What Is Anxiety Disorder and How To Remedy It?   

Being anxious is not new to the human family.  Worry and anxiety go hand in hand with each other.  If we master one, the other will automatically take care of itself and will, over time, simply disappear.  So, exactly what is anxiety disorder and how can we overcome it with success?

Statistics show that women feel anxiety more than men.  However, men are not immune to it.

Let’s first of all, address some things that many people are worrying about which in turn, causes much anxiety in their lives.  Before we do though, remember that…

How To Stop Worrying Is A Learned Skill. 

People worry about many things.  For instance, I know of some people that worry about being struck by lightning.  Has it happened ?  No.  Others worry about dieing at an early age.  Still, many more worry about being swallowed up by an earthquake.

Did it happen?  No, again.  In fact, 99% of the things that people waste time worrying about never happens.   Samuel Clemens ( a.k.a.  Mark Twain) put it something like this. “I used to worry about a lot of things in my day, some of which actually happened.”

Life is too fleeting to be overly concerned about things that may or may not happen.  Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow is not here yet.  Today is the only time frame that we can really do anything about.  So, starting today, in fact, right now, we are taking steps to change our thinking.  Just like a professional athelete trains their bodies to respond.  We can change our bodies response too.

If we worry, our body will respond by our always feeling tired, sick, a headache, our joints hurt, our backs hurt and so on and so on.  Our way of thinking does indeed effect our physical bodies.

The 30 – 30 – 30 Challenge … Will You Do It?

Change our thinking to positive things.  There is a challenge concept, that was made some time back regarding changing our thinking habits.  It is the 30-30-30 challenge.

Here is how it goes.  For the next 30 days you will spend a MINIMUM of 30 minutes each day, reading something that will put you into happy frame of mind.  It can be a light hearted story, an easy to read comical story, or something similar.

There are also, many ‘self help’ books that can be used.  One in particular that is very good is the book named “How to stop worrying and start living” written by Dale Carnegie.  It is slightly dated in some places, by still very helpful.

Right after reading for 30 minutes, you will listen to some positive thinking type of  audio that will help with our attitude and outlook on life.  It can be online, recorded, or a purchased audio that can usually be found  close to the self-help books in your local library or book store.

You want to do the above for the next 30 days … without missing a single day!  If you miss a day, then you must start over from day number 1 and do it again.  That is why an honest commitment needs to begin on day 1.  Think about it for a while, then, go for it!

Why 30 Days?

Why 30 days?  Because statistics show that it takes 30 to 45 days to either make…or break…a habit, good or bad.   We are wanting to make a new, good habit.  This would bring about our having a positive outlook each and every day.

Remember several years back the song that had the words ” don’t worry, be happy?”  It was very popular for some time.  A nice little catchy tune that people liked.  When we MAKE ourself be happy, we can actually “fool” our self into a better thinking pattern.

Fool” Ourselves Into A Happy Frame Of Mind

For instance, when we smile more, it reflects in our face, but also it makes us feel better.  In return, people that we smile at will view us as a happy person and they in turn, will treat us in a good and happy way.  It all comes round-circle , but it must start with us.

Try to always show others proper respect.  Treat them the way you want to be treated by someone that you do not know. Do we use the words, ” thank you” often?  How about “please?”  Those words can do wonders for yourself and the way others perceive you and treat you.

Control The Things We Can Control

It is true, there are many things that we have no control over.  On the other hand, there are things that we do have control over.  These are the areas of life that we need give attention to.

Here is a little bit of the positive information that Dale Carnegie shared in the above book.  It goes like this…a short story.

“One time in England, I met a shepherd, and expressed my sincere admiration for his big, intelligent sheep dog.  I asked him to tell me how he trained the dog.  (Then he explained how he did so) As I walked away, I glanced back over my shoulder and saw the dog standing with his paws on the shepherd’s shoulders and the shepherd was petting him.

(What is the point here?)

By taking a little interest in the shepherd and his dog, I made the shepherd happy.  I made the dog happy and I made myself happy.

Can you imagine a man who goes around shaking the hands with porters (baggage handlers)  and expressing sympathy for the cooks in the hot kitchen–and telling people how much he admires their dogs–can you imagine a man like that being sour and worried and needing the services of a psychiatrists?  You can’t, can you? No, of course not.  A Chinese proverb puts it this way: “A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives you roses.”

The above was composed and written by the late Dale Carnegie.      ( ) Mine.

Do we get the point?  When we give of ourselves instead of always thinking of ourselves…is when we can stop the worrying process.

Positive People

A very simple way to “control” anxiety, is to associate with positive people.  Now, we do not mean people living in a “fantasy world”, that is, those who think that by just thinking positive, all their problems will somehow just disappear.

We mean people who, by choice, want to be a source of good will to all.  Who we choose as friends, can have a positive or negative effect on our view of life itself.

Perhaps a change of scenery can be a big help also.

But What About The Bills?

Some may claim that a good attitude is not going to pay the bills.  That is true.  However with a positive attitude, we will be able to think clearer, come across to others better, and can start TODAY, with the needed steps to take care of those things that we are wasting so much time worrying about.

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