What Is The Weather Like In Seattle

What Is The Weather Like In Seattle…Storm Clouds High Up In The Mountains


Walking in the rain

Walking During A Spring Shower











If you don’t like the weather now, wait 10 minutes and it’ll change!  That is an old expression for those of us who have lived in the greater Seattle area for any length of time.  Not only is it a common expression, but in many, many cases it turns out to be true!

Seattle Washington weather forecast jobs are always interesting, especially for the meteorologist on the daily news.  Changing weather patterns in Puget Sound (pew-jet) is a never ending drama.  Many of us have experienced snow, sun, rain, sleet, and strong winds…..all in the same day.

Summer has been known to be only in the 40’s or 50’s degree marks on many occasions, then the next day it can be in the 80’s.  However, I will have to say this, that when the spring, summer and fall seasons are here, and the sun is out, there is absolutely no where else that is so beautiful!

Spring flowers bloom everywhere, summer sees apples, pears, blackberries, salmon berries, strawberries, blueberries, and even  huckleberries growing wild and in many cases, easy to pick.  Ever had a blackberry or blueberry pie?   How about a huckleberry pie?     FYI…..It tastes like a particular type of wine.  Ummm !  They’re great.

Well, back to the weather.

Indian Summer                         

Maple Leaves in the Fall

Maple Leaves in the Fall

In the Autumn time of the year, most everyone is waiting for the Indian Summer to show up in September through November.  What is it?  Let me explain.   Early mornings are cool, crisp, and sometimes, have a bit of fog.  But don’t worry, the fog disappears after a short while because the sun comes up, warming everything.

It’s invigorating.  Then you notice how the Maple trees, and especially the Vine Maple leaves have changed from green to a fire red.  Many of the larger Maple tree leaves are now bright yellow or orange.  Here and there, you’ll see some green one’s hanging on and not wanting to die and drop off….. But the always do.

Early morning fog

Early morning fog

During the fall, when you go to the rivers and small streams, you can watch the Salmon (fish) swimming upstream to do their spawning for the next batch of little fish for the following year.

But remember, when the fish are red in color, the are not good for eating, so just watch, you’ll be fascinated by them.  On the other hand, the bears love them!  Yum Yum   Oh, and yes, there are bears that roam through the woods wanting to get to the feeding frenzy of the Salmon.

But what about the weather forecast?

Mount Rainier’s “Halo Effect”     

Mount Rainier on "no halo" day!

Mount Rainier on “no halo” day!

Most that live in the western part of the state (Seattle area) can usually get an rough idea of the Seattle 10 day weather forecast by looking at Mount Rainier.  Yes, that is correct.  By looking over at Mount Rainier.  How so?

Not that it is always accurate, but it can be helpful.  What you are looking for is either totally clear skies, which can give you the current weather Seattle WA forecast.  On the other hand, if you notice that there is a “halo” of clouds around the top of Mount Rainier, then more than likely, the 5 day weather forecast, Seattle weather, will be rain.   It’s not always accurate, but the rain usually occurs within the next 48 hours after the cloud cover appears.

The Seattle Washington weather forecast throughout the rest of the United States, and even up into Vancouver, Canada, has been known to be raining most of the year.  That is a very true statement.  However, the “rain” we are talking about here is mainly, sprinkles, or rain showers.  Very seldom do we ever get a heavy downpour, just a constant drizzle-like rain.   The seemingly constant rainfall is what makes many folks get behind on their out-of-doors activities.

And here is a bit of enticement for all you women.  It’s been said that the people living in Seattle do not show their age like others parts of the county.  Why?  Because it’s like walking in a cool, refreshing, mist, year round.  Keeping one’s skin always hydrated.

Let’s face it, we all enjoy the warmth of the sun.  Especially when we can do things outside that we enjoy.  I can recall how challenging it can be to do some of the most simple things…like mowing my lawn.   Why?  Well, think about it.  When it seems to always be a slight drizzle of moisture coming down, the grass is always wet.  Mowers do not do well when trying to cut wet grass.

However, the real die-hards who want their yards to always look pristine, get out there and cut anyway.  You can tell they just finished cutting because of all the clumps of wet grass that mowers keep spitting out all over the yard.  🙁

Winter time can be bitterly cold, especially when we get the “Artic Blast” coming down from Alaska and Northern Canada.   Brrrrrrrrrrr  In fact, a few friends of mine that live  up in Alaska say it’s colder in Seattle than Alaska!

Is Seattle Colder Than Alaska?

How can that be?  In Alaska, the temps can be 30, 40, or even 70 below zero F.  But with no wind and no rain.  On the other hand, Seattle cold, even though it seldom gets to zero, is always a “wet cold” that just seems to penetrate your bones.  Then, to make it worse, when the wind blows, whoosh!  there goes all your body heat.

In Alaska, the cold is more or less, a “dry cold”, no moisture in the air.  Because of the “dryness”, it just feels ‘warmer.’

Surprisingly, most Seattleites enjoy the great climate.  But along with the weather and it’s  infamous “5 day weather forecast, Seattle is a very friendly place.  How so?  Because of the entrepreneur spirit that dominates the thinking patterns of residents throughout the entire state.  In other words, they like to run their own businesses.  What makes it even better, is the state makes it so easy to do business here.  In fact, many major companies have had their start here in Washington.

Just to name a few…..Starbucks, Costco, Boeing, UPS, Amazon and hugely successful, Microsoft.   Ever hear of any those companies?  They all had their beginnings here in Seattle.  Oh, yes, and for all you gals that enjoy shopping,  Nordstrom’s Department Store  got it’s start here also.

The Goat Report

Goat Report "weather station"

Goat Report “weather station”

Some years back there was a radio weather man who always gave the “goat report” along with the weather report.  So what is the “goat report?”   I’ll explain.

Where the weatherman would sit during his radio program (he was also the M.C. of the program)  he would notice that through the one window he could see out of, was an open field with a hill.  Most of the year, the person who owned this acreage, would allow his goats to roam the fields and eat down the grass.

Over a period of several years, the weatherman noticed something rather odd.  He began to take note of how far up, or down, the goats were on the hill side.  He noticed that when the weather was to be nice, the goats were further up on the hill side.  At the same time, he would notice that when the weather was either bad, or about to get bad later on in the day, the goats were further down the hill, closer to their shelters located at the base of the hill.

Hmmmmm…..  are these goats telling us something?

He started to share this with his radio listeners and make funny comments.  Everyone liked his “goat report” so much, that for the longest time, it became a “regular” part of his weather forecast.

East Vs. West             

Cascade Mountain Range where Red meets White

Cascade Mountain Range where Red meets White

So you see, no matter what side of the state you are on, weather can become an important part of your daily routine.  How so?  The state is pretty much divided down the middle, North to South, by the Cascade Mountain Range.  The western side (Seattle) is all green.  The western side (Spokane) is mostly open fields and even some desert areas.  FYI the name Spokane is and Indian tribe and it is pronounced as SPO-CAN, not SPO-KANE.   Say it correctly, and no one will ever know that you are from somewhere else.  🙂

Funny things happen in Seattle.  For instance when you’ve been here for any length of time, folks begin to tease the new comers.  How so?  All in jest, they will tell the new ones that “you can tell you’ve been in Seattle for a long time when you grow ‘webs’ between your fingers and toes!”   Ha Ha  just kidding.  🙂    (swimming webs because of all the rain)

Here is another bit of trivia for you and your question of :  What is the weather like in Seattle?

What The Heck Is A Convergence Zone?

Ever hear of the Convergence Zone?  Most will say ‘NO’ because it is unique to Washington weather, especially the Puget Sound (pew-jet) area.  OK, so what is it?

I’ll attempt to explain it in a simple way.   Think of a whirlpool in water.  As it spins, debris from the outer swirling rings of water will naturally draw it towards the center until it is sucked down into the water, out of sight.

Well, the Puget Sound (pew-jet) area is like the whirlpool. It being the center of the whirling water, but instead of water, it’s the air, or better known as… a weather pattern.

Because of the location of Seattle, between the Olympic Mountain Range on the west and the Cascade Mountain Range on the east, it makes a perfect spot for this “whirlpool” of weather to drop down, right into the Seattle area.

That is why there is so much differences in the weather from one day to the next and even from hour to hour!

Remember that Washington is called the Evergreen State and the city of Seattle is named “The Emerald City” for good reason.  The RAIN!

That may be why there is that entrepreneur spirit…because no one wants to go out into the rain!

Ha Ha  Just kidding  🙂

So?  What do you think about our “strange” weather in Seattle?   Leave me your comments below or any of your weather related experiences.  I’d love to hear them.

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photos by: Serge Bertasius, Graur Codrin, Evgeni Dinev, Franky242, Christian Meyn, Anne Hornyak