What is a hoverboard? They look like this.

What is a hoverboard?                                           Where Can I Get One? 

By now, most everyone has either seen or heard of the “floating anti-gravity” hoverboard that was made so famous from the 1985 movie with Michael J. Fox “Back To The Future” part 2.

Scenes of Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) balancing on a hoverboard dashing through the streets of the future and  over water, caught everyone’s attention and imagination.

Michael J. Fox on hoverboard over water.

Michael J. Fox on hoverboard over water.

But Are They Real?

The next best thing to actually flying through the air like a bird (which at one time or another everyone thinks about what it would be like to be able to do so) the hoverboard has come on the scene.

What should we expect?

Well, are you familiar with the Segway two-wheeled people mover?

The Segway was made popular by the local folks here in the Seattle area at the Microsoft  complex (located in the city of Redmond) .  Bill Gates was, in the early days, very open minded and allowed his team to go about their business with tremendous freedom of expression and mobility.

Because the Microsoft building was extremely large (after the first building had been outgrown) and people needed to get to other areas, Bill Gates allowed people to travel throughout the building on roller skates, bicycles, skateboards or to just  jog to another site.

Then came the invention of the Segway.  It was similar to the old fashioned early “skateboard” of the 1920’s where the kids would place a board on their roller skates, along with a wooden orange crate at one end (it was used for holding on to) and skating through the streets while standing on the board.

Orange box scooter plans for kids.

Orange box scooter plans for kids.


Segway Takes Over

Segway is very similar, with the exception that it is motorized.  It does take a little bit of getting  used to the quick turns, stops, and the reverse movements, but once you have tried it, you’ll be an expert in no time.  They also are great because they are pretty much self-balanced.

On the other hand, the “hoverboard” takes a bit of skill to use.  Balancing on this two wheeled moving machine can take on bumps and bruises or possible even bodily injury as you learn how to use it.  Padding and helmets are recommended.

Modernmechanix image shows kids how to improve scooter.

Modernmechanix image shows kids how to improve scooter.

Hovering Over The Ground

In reality, the hoverboard does not hover, it rolls on two wheels.  But because of it’s versatility, it gives each person such freedom of movement, that it feels like you are floating over the ground.  A quick turn right or left, a fast pull up stop, a jet rocket start…and more.  All are some of the hoverboards features.

A more PC (politically correct) description  is a :    self balancing scooter similar to a Segway without the vertical handlebars.

Early commercial made scooter.

Early commercial made scooter with rear wheel “parking brake.”

What’s In A Name?

It seems that the name hoverboard is going to stick.

Though these little workhorse scooters originally had the names of  :   IO Hawk , Monorover, Cyboard, Erover , Moonet, Speedway and a few more, hoverboard is what most call it.

With a powerful battery pack to propel its rider along at about 5 or 6 miles per hour, it can make for an exhilarating ride through the mall, the sidewalks, or even in some large stores.

Just make sure the use of these are legal in your area.

The self balancing  or “smart” balancing features that use 3-way sensors along with gyroscopes that counter your weight, will keep you in the upright position.  This highly stable system will allow you to make those 360 degree circles, spinning to the right or left, even going backwards.

With just a light leaning forwards, backwards, right or left, the hoverboard responds.  The two plates for your feet on the hoverboard (balance scooter) will detect not only your weight, but the very slight pressure you exert to make turns, move ahead, stop, or go backwards.

I Want One !

Hoverboards can vary in quality and price.  Some of the best will run you about $1500 to $2000 to purchase.  However, there are others that usually run around $300 or so.

A great variety makes the hoverboard a fun activity for all

A great variety makes the hoverboard a fun activity for all.

I highly recommend you purchase your hoverboard from Amazon because of the buyer protection that Amazon is famous for.

Now that You have an overall idea of what a hoverboard is,  let’s next consider  some of the safety factors of these little “personal people movers.”   Reviews

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