When was golf invented...early Scotland golfers

When was golf invented…early Scotland golfers

Women Play Golf Also!

Women Play Golf Also!

The First Woman Golfer Was A Queen !

Golf was “invented” some 500-700 years ago, notably by the Scots of Scotland.  Caddy’s on the other hand, were French in nature.  How can that be?

The then future queen of  Scotland grew up in France and was quite familiar with the French language and culture.  Being of ‘royal’ bloodlines, while playing this newly “invented” game of golf, she could not be ‘bothered’ by carrying her own golf clubs.

Mary, Queen of Scots and possibly the 1st woman to play golf

Mary, Queen of Scots and possibly the 1st woman to play golf

Being recognized by many, as the first woman to actually play golf (this can not be verified in history though), she would allow the French military cadets to carry her golfing clubs for her.

The word : cadet, in the French language is pronounced as :  kad-dee.  Hence, when Mary traveled to Scotland, she would quite naturally pronounce her golf club carrier as ‘caddie’.  Needless to say, it stuck.

What Is A Cadet…Caddie Messenger

Though the French word that we now mispronounce as caddie, comes from the French word of cadet, which in reality, is not referring to someone that carries golf clubs.

Originally it referred to youngest son or a young brother of French nobility.  It’s meaning was clearly understood to mean a young gentleman that would join the French army without a commission in order to learn the military profession and at the same time, to learn/earn a career for himself.

On the other hand, in Scotland, the same term of Caddie took on the meaning of a young man looking for employment of some sort, usually as a messenger.  That is…one who carries things to or for, others.  (i.e. golf clubs)

Pro golfer Michelle Wietalsk and caddie...gettyimage

Pro golfer Michelle Wietalsk and caddie...gettyimage

Remember the early golf ball? 

Well, when the golf ball was made more affordable because of the resins that had been found, the game was becoming more and more popular because it appealed to many types of people.  It is viewed by many as the absolute number one game in the world.  Quite a statement.

There were many other factors involved in the golf game that allowed it to take that position.  Besides the low cost of the golf balls, the shorter working hours (usually 8 per day and/or 40 per week) created by the industrial revolution , it gave many the opportunity to play and/or learn to play golf on the weekends.

The railroad allowed many to actually travel to these places that had good golf courses.  Playing on a different golf course made the game more and more appealing.

The Lawn Mower Takes On The Golf Course

When the motorized lawn mower was invented, it also allowed people to develop golfing areas where before none could be maintained  because of the fast growing , tall grasses with the wild underbrush which , eventually, would take over an area rather quickly.

These mowers makes it possible to have beautiful courses.

These mowers makes it possible to have beautiful courses.

But what makes golf so appealing?  Many reasons.  Some just like to hone their skills, other enjoy getting outside and walking, many like doing something with friends, and many, many people play golf for the social contacts.

That includes conducting business when out on the greens.  Another PLUS to the game is that there is no violence associated with it.  That is, unless one looses one’s temper and breaks or throws a club because of frustration.  🙁

Light hearted competition between friends is another sure way to make this sport enjoyable.

Lighthearted enjoyment of the game. visualimage

Lighthearted enjoyment of the game…visualimage

Golf scores are rather unique in themselves.  Why?  Because it is one of the very few games that someone can win by having the lowest score!

In the match play, whichever player puts the ball in the hole with the lowest number of strokes, wins that hole.  Then at the end of the game, the player that has won the most holes, wins the entire game.

How about the score play?  The winner of the score play is given to the person that has the lowest total amount of strokes for the entire game, is the winner.

More and more people can now not only afford to play the game, but they also had a good clear set of rules and/or guidelines to play by.  With that in mind, many decided to have tournaments with people living in other areas.

The Real Challenge

Challenging them to a friendly game.

At first when a group would win, they were give a trophy or some type of medal showing they had won.  Shortly though, the professional player became the prominent figure in the game.  These individuals would represent groups of clubs throughout the country.

Back in the 1890′s, the U.S. Golf Association was created, which in turn, caused quite a stir in the U.S.

Some decades later with the invention of air travel, many more could enjoy the game in different parts of the world.  Playing with other clubs or an individual that represented a club.

Today we watch golf games that are televised from all parts of the world. The trophy or medal has now been replaced with huge sums of money and sponsorships from large corporations.   Usually with contracts that pay the winners, large amounts of money.

Golf Is The Most Enjoyable Sport Of All Time

However, to the common folks, golfing is just an enjoyable  pastime that allows them to get out of the house for a while.  But what would be the use of that if the surroundings were not beautiful to look at?

In the Seattle, Washington area, there are found literally dozens of beautiful golf courses, each with it’s unique style.  You can play in city surroundings, or natural mountain terrain that has been shaped into golf courses.

One of Seattle's many golf courses

One of Seattle’s many golf courses

Many more golfing clubs incorporate these beautiful surrounds.  Quite often people travel to them just to see the layout of the greens.

Sadly though, many try and make money on these surroundings.

Communities are build around golf courses with inflated prices for homes and lands.  But if you really love the game, that will not deter you from playing your favorite game.

Reasons Why People Go To The Golf Course

There is an old golfer’s saying.  It goes like this:  You drive for show, and putt for dough (dough meaning money).

Yes , it is true, that many an outcome of golf has been to win money , much like the professionals of long ago along with many in today’s modern environment of pro. golfer’s.

Even that though, has not deterred people (men and women) from all walks of life,  to continue playing the game. And why do they play?  For the sheer love of the game!

Some enjoy the courses for other reasons.

There are many reasons to go to the golf course…to get away from distractions is one reason…

Always in pursuit of the “perfect swing” of golf.

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