into the church’s teachings.

This was another way for the church fathers to become popular in the eyes of the general populace which in turn, would bring more money into the church.

One of many Gold Tiara's

One of many Gold Tiara’s

So we ask, why would they do that?  Remember we talked about :  Its all about the money.  Well, the same is true today.  Its all about the money.  If people were to abandon the churches, where would the leaders get money from?

On the other hand, there is a way that hones people can make a good living, in an honest way.  (click here)

Think about how many poor, desperate people there are in the world, yet we see massive church edifices dominating the skylines, yet masses of people living in squalor.


Big Business Greed

Big Business Greed

The above information are Christmas pagan holiday facts.  What will you do with those facts?  Do you agree with what I’ve written here…or not?

Give me your thoughts below. Share this blog

Written by :  Tom McDaniel

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