Do you REALLY need a list?

Online Marketing Strategy..What Do You Think?

The Money Is In The List…But Is It Really?

An online marketing strategy that many rely on is an email list.  But do you REALLY have to have it?

The answer is :  Yes…and No.   How so?

The “list” here is usually some type of email list from people who have found your website, have chosen to subscribe to it in order to see what else you have that can help them. They enter their email address in a form on your site, allowing  you to  have a way to contact them with your offers and/or future blogs that you feel will interest them

Do you REALLY need a list?

However, in order to share these offers with folks, and make money, you have to have something to offer them. Perhaps some sort of ebook, a physical item you send to them, or you can have an affiliate link put into your website.

What is an ebook? Lets continue with the fishing example in part 1 of this blog.  You are an avid fisherman (woman) and are quite good at it. You decide to start a WordPress blog site and begin to share your information and knowledge with millions of others online who are interested in catching “the big one” in their local areas.

OK, so now you’ve put together quite a few pages of great contents and posted them online.  But have you made any money? Nope! What needs to be done?

Write up several more good pages of content, but do not publish them, at least not yet. You send out an invitation to your email subscribers that you have a small ebook (the pages you have written but have not published online yet) with information dealing with  :   how to bait a hook properly, how to troll, how to use fish finders, how to pick the correct pole, ocean fishing vs. lakes and streams fishing…and so on and so on.

Fishing reel

Fishing reel

Do not feel you have to use all of the above suggestions, but perhaps only one or two. Then you offer it to people by sending out an email (from your list) offering it to them for…say… 3.99 per download, or set a price that you want.

Each one of the above suggestions can be a totally separate ebook in itself, allowing you to have multiple ebooks. Keep the price low, you will get more to respond to your offer at a low cost than at a higher price. More is better.

A Physical Product

This is similar to a walk-in store where you purchase something. For instance, you purchase a product from Amazon or ebay then that person mails it to you. It’s that simple. Again, let’s say you have a new type of fly (for fly fishers) that will really appeal to local fish.

The new fly you are offering

The new fly you are offering

You offer it on your website, people order, you mail it to them. Keep in mind though, you will also need to have a PayPal account to be able to accept money through a credit card system. Though it’s not that hard to get it setup, it can be a wee bit intimidating.


Affiliate Marketing…The Best Choice In My Opinion

Affiliate marketing has come full circle. It is by far, the easiest way to sell products online and  make money, plus, you do not have to own them! How does it work?  After you choose a unique niche you are interested in, you will begin to write blogs, giving out information and how-to’s about this product and or subject you have chosen, posting it online.

Using the fishing illustration once more, let’s say you’ve found another type of fishing pole and reel setup that is the “next generation” is catching fish. You know, for catching  those “big one’s that got away.”  You may choose to use your affiliate with Walmart, REI, Amazon, or some other well known online business that sells the fishing pole you are promoting.

Your new rod you are promoting

The new rod you are promoting

You will create a clickable link from your site or webpage, then when clicked on, will take that person to the product page of any of the affiliate sites that you have an account with. When they purchase that item, you get a commission from their purchase. It’s that simple.

You do not need to purchase products, stock items, have a large overhead expensive inventory to get started, or any of the 100’s of headaches that most retailers have.  Simpy write your blog, make a clickable link, and send them to that product page.

But how do you find these affiliates? A couple of easy ways.

One is, when you find an online site that has products you like, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. If they offer an affiliate program, you will usually find it at the very bottom of their home page in the small print along with the “contact us” information.

If you do not see the word :  affiliate or affiliate programs, then more than likely, they do not offer it. Just keep searching for another online business that does have the affiliate program at the bottom. Click it, then fill out the forms.

A second way you can find affiliate programs is to type it into the top search bar located at the top of your home page. For instance, if you use Google (which has about 70% of worldwide searches) don’t settle for the center of the page search. The top search bar is where you need to go.

ABC's of Online Marketing

ABC’s of Online Marketing

Highlight the information there, then click enter.  It will disappear giving you a nice clean search bar. Now you can just type in something like : affiliate program, Walmart affiliate programs, Amazon affiliate programs, or something else that is similar. But, be sure and have the word affiliate included in each search. It will make things much easier for you.

But What About The Money?

Rome wasn’t built in a day…A journey starts with a single step…You can’t learn to swim unless you get your feet wet… and so on and so on.

No need to feel this way about online marketing

No need to feel this way about online marketing

Why did I mention the above?  It’s because of the so-called, “get rich overnight”  scams that are on the Internet.  Most of us have heard of average people becoming millionaires “overnight” but we never hear about how many years they have been online!

Yes, I do mean years!  These folks, just like you, had to start somewhere.  They were all newbies, just like you are now.  It’s just that they got started before you.  But don’t despair.

Online business’ are here to stay.  There is no “race” to get into business feeling we may be left behind.  Nope, that will never happen.  The only way we can fail at an online business is if we choose to quit,  or even worse, never get started in the first place.

Thinking it’s way beyond you?  Trust me, it is not.  You will be  shown how to build a business online by someone that has already succeeded.

Don't be intimidated with online marketing

Don’t be intimidated with online marketing

Are you saying that you can not follow very simple instructions? Don’t sell yourself short.

How about watching someone take the necessary steps, giving you step by step instructions in a video format?

Just like when we were kids, we watched the teacher write the letter “A” on the chalkboard, we copied her/his example. Now, years later, we are expert  letter “A” writers.

Same is true with online marketing.  It just takes time to succeed.  The above “overnight success stories” about online marketers, is usually accompanied by many years of trial and error under their belts which we never hear of.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just “skip over” the trial and error time period?  Click the image below and you can take a 100% free 7 day trial run of a program that is dominating the online marketing industry.

My Personal Best Choice

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