ABC’s Of Online Marketing…                          For Newbies 

what is online marketing's explained

what is online marketing about…abc’s explained

What is online marketing about?  It’s not just for the “gifted” people in the world, but it’s the “average” folks that strike it rich online!   Why can this be said?  Mainly it’s because the average person wants something better in life than what they have at present and are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed!

But where do we look?  Keep reading, you’ll find the answer below.

On the other hand, the so-called “gifted” people of the world feel that working online is somewhat ‘beneath’ them.  After all, they can be successful at pretty much anything that is put before them.

In this blog, you will find the needed information that has helped 1000’s of “average” people from around the world.  I will put it into a very simple to understand format.

A Word of Caution Before We Begin

There is an old expression that goes like this:   Buyer Beware!  In other words, know what you are spending your money on so you do not waste it.  On the Internet, there are many who want to take your money and give you little to nothing in return.

They are known as scammers or individuals who will claim to be a guru  (a.k.a. so-called “expert”) when it comes to marketing online.  Be aware of these.  But how can you identify these ones?

I will attempt to explain to you from my own personal learning experience while dealing with these undesirable people.  Myself, personally, I have lost several thousands of dollars online, trying to follow the guru’s instructions.  I started my online research back in the middle to  late 1990’s just before the dot com bubble turned into dot bomb!    Remember those early days?

Let’s  take a look at some scenarios that we may come across while looking for an online business opportunity.

And yes, online marketing is definitely a legitimate business opportunity,  but to make a proper decision, we need to be an informed shopper.

How To Identify A Scam

A baited scam hook waiting for a victim.

A baited scam hook waiting for a victim.

An easy way to identify many types of scams is first of all, they will pretty much “promise you the moon” when it comes to teaching you how  to make “boat loads” of money online.  It’s called the “shiny object” syndrome.   How so?

Just like a fisherman changes his lures to attract different types of  fish, these scammers have similar tactics.  For instance, a site catches your attention with the headlines or perhaps a very fancy video that “shows” their incomes.  It may be on some type of online screenshot or perhaps in a video, you see very wealthy background images.  Such as  luxury cars, boats, home furnishings and so on.

Keep in mind though, that expensive sets, cars and homes can be rented to give off the impression of being well to do as a backdrop for a promotional video.  Online screenshots can also be manipulated to reflect large income dollar amounts.  Just like words on a page can be erased and changed, the same is true when it comes to changing dollar amounts…Just be aware of this.

Do You See Red Flags?

On the other hand, an easy way to spot a “red flag” is when they ask you for your credit card information even before they give you something of value.  Why do they do this?  Once you enter your credit card information, you will be taken to another page where you will be given a “one time offer that will never be offered again” page.  This page will again, want you to upgrade to the “next level” so you’ll really be able to earn the “big bucks” online.  If you choose to go ahead and sign up and accept their upgrade, then what?

Watch for "red flags" when online.

Watch for “red flags” when online.

More than likely you’ll again be taken to another upgrade page that will cost more money.   You see, this is all designed to get you to commit to this program even before you have learned anything…Be aware!

Most people at this point are thinking:  I’ve committed X amount of money to this program, so I may as well go all the way!  However, keep in mind that you may be disappointed at a not-to-distant future date.  🙁

Now let’s suppose that after you read this blog, you consider yourself an  informed consumer choosing to not go any further with the page that you now view as a scam, so you choose to X out of that page.  Then what should you expect?  You would expect to go back to your home page or something similar, right?   Watch and learn…

Let’s say that their initial offer your join-in fee is  $197.00.  You hit the X at the top right hand side of that page.  Now you see another offer for the exact same product and/or program but this time it’s   $97.00, not the   $197.00.

You again choose to click the X.  Once more, a page pops up that give you a “last chance opportunity” for this system for a mear  $49.00!

What is going on here?  It’s  supposed to be the exact same program, but now it’s 49.00. Why?

Why didn’t they offer it at that price of $49.00 in the first place ?!   Why?  Because they want you to fall for the next type of fishing lure and purchase the upsells as you progress through their system…Be aware.

Still Have The Desire To Learn?

How would you answer the above question?  If you are still here, it shows you are more than just curious when asking :  What is online marketing about?

Online marketing is a viable, legitimate business.  Many people from around the world have become millionaires with an online business.  You have probable heard the term :  the money is in the list.     What list?  How do I get a list?  What does it take?  How much effort and time does it take to work with this list?

The money is in the list?  Oh Really?  Click here to find out the real inside “scoop” regarding this so-called, money list.

If the above does not click…don’t fret as I will update it very soon.

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No obligation is involved.  Oh, yes, one more thing…..Do NOT bring a credit card of any type to the link.  It will NOT be asked for!

Go to Part 2 of this blog for more info on making an informed choice!

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