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What is good for stress?  Join us in the “Chill Out Zone”

What is stress?  How can we identify areas that make us stressed and what can we do about it?  A very old saying goes like this :  knowledge is power.

When we have knowledge of something or a situation, knowing how to handle it before it erupts can make the difference in our having a happy life or a stress filled life.  Many in today’s fast paced society, want and need relief.  But how?

All of the above questions are being asked by everyday people.  Doctors are questioned, lawyers, parents, even children are asking other children for advice about stress.  It’s true, we live in a stressful world.

Identifying What Stress Is

So, what is stress?  Is it always a bad thing?  Or is it the way we handle things or situations that get us stressed out?  Let’s take a look.

Stress is not unique to one group of people or any particular place on earth.  It is everywhere we turn.  The term ‘stress’ has at times been defined as :  something that is either a physical, emotional or even a chemical imbalance that can cause  body or mental tensions.

But is it always a bad thing?  No, not really.  In fact, stress can sharpen our thinking if we are trying to concentrate.  We may have a project that needs to  be done in an exact fashion.  A certain amount of stress can be beneficial.

However, most people do not view stress like that.  Stress is viewed as a negative outcome, which in most cases, is true.  Perhaps planning a vacation to another part of the country can be a real stress reliever.

Reflection Lake (mirror lake...unofficial name)

Reflection Lake (mirror lake…unofficial name)    Mount Rainier just outside of  Seattle Washington

The problem of stress occurs when it becomes overwhelming and is very poorly managed.  That is the time that all these negative effects begin to show up.  Many of these show up because of the jobs we work.  Parents become stressed because of their children. This is especially true if you are a single parent with children.  The single parent is trying to fill two roles.

Children And Stress

Even more challenging is when our children are going through puberty.  They are stressed out which in turn, makes us as parents, even more stressed.  Then with the ever present danger of our children in violent schools, giving them feelings of uncertainty, anxious care, terrorists attacks, or some type of disaster.  All brings on stress.

Job Stress

How about being stressed on the job?  If your job causes you stress, by your “suffering in silence” is not the way to handle job related stressful situations.  Many who are experts in the field of stress, recommend talking to the boss.


Because if the boss or employer does not know about the stress, how can they help?  Keep in mind though, that there is a proper time and place to bring this subject up.  When you are supposed to be working, is NOT the proper time.

Cooperation  can also help.  Work with your employer, not against them

How About Communication

Work together by communication

Work together by communication

Communication with employers, children, school teachers and so on, can be a real stress-reliever.  Talk to each other.  That is especially true within the home.  As a family unit, when we talk with each other it releases much bound up stress.  But be open when you as a parent, hear something from your child that you do not like.

Don’t jump on them and begin to scold.  That is only going to close the door to communication…maybe even permanently !

Work with your children.  Learn what they truly enjoy.  Share your time with them.  They will always appreciate it.  Do things together.  Cook a meal.  Have an ongoing project that all can be involved with.  Jigsaw puzzles, build a  popsicle stick building, bridge, or racetrack.  Anything that can be done together.  Perhaps a card game of sorts.

Stress is not something that is going to go away.

It is a fact of life, but how we handle it can make a huge difference in our happiness.  Keep in mind that there is always an end to these situations.  They do not go on forever.

So what are some things that we can do to reduce everyday stress?  Try reading something that would be both entertaining and interesting.

There are some very basic things that we MUST do in order to reduce stress.  They may seem simple or to some people, rather silly, but to be successful when dealing with stress, these basic concepts need to considered.

Getting Rid Of Stress

First, we need to be sure that we get much needed rest.  We should be eating healthy, not junk food.  Maintain our weight, do not overeat.

It has been said that for every few pounds we are over weight, our body produces 1000 more miles of capillaries in order to pump blood through all of the extra fat we are carrying.  That in turn, puts more pressure on our hearts, which will create another whole world of problems.

Regular exercise, walking, weight lifting, bicycling, jogging and so on, is greatly beneficial also.

Have something on your mind that is bothering you?  Talk to a close friend and get it “off your chest.”

Be with your family doing family things together.

Be aware of your own personal limits both physically and emotionally.  Know how to say “no” if it will help with less stress in your life.

Have a positive goal that you are reaching for.  Without goals in life, we will go no where and do nothing.  Do not expect to be a perfectionist though, have realistic and reachable goals.  Once reached, set yourself another.

Get your life organized.

Now, the most important part of reducing stress is :  have a ‘day off ‘ set aside just for YOU.  Everyone needs some ‘alone’ time to just “chill out” from the cares of the day.   Even if this “day off ” is only a few minutes in the early mornings or evenings, do it on a regular basis.

None of us can  live a totally stress-free life, however, we can begin to take control of many stressful situations.  So it is “How We Handle Stress”  that can either make or break us.

Financial Stress

So many problems arise when there is not enough money to pay for bills.  On the other hand, many put themselves into unneeded debt.  Then wonder how to pay the creditor.

It just seems that the J.O.B. (acronym for Just Over Broke) we have is not bringing in enough money to take care of even some of the most basic needs.  What do we do?

Many have found that having their own business is one such way to make ends meet.  Even a home based part-time business that can generate income would be a welcome relief.

Many have been successful with an online type business.  But how and where do we ever get started in something like that?  Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would help us along the way?

Learn how to have a stress relieving income and being taught how to do it.

Debt Free

Debt Free…At Last !

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