Lose Stomach Fat

The Best Way To Lose Stomach Fat

Your own personal health must be in first place in your thinking when you consider the best way to lose stomach fat.  Each person is different, however, there are things that all of us can do to lose those unwanted pounds, especially around the middle.

Short of starving themselves, many choose to go on extreme diets, fads, or buy into commercials dealing with special foods that can be quite costly over a relatively short period of time.

There is an alternative to the above, that once the initial cost is met, it will last you a lifetime.

So…Where Do We Start?

After checking with our doctor to make sure we are OK to start a  “diet” and exercise program, we are good to go!

Now, the word “diet” is meant to be read as “sensible eating habits”, not something that we’ll starve ourselves and become unhealthy.  Sensible means cutting out fats, sugars, alcohol, snack foods, candies, desserts and so on.  More veggies, fruits and fish are a great way to start.

Now if that does not appeal to you, then before you ever begin, a new mind-set is needed.  Ask yourself : Why do I want to be fit or lose the stomach fat?  What is my purpose?

Always keep that in mind.

After The Mind-Set

Once we’ve mastered our own worst enemy (our thinking), we need to consider a type of exercise that will burn up calories and fats.  One of the very best overall exercise is that of walking.

Yes, plain old walking!

But there is a right way and a wrong way to walk.  Don’t think so?  Check out my other pages and you’ll see what I am talking about.  All in all though, it’s great fun…this walking stuff.

Since I am an advocate of walking, the Nordic pole is one of the simplest “tools” you can muster and get the hang of almost immediately with quick results.

First Steps…Posture, Stride And Mastering The Pole

You may be thinking that since you’ve been walking all your life, how in the world can I master a “new” way to walk?  Pole walking is a bit different.  You will find that your strides will be longer and the use of your arms extending outward, will, at first, feel different.

Practice is the best way to learn this new super-low-impact type of skill.  With high-impact type of exercises, many times injuries are very common.  Nordic walking poles are a great alternative to being injured.

Proper form is necessary.  Correct form needs to be learned before adding strength or  endurance to your exercise.  Remember…this is to be enjoyed, not torture.  That mindset is always kept in the forefront.

Dry Land Training

Originally, cross country snow skiing took great endurance.  However, in the off season, professional skiers also needed to stay fit.  Therefore the Nordic walking pole came into being.

Dry land or cross country poling had so many similarities with snow skiing that it caught on world wide as an enjoyable exercise to do with family, friends or just by ourselves.

As we develop this new found skill, we’ll note that others are commenting that there is “something different about us” that they just can not seem to put their finger on.

Usually it shows up first in our posture, our outlook (because we feel better) and a sense of well being.

The Challenge To Overcome

Have you noticed how most people have pretty much forgotten how to swing their arms as they walk?  The Nordic walking pole is designed to work our entire upper body.    It loosens up the upper back, builds muscle in the torso area, allows our pelvis to rotate properly and much more.

Muscle building, correct posture, stomach fat loss, balance, energy, cardiovascular improvements, heart strength, athletic abilities returning, and a general overall feeling of being fit, comes rather quickly when using the Nordic walking poles.

Proper Pole For You

Proper pole height/length  for your stride is needed.  In this way, injury will prevented.  This is certainly true of new ones and their pole walking.

Important too,  is the type of terrain that you will be walking on.  Sidewalks, gravel, dirt, hills, trails, well-beaten-paths, grass, sand (as at the seashore), and other types of terrain need be considered.

So does the weather and the type of shoe that you will want to wear.

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Written by :  Tom McDaniel

Images by: toddbfreese