Choosing the Best Walking Pole

Which type of walking pole is best is a simple question…However, unless you have a bit of knowledge as to what you are looking for in a walking pole, you may be spending money unnecessarily  so.

Follow along in this simple guide in choosing the best walking pole for yourself.  It can help you in any future purchases along with knowledge that can be useful for family and friends to also make the right choice.

Stride by Stride

Clearly not everyone walks the same.  Especially is this true if we are taller than most, or, on the other hand, either of average height of perhaps a bit shorter.

Since that is true, each person’s stride, or space between each footstep would be different.  Something that seems to be true around the world is that most people will choose friends at or about, their same height.

Strange, but true.  That is a good thing.  Why?

Because you can also invite your friends, with similar stride lengths, to join you in your daily walking.  🙂

Which Pole?  Adjustable or Fixed?

How would you answer the above two questions?  Follow along in this simple explanation.

Many walking pole brands have either fixed or adjustable poles.  Each of which, have their advantages.

For the seasoned pole walker, most seem to feel that the fixed pole is a wee bit lighter than the adjustable pole, plus they do not have the adjustment parts to contend with.

Fixed poles in many cases, are a bit less expensive than the adjustable type. Some claim that fixed poles are less likely to give out when walking, thereby being safer to use.

However, adjustable poles have many advantages over a fixed pole. Manufacturer’s have built into this type of pole, all the strength that is needed to withstand a good workout.

They are designed to be quiet (no rattle in the adjustments) and lightweight. They can be adjusted to different types of terrain, unlike fixed.

If you are the only one who will be using your poles, and know the exact length you need, then by all means, go with the fixed pole.

On the other hand, adjustable poles can be used by other family members and or friends that would like to “try them out” and perhaps become a walking companion.  🙂

Skill Level Changes Your Pole Length

As you get used to your walking poles, you will note that most newcomers will begin with their poles a bit on the shorter side.  Then, as you progress and desire a more robust walk, such as, power walking,  you’ll need to extend your poles a bit more.

Having your poles a bit longer will allow you to keep them out to the side where they belong.  Mainly they will keep you balanced and at the same time, give your entire upper body a good workout.

Walking up or down long grades, in grass, sand, gravel or on dirt covered trails or roadways, you’ll want to make small adjustments to the length of your poles once more.

Fixed poles will not allow for these small adjustments.  Fixed poles can be very tiring, especially if they are not absolutely perfect for each one of us when it comes to our own personal comfort length.

Note pole positions

Note pole positions…Fixed Poles

The Traveling Poles

The Nordic walking pole can be compacted into a smaller space.  They can be put into baggage areas within an airplane cargo hold with ease.

NOTE:  Do not attempt to use your poles as a carry-on.  More than likely you’ll lose them at the security gate.

Fitted into the trunk of a car or the back of a station wagon type vehicle. Some poles will come in either two of three sections that can quickly be put together or taken apart for easier travel.

What Length Should I Personally Have?

Length of legs, arms, stride, mobility of joints, (may be having some pain to deal with), type of shoe, or even over different types of terrain can have a bearing of our pole length.

Adjustable Nordic walking poles can compensate for all of the above.

Centimeters Or Inches…Which?

To get the proper length and adjustments for you individually, just follow along with this simple formula located here.

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Image by:  booyah