What is a work at home mom...

What is a work at home mom…

What is a work at home mom?  She has been described as a woman that not only wants to take care of herself, her family, her home, but also to have a measure of success in the business world.

If, and I repeat the word “IF” she/he  is shown what to do and how to implement her newfound knowledge into the online business world.

More and more women are becoming entrepreneurs with tremendous success.  The wildly popular TV show,  “Shark Tank,” clearly demonstrates that women from all walks of life can do all of the above.  Why do we say that?  Because at least two of the “sharks” are highly successful women, plus they have a family life.

A successful mom working at home

A successful mom working at home

Let’s Get Busy

 How to make money as a stay at home mom can be the answer to a dream.  Keep reading and we’ll direct you to the right source.

So many stay at home mom’s need to make a decent income in order to not only survive, but to take care of their children while bringing her living standards up to a much higher level.

But because of today’s society, the single mom has it hard.  Many realize that taking care of her children is a full time job in itself and the bills just keep coming in with no way to stop them.  Therefore, the need to have a good income is necessary.

Some mom’s have an excellent education.  Some are even considered “professionals” in certain fields.  Yet, with children that you love and want the best for, trying to work at a career in the workforce is something that is not a desirable situation.

It takes you away from your family and children.

No College Degree Needed For Online Success

Whatever your past circumstances were, that is… how you became a single or stay at home mom…is not the important issue here.  What does matter is that you, as a woman, want to make your own path in life.

You have a computer, a connection to the Internet and you may be asking yourself, “What more do I need?”   Unless you already know all about online marketing and how to find and drive traffic to your website, your blog, or your ebook … in order to be successful and work at home,  you will need help along the way.

Just a few years ago there were many so-called guru’s that were claiming to give you a “push button” program for $97.00 per month.  All you needed was to pay, and the rest would be easy.  Sorry, but reality is,  that is an impossible dream.  It is not facing up to the real world.

Just like any physical job, it takes skills, effort, and time to bring about a measure of success.  It also takes a bit of money. Here are a couple of examples.

When you went to public school it took $$$ from the taxpayers to pay for your education.

When (if you did ) you went to a night school or college to learn more, that too, took more $$$.  So how can someone actually think that “with a push of a button you will make bucket fulls of $$$?”

It just does not happen that way.  There needs to be a reality check on our part.  Hopefully, within this blog, you will look at an online marketing business just a little bit different than when you first found this page.

But…Which Online Company Do I Choose?

Since those so-called guru’s were mostly scammers, many people like yourself,  lost interest in Internet business’.  However, from time to time you would keep  hearing about someone that made a fortune with their online business.  OK, so how did they do it?

The Complicated Way Of The Past

First they had to find out about a company and a product.  It needed to be checked out to see if it was honest and people could make a decent income from it.  This is where you start.

Then you need to find out if there is any type of support to help  guide you along the way.  Also, if you have questions, they need to be answered ASAP.   That is you next thing to consider.

You also have to see what the teaching program is and is it something that you can honestly feel good about getting involved with.  That would be your next step.

You  need to consider the amount of time and out-of-pocket $$$ being spent while you are learning this new skill of online marketing.  Have you done that?

Finally, stay at home mom’s will have to take a small amount of her time away from family, children, friends, and play, and be willing to learn these new marketing techniques.

Don’t Panic

In a good reputable company, it can be as little as 3 to 5 hours per week.  Really, it all depends on how quickly you want to get into your online successful business.  More time spent would be better but not necessary.

The Starting Point  –  The Old Way

So where should you start from?  Start with your search engines, typing in something like :  online marketing programs, affiliate programs, successful marketing programs, marketing systems, online marketing products and so on.  You will need to research all of the different programs that are brought to your attention.

On the other hand, you can start with an already proven company that has an excellent track record and many successful online business owners.

Things To Know About Before “Jumping In”

There is a few more things to keep in mind if you do decide to take a look at this company.  There is no start up money that is needed for the first 7 days.  In fact, for 7 days, you are considered a full member.  You’ll get access to 2 free websites that you can choose and design the way you want them.

You will also get the videos that explain how to get it all set up and how to chose a niche that you would like to promote.

No Obligation…So Why Not Take A Look-See

The name of the online company is Wealthy Affiliate.  If you choose to do a bit of research first, please feel free to do so.  Or, you can click here and have a look into the back office of the company with a free starter account.

With hundreds of others in this company, wanting to help you be successful, it just seems reasonable that most work at home mom’s would want to take a look.  It’s not difficult and you do NOT need any credit card to learn how to set up your websites.

Have fun as you learn how to be a highly successful :  work at home mom.

Success !

Success !

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