Deception Pass Bridge

Deception Pass Bridge

South of Anacortes and La Conner, you’ll come to Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound (pew-jet) area.   If you love the out of door like most folks here in Washington, then the North end of the Island where Deception Pass State Park is located is where you want to find yourself.

What is Deception Pass?  It is a 4,134 acre state park.  Thousands of feet of salt water shoreline and some 33,000 feet of fresh water shoreline is what will greet you as you enter the park.

Rugged cliffs dot the shoreline where they drop off into the highly turbulent waters that make up Deception Pass.

The bridge on a foggy morning

The bridge on a foggy morning

Here, as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, you will still find some the famous “old growth” that made Washington a logging capital to the U.S. lumber markets along with  Massive forests, tremendous amounts of wildlife, dunes of sand, lakes, fantastic shoreline views and don’t forget the beautiful Pacific Northwest Sunsets.

NAVY Noise

While enjoying the park, from time to time you may also enjoy the “show” the local Naval Air Station puts on from time to time.  Some times it goes for a couple of hours.  These are the training missions for the fliers that can occur during the day or even into the nighttime hours.

What To Do

Stocking Cranberry Lake with trout

Stocking Cranberry Lake with trout

It’s not really a matter of trying to figure out what to do, but more like which will I choose to do?!   You’ll have so many choices that it would be almost impossible to enjoy all of the activities.

There’s picnic time, crabbing, snorkel or scuba diving, boating (be sure and bring your boat), freshwater and saltwater fishing, kayaking, beach walking and finding trophies along the way, mountain biking, hiking, challenging someone to horseshoes, sailboarding, circle fires, along with two amphitheaters.

Don’t forget the horse trails, hiking trails, and biking trails.

So…which will you choose?

Deception Pass beckons you to visit.

Deception Pass beckons you to visit.

Playground For The Kids

Bring the kids.  The playground can round out your full day of other activities by letting the kids burn off all that “extra energy” while you relax.

Bridge Connects The Islands

Crossing between Fidalgo and Whidbey Islands could only be done by boat, up until August 1934 when construction on the bridge finally began.

Wallace Bridge and Structural Company was used to build the two spans that would eventually connect the islands.  Labor was done by locals that were out of work along with those of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).

Before the bridge though, was a small ferry system run by five foot tall Berte Olson, the first woman to be a ferry captain in the state of Washington.

Since the ferry system she used was a bit unstable to say the least, often times not running because of the choppy water and windy conditions, it was frustrating to those who needed to cross.

Being her source of income, she fought tooth and nail to have the bridge building stopped.

She lost her battle, but her story is very interesting.

The Park

Once you have discovered the bridge, then you’ll want to continue your enjoyment of the park by visiting  Cranberry Lake, the West Beach, Rosario Beach along with the Tide Pools, Pass Lake, North Beach, Hoypus Forest, Cornet Bay, Bowman Bay and Kukutali Preserve on Kiket Island.

Welcome to Deception Pass

Welcome to Deception Pass

So you see, there is an entire plethora of activities here in the Pass.

Plan your visit and come see what you are missing.  Leave your comments below.
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Written by:  Tom McDaniel

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