What Is Northwest Trek


It’s a Jungle Out There!  Famous quote from (who knows who?).  Since no one really knows who first made that comment, we are left up in the air about it.  On the other hand, we do know the answer to :  What is Northwest Trek.

Northwest Trek is one of those places that has the flavor of an open air zoo.  But it’s not one that you’ll wear yourself out walking all over the place,  trying to see and locate the animal exhibits.  Just jump aboard the Tram, sit back, let the Northwest Trek guide take you to those animals, up close and personal.

You’ll Love The Ride

Why not consider an outing for the day, either with the children, grandparents, friends or relatives that come into town for a visit?  Taking the Trek Tram will be enjoyed for all who come on board.

Want something more?

Northwest Trek is located in Eatonville, Washington.  Address is : 11610 Trek Drive East, Eatonville, Wa.  98328     Usually you can get into the park  as a walk – in and purchase tickets.  On the other hand, why not give them a call first?


What To Expect 

Either the tram or keeper truck will give you that “eye to eye” contact with northwest wildlife, but in a safe environment.  Moose, elk, bear, deer, buffalo, mountain goats, and sheep including all sorts of smaller wildlife will keep you twisting and turning in your seat, not wanting to miss seeing any of them.

The tram takes you through the tour, which is excellent by the way….. but….. the keeper truck will allow you to enjoy being with, and watching, the keeper truck driver as  they make his/her rounds while feeding these animals.

Keeper trucks resemble a flatbed, open sided, pickup truck that carries animal hay, straw, alfalfa, grain and so on, in the flatbed area.  That is where you’ll be riding also.

Buffalo a.k.a. Bison

Buffalo a.k.a. Bison

Use Your Camera

The folks at Northwest Trek take into consideration that many do not get the opportunity to see wild animals in their natural habitat.  Each tour guide on the photo-tour, which is a unique tour in itself, will allow only 13 people onboard.

That gives you all the room you need in order to move around freely while taking photos from anywhere on the tram.  The Free-Roaming area is where you will be taken.  From there, you can take photos to your hearts content!

Elk Sparring?

In the human world of professional boxing, each boxer has a person that they practice with.  That person is called a ‘sparring partner’ to keep the professional boxer in condition.  Usually there are several of these sparring partners for each boxer.

In the animal world of elk, there is no such thing as a ‘sparring partner’ except another male that wants to take away the female elk (cows) away from him.

When you take the Elk Bugling Tour, you can expect to not only hear elk bugling, but will be seeing the two males (bulls)  locking horns and ‘sparring’ with each other, fighting for dominance of the herd (cows).

Elk Sparring for the dominance of the herd (female cows)

Elk Sparring for the dominance of the herd (female cows)

Overnight Camping At Northwest Trek

Seeing glowing animal eyes at night when we least expect it can be a bit scary to say the least.  However, when we are, once again, within the safe confines of our night-time-tram, we’ll be able to enjoy that wild animal ‘eye-shine’ and be relaxed.

Staying overnight can be a great experience for all.  Not only are there tours to see the animals, but there are games, crafts, and other activities for all to enjoy.

Enjoy ‘tenting’ it?  What about a  ‘campers only’ tour?  Both are available for you to choose from.

Sitting around the campfire enjoying your s’mores and watching the kids experience their first try with making these gooey delights will be entertaining.

Northwest Trek Wedding?

Yes, that is correct.  Many folks choose to have their marriage vows taken place right here in the “Trek” along with wild animals and beautiful flora as their background.

Beautiful back drops

Beautiful back drops

Give the folks at the above mentioned phone number a call and find out the details.  They are wonderful people to work with.

Petting Zoo, Too?

Walking into the entrance, you’ll be greeted by many of the friendly four legged “folks”  along with some two-legged ones as well.   Deer, (usually fawns), squirrels and birds of all sorts are just a few of these friendly “folks.”

What About Those “Creepy Crawly Things?”

Oh, one more thing.  If you are a person that does not like snakes, then this is the place you’ll enjoy.  Why?  Because there are pretty much, NO SNAKES to worry about.  Especially so, at least, none that are poisonous.

On the other hand, from time to time, you make come across a little none poisonous garden (garter) snake.  If you did, that would be amazing though.   Why so?  Because these little creatures are so timid that they hide and scurry away at the approach of any sound.

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Written by :   Tom McDaniel Be sure to click SHARE

Images by :  animalfactguide,dreamstime,publicdomainimage,allposters