What is Walking For Health

To answer the above question, simply put…it means that we choose walking as an exercise over other forms of training.  This is one of the VERY BEST overall, entire body workouts that there is.  However, believe it or not, to do it correct, it takes a bit of finesse and  skill to accomplish it.

To Gym Or Not To Gym…That Is The Question

With so much hype over health and issues that can be stopped or postponed by being healthy, it seems that everyone wants to “jump on the health bandwagon” and get fit!  That is a good thing!

Even the current President and his wife want children to eat healthier along with some form of exercise.  However, many choose alternative type of exercises other than joining and going to a gym.

Outside in the fresh air is always beneficial.  Especially when we can walk in new scenic areas.  How about you?  Does this type of exercise appeal to your senses?

Gyms can become over crowded at certain times of the day, even becoming stuffy and smells of sweat.  On the other hand, outside walks can not only be beneficial, but downright enjoyable!

Types Of Walking

A slow, methodical walk, such as through a mall, is most enjoyable but only has marginal benefits. That is one reason many folks have chosen to do “mall walking” throughout the year.

Ignoring the window displays and having a quick-step type of walk.  Mall walking is usually quite safe, lots of people around and overhead protection from the elements.

Scenic trails of uneven ground can be a challenge though, for some.  How can we benefit from this?   What is a Long Walk – What will a walk do for me?

Walking with friends and others that have similar goals can really make our day.  But how about adding something else to the mix?  Have you ever considered the benefits of walking with poles?

Surprisingly many choose this type of walking because it is an overall, total body workout.

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Proper Footwear Is Important

Walking on different types of surfaces such as sidewalks, tiled surfaces, grass, or uneven terrain can be a challenge if we are not prepared for it.  So how do we know which type of shoe would be best for us?

Remember too, that our feet need to be “babied” before, during, and after our walks.  Without them, walking would not be possible.

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A Mountain Hike

Daily walks are always the best.  If not convenient, then  perhaps  3 times per week would be the next best thing for you.

Or we decide to go on an all day walk or hike.  Where can we go?

1. Mount Rainier National Park   (my personal  “adventure”… you’ll like this one)

The Conclusion Of Walking

Now that you know what and where you want to walk, and how to go about it, why not invite others to join with you?

Be sure and take along a video camera or  picture camera to get those “once in a lifetime” images that you’ll have for years to come.   My suggestion.

How about you?  Have an adventure you want to share?  Leave your comments below.

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Images by: dailymail.co.uk