Understanding Online Marketing

What Is Online Marketing…Can I REALLY Learn It?

Marketing objectives need to be clear and understandable when we are trying to make $$$ online.  We need to be clear on what online marketing is about and how we can, as an average person, get started with online marketing.

An easy to use blogging system is one of the very best ways to get started.  WordPress is probably the foremost, user friendly blogging platform that you can find online.  Plus, it is one of the most popular.

However, just knowing about something does not really help most people because they have no idea as to where to get started.

For instance…..

How to set up a WordPress site.  How to start a blog.  How to make it look the way YOU want it to look.  Which blogging “look” do you want?  Where can a person find templates to begin with?  What to blog (write) about.  How to make it appealing to others.  How to blog and make money.  What about affiliate programs.  And on and on…

A Very Simple Learning Program Is At Your Fingertips

A popular ad that most folks have seen is about the so-called “EASY” button that when pushed, everything  goes into automatic mode.  Well, as much as we would like that to happen, it’s really not realistic or the way the real world works.

For anything that leads to our success, will take time, effort and a few $$$ to get started.  That is just the nature of the beast (online marketing, that is).

So many of us have been duped into online scams that we are now gun-shy about joining a marketing program of any sort.  However, here we are, still searching the net to see if an honest, online marketing program really does exist.   Well, it does.

Below you’ll see the highlighted link.  Take a look.

Now don’t panic.  If you choose to click the link below, what will happen is that  you’ll be taken to a page that calls for your name and email address.  Keep in mind that you WILL NOT need any credit card OR be spammed by numerous emails in the future.

What you will find is a program of wealthy information that can get you started online with a  “free to use with a 7 day pass.”   Then, and only then, IF you choose to continue learning, you will be directed to join.

But before your 7 days are up, you’ll learn how to build a website, how to blog, and how to begin your all important key word search (a.k.a. SEO).  All for free.  Plus, a couple of websites that you have created for free.

Why not check it out?  If for nothing else, then go there and experiment with the sites.  No obligation, just have some fun.  🙂

Click here for a look.

 What Do I Do After “Joining” For Free?

Since you are wanting to know what this online marketing is all about, the simplest way to do so is to “get your feet wet” and just ….. do it!   Blogging is the way to get started.

Blogging?  What the heck is that?   Simply put, it’s putting into words, a story, information that you have, a problem that folks are facing and you solve it for them, or…

If you have a product, then blog about it.  Share your knowledge about something. Do you have another website that you want to drive traffic to?  Then blog about it.

Your skill at marketing comes about by time on the Internet and learning what does and does not work for you.  Many of the “school of hard knocks” are avoided because of learning how to market online the correct way to begin with.

Blogs are by far, the easiest way to get started.

Videos That Work

Second to Google, YouTube is the most popular search site on the planet.  Seems like everyone wants to see some type of video at one time or another.

There are many types of videos on YT.  Some are how-to’s, others are funny animals or people, movies, ads of different products or programs and so on.

YT has on the average, 72 hours of new video posted to their site every minute.   So you can see that it is indeed, quite popular.   Does that mean we need to make a video of ourselves?  No we do not, but that option is there if we choose to do so.

Many of the YT videos do not have people in them.  There’s many ways that videos can be made with photos, words, and or cartoon type of animation.   You can learn about that as you progress through the above mentioned program.

Social Media Is Where The Action Is

People love to interact with others.  It’s just a fact of life.  We like to read about others, or perhaps watch them online or the YT site.  Either way, it is what works with online marketing.  That is…getting eyes to see things online.

What you have to offer, or your unique niche (pronounced as nitch) will get others to read all about you and what it is you want to promote.   In the above mentioned site, you’ll learn how to set things up with Twitter, Facebook,  and Pinterest.

Google+ will also be at your beck and call.

Learn Google+ set up the correct way

Learn how to set up Google+  the correct way

“Hanging Out” On Social Media Is Not Social Marketing

Success with using the above social media sites have been around for a number of years. But joining just to hang-out online, is really a waste of time.  It is not needed in order to learn about online marketing.   But it is helpful.

There is a right way and a wrong way of using social media.  You’ll be taught the correct way to use it through Kyle’s (the above site owner) step by step video training.

Kyle walks us through his fantastic training with step-by-step videos.

Kyle walks us through his  training with step-by-step videos.

 Unique Niche…How Do I Choose It

The above question is what hold many people back from starting an online marketing program.  Kyle will once more, show us how to choose a niche along with giving us some do’s and don’t’s.   He really makes it easy to learn.

Don’t Hold Back…Why Not Start Your Online Marketing ?

Remember, if you are really serious, not just curious, the program mentioned here is the best way to get started.

Want more information before making a decision?

Have you had online marketing experiences?  Leave me your thoughts.

written by :   Tom McDaniel


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