What is a healthy heart rate

What is a healthy heart rate

Our heart does much more than just pump blood throughout our bodies. It monitors blood pressure, allows oxygen to mix with our blood (in the lungs) so all parts of our bodies are primed to ‘get up and get moving!’

But, what is a healthy heart rate and how do we not only monitor it, but achieve and maintain a healthy heart rate?

All good questions.

Very briefly, in order for that to take place, there MUST be some form of exercise on a regular basis. However, exercise does not have to be in a gym or running long distances.

Walking is one of the very best, entire body exercises. But, it needs to be done correctly. It’s not a stroll down the street, through the mall, or walking the dog in the park.

Getting Started

Indeed, there is a right way and a  ‘not so right way’  to walk and get needed benefits.  Since we are wanting to get our ‘juices’ flowing again, we need to know what and how, to do it.

The Nordic walking poles are one of the absolute best type of walking exercises that can be done.  Walking poles will work our entire upper body while the walking movements work our lower body.

Our Goal Is A Resting Heart Rate

Ideal  adult heart rates  should be somewhere between 60 and 100 beats per minute (bpm) when we are at rest.  The lower the bpm indicates that we are more fit than those that have have a higher bpm rate.

So how do we get there?

An Illustration With A Good Ending

The human body is similar to a machine…but it is a very unique machine.  A machine will continue to work well until more is demanded of it than it is build for.

Our bodies, to a certain extent, can overcome that demand.

 For instance:

Having a one horsepower (hp) motor doing 1 hp worth of work is great.  But, when you try and make it do 2 hp worth of work, very quickly it will more than likely, fail.

On the other hand, our bodies, doing 1 hp worth of work is also great.  But, when we demand that it do 2 hp worth of work, we get worn out and realize where some “new” muscles are located because of their being sore.

However, as we continue to work at that 2 hp worth of work, our bodies will become stronger, leaner, more fit, and…our heart rate, when at rest, will naturally become lower.

That 2 hp work now becomes much easier to accomplish!

Why?  Because we have been doing 2 hp worth of work all day, and now, at rest, because our heart is stronger, it “hardly has to work” in order to pump our blood throughout our bodies.

This also applies to our regular exercise of walking.


Healthy Heart Rate 

What Do I Need To Get Started

First, you need a good walking route to not only keep safe, but enjoyable while you walk.

If you are a newly interested person and wanting to get fit, then you may want to check with your doctor first.  You may also want to purchase a few items to begin with.

The number one item is a pair of Nordic walking poles.  Shoes would also be a priority for both men and women.  Gloves for hand protection and gripping your pole should be considered but not mandatory (be aware of possible blisters though).

A need-to-know what is going on inside of us is beneficial.  Therefore, it’s especially beneficial to have a good quality  heart rate monitor for men.

Ladies, you too would benefit from knowing your own personal heart rate.

A simple to use pedometer will let you know how far you have traveled.  This is beneficial if you choose to  walk different routes.

Be Careful When You Start

If you have all necessary funds to get started with, then skip this area.  On the other hand, if funds are limited, or you just want to limit your spending, then shop wisely.

The Nordic walking poles need to be investigated.

Questions such as : Which are best for you, what is  your walking terrain, how about weather conditions, how often do you plan to walk, what is the proper length of poles, how do you adjust them just for you and so on, have all been addressed here.

Shoes that propel you forward are best suited.  Nordic walking shoes have been specially designed just for that.

Heart monitors, pedometers, gloves and so on, are not all needed to begin with, but should be viewed as a safety monitor for peace of mind as you walk.

Enjoy Your Walks

Become well acquainted with Nordic type tools and exercise equipment beforehand.  You’ll be pleased with how many other friends will want to join with you…once  you get started. 🙂

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