1200 foot Zip Line

1200 foot Zip Line

Since there are so many definitions for the term “zip line” we will not attempt to comment on all of them.  However, when most people ask What is a zip line for, usually a cable and a seated platform come to mind.

There are very basic zip lines, then, there are those that are set up by ski resorts that can be hundreds of feet in length.  Other zip line set ups can be used as a sightseeing guide through jungles (see image above), high in the trees, crossing rivers, lakes, or huge canyons that would take days to tramp through.

Set Up Is Easy

Often times these lines are put into place for the kids to have fun with.  And it’s true, it keeps them entertained over and over again.  Most times, the longer the cable, the more the enjoyable it becomes.  Adults too, will get a kick out of one of these when they are set up correctly.

A Place To Get Started

Northwest Trek, Eatonville Washington, has a superb zip line course that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Northwest Trek image

Northwest Trek image


The Folks at Northwest Trek have a challenge set up for you also.  It’s their ‘Adventure Course’ that will set the pace and get you ready for ‘the line.’

You’ll be climbing up a 30 foot “climbing wall” in order to get to ‘the line’, then, to test your balance, you’ll be crossing over several suspended bridges to test your agility.

How about a cargo net?  Yes, there is one of those also.  You’ll have to climb between two suspended platforms.

Since you are already an “expert” at balance, you’ll next be walking over the tightrope high-wire some 55 feet in the air.  This is not for those that are nervous about heights though.

More Zips are awaiting you.  All total, you’ll be whizzing your way through the air on 6 or 7 different zip lines located throughout the ‘Adventure Course.’


Just a few things to keep in mind.  Reservations are required.  Need the phone number?  Get it here.

For children under 17 they must have adults with them.

Must be 10 years old and older with a minimum of 4 foot 7 inches in height.

Maximum weight limits if 275 lbs.

Also, Northwest Trek requires proper sporting or hiking boots/shoes.

Much More To See In The Pacific Northwest

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to seeing and doing things in the Pacific Northwest.


Tip of the Iceberg --- Image by © Ralph A. Clevenger/CORBIS

Tip of the Iceberg  –  10% above water with 90% below

There are hiking trails through the mountains.

Seeing the sights of downtown Seattle from the top of the Space Needle.

Enjoying a leisurely  walk around Greenlake.

Join me taking a hike with my family up Mount Rainier.

You’ll learn how to “walk” with a walking pole.

Read about the history of G.O.L.F. and the first woman that played.

Visit the “Fish that Fly” at the Seattle Pike Place Market.

Enjoy the festive atmosphere of the Seattle Seafair … and it’s pirates !

Walk through one of the many Seattle zoo’s.

Before your walk, see which boot/shoe is best for you.

Believe it or not, there is a correct way to ‘tie your shoes’.

But before making plans, check out the weather report.

Don’t forget about the White Dragon.

Want to learn about Balloons that save lives?

All this activity has given you an appetite.  Where do we eat?

Tired of walking?  Try the “new and improved” bicycle.

Tired of Driving?   …   have you tried walking on water?

Perhaps a ferry boat trip with the ocean breezes in your face sounds exciting.

Want to see a real “live ” mummy up close?

Pacific Northwest

With so much outdoor activities throughout the state, it’s little wonder that when many people come to visit, they choose to stay here.   Even business’ and working jobs in the Seattle area are plentiful.

Unsure of what you want to do, then why not start your own business?  It’s easy when you are surrounded with entrepreneurs with like minds in a state that encourages small business’.

A Lifetime Of Memories

It’s little wonder that many who come for a visit to the Pacific Northwest choose to stay.  But, on the other hand, if you can not do so, then why not remember your adventure with pictures or a video?

These will last you a lifetime. Share this.

Written by :  Tom McDaniel

Images by :  northwesttrek,ralphaclevenger,ecsubbroad