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Instant Payday Network Logo

What is Instant Payday Network about, you expect to learn the truth.  But is it the one  for you?   There are many things to consider.   Like most online money making programs, it’s free to join.  By “joining” we mean, giving up your email address.   Then you are on “the inside.”  But are you really?

Instant payday network makes promises that by just sitting at your computer and basically doing nothing, you can make $300.  to $500. hundred dollars a day almost immediately.  This is a typical “hook” that professional scammers use to draw in the unwary.  This program is viewed by many as  a scam and a waste of  time and money.

Now You’ve Joined, What Should You Expect

OK, so you’ve decided to go ahead and join in.  What will you get?  First you’ll be taken to the intro video.  There you’ll find the four Steps to make a “boatload” of money.    First off, I’ve got to say that the sales video is very poorly made.   You are invited to go to step 1 and put it to use.  However, be aware that by the time you are finished with step 1, you are going to receive an upsell to purchase something…more money going out on this “free” site.

Does this look like a scam to you?  Be informed before you fill out the form!

 Scam Sites Look Like And Work Like This:

They get you to join by either giving up your email address or with a very low entry cost.  Then, almost immediately, you are “invited” to get “the good stuff” with an upsell that “will never be offered again.”

If you click away, then another page pops up to give you a second chance, but at a greatly reduced cost.  Still click away?  Many of these sites now have and even greater reduced price page pop up.

Think About This…

If they are willing to lower their cost to this now “affordable” cost, then why didn’t they just offer that price in the first place?  Why?  Because once they have you on the ‘inside’ they will continue with the upsell, hoping you’ll part with more of your money.

If by any chance you watch the video, be sure and check out the comments (if there are any at all) and see what others are saying.  But even here, be careful because many times it’s others that have bought into these products that are trying to promote their own site along with others who have also done the same thing.

Look to see how long their video or site,  has been up and how many have viewed it.  Low views, stay away from.  A good rule of thumb is this:  If an online marketing program is legit, then, even at it’s basic level, it should do at least, one of two things.

Number 1  It should be able to make enough income to at the very least, pay for itself (initial cost).

Number 2  It should give you an education of how marketing works and how to market online.

If it looks like it is only being promoted from within, then it’s like taking money from one pocket and putting it into another pocket.  Nothing is being accomplished except that the one’s promoting this junk, are getting a chunk of your money.

Fortune 500 Companies?

Instant Payday Network wants you to go to their so-called, Fortune 500 sites and join  another “free trial” network to get paid from.  One of the sites they claim connections with Fortune 500 is :  My Cash Freebies

My Cash Freebies or better yet, claims all you have to do is get referrals and make anywhere from $40.00 to $200.00 for sending friends to their site and signing up.  Trust me, there is always a gimmick to get more money from you.

If you notice on the above mentioned site, NONE of the links work!  Click them and see for yourself.  However, you may not even be able to get to any of the “free” signups until you, again, give up your email address.  Then when you take a look at the so-called Fortune 500 companies, what do you find?  Here is a quick sampling of what to expect.





24-7 Pressrelease

What you will see.

What you will see.

And the list goes on.  So ask yourself.  Do the above names look like they would be in the Fortune 500 category or in the scam category or just plain junk category?

How about the site of Instant Rewards?  It too is another “free” site you can connect to after you have joined the free site of Instant Payday Network.  Is it any better?  Let’s take a quick look.

This site that Instant Payday Network refers you to is very similar to the previous one.  In order to get the “freebies” however, this site  will cost you 10, 20, 30 or 40 dollars to be ‘qualified’ to get the free stuff.  Hmmmm…..   So we have to pay to get free stuff?

Look again at the names of the offers.  Do they REALLY look like Fortune 500 companies?

A hot offer from :  realplayerplus

How about :  deadseabeautykit

and finally :  bingocafetrial

Let’s face it, are these sites really connected to the professional site company of Fortune 500…or a scam?  These types of online outfits have been termed as : “garbage panhandlers, just figuring out some way to get your money.”

OK, What Next?

So you do decide to go through Step 1 in Instant Payday Network and pay out more money to the two above “free” sites.  You head back over to Instant Payday Network and now find yourself at Step 2.  It tells you to join My Cash Freebies and ‘double’ your cash.

What are we getting so far?  Step 1…pay money      Step 2…pay more money    Step 3…pay even more money and so on and so on.  Are you starting to get the point?    But wait, Step 3 says you can now get your free marketing system.   What is it?

The Four Steps They Want You to use.

The Four Steps They Want You to use.

This “marketing system” will show you how to make the same type of video, with your name on it, so you can draw unsuspecting people in and take advantage of them, just like you were!

Remember the changing money into different pockets?  You are now being groomed, to copy these scammers.  Since you actually did make a little bit of money (for real),  the scammers are pleased to give to you, but in reality, they are the one’s making the huge amounts of money.   After all, a little bit of money from many, many people, always adds up quicker than a little bit larger amount of money from a few people.

Don’t think so?  Then you do the math. Try working for a penny per day, and doubling it each day for a period of 30 days and see what you come up with.   EXAMPLE:  Day 1 = 1 cent     Day 2 = 2 cents   Day 3 = 4 cents    Day 4 = 8 cents    Day 5 = 16 cents…………and so on.  What do you come up with on day 30?

After you “join” the above companies, ask yourself.  “Am I learning online marketing or am I learning how to scam others folks similar to me?”

Also, be very wary of the so-called Click Bank payout sheets.   Now don’t get me wrong.  Click Bank is a very legitimate business and has a superb reputation.  However, there are those who can manufacture the same type of ClickBank (CB) documents along with placing huge dollar amounts in the blank spaces, so as to trick people.  Do not allow these to sway your thinking.

Remember this :  Your goal is to become an (honest) online marketer.

You want a company you can call your own and do so with a good, honest reputation that others will want to return to your site and refer to it as a reference for good services and products.  For that to happen, what do you need?

Don’t Be Frightened

You’ll need a web site, you’ll need to know how to control what is on it, how to put images of your products on your site, how to rank in Google and be on the first page, how to use keywords along with long tail keywords, how to search for the right keywords, using SEO, how to make and place videos into your site, how to keep track of your list of customers, how to monetize your site, … and so on.

My Number One Choice

WoW !   Sounds complicated doesn’t it?  In all honesty, it can be.  But there is a legit. online company that has been around for quite a number of years and is still growing.  It takes you by the hand, walking you through step-by-step videos, showing you what to do and when to do it.

It walks you through setting up a website.  How to choose a unique niche for yourself, how to use SEO, how to research and get the very best keywords, and how to get ranked on page one in Google.  Sound like it’s something that you are wanting to know about?  Look what else you’ll be getting.

This company has a support group of like minded people just like you  that are also learning online marketing.   Some have been in the learning stage for some time and are more than happy to help out the newer members.

Unlike any of the above type of online scams, that before giving you any information, wants your money and/or credit card information,   this company tells you right up front… do NOT bring your credit card!

In fact, not only will they teach you all of the above things to be a successful online marketer, but they will give you FULL ACCESS for a 7 day period for FREE.     When I say free, I do mean free.  No tricks, no obligations, not scams.

Want to take a look?  Click the image below and it will take you to a quick sign up page.  And yes, you do have to give up your email address.  Don’t want to do that?  Then do this.  Go to Google, make up another type of gmail account , and use that one.  In that way, your current email will not have to take the “spam” that you are probably thinking is going to be coming your way, (which it will not).

Feel free to do that.  You’ll be very pleased with the outcome after you have your 7 day look into the back office along with getting your two free websites, plus, learning how to connect to WordPress while getting it set up to use for your site.

Like this information?  Leave me a comment below.  Ever dealt with any of the above mentioned online companies?  If so, give me your input, whether good or not so good.

Written by :    Tom McDaniel

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