What Is A Free Website Builder ?

When we hear or read the word Free, most everyone wants to know what it is.  On the other hand if it turns out that it really is not free, people instantly turn away.  But what is it about free that is so appealing.

It’s appeal is getting something of value for nothing.

Is Free Always The Best?

It seems that everyday, world wide, people are being bombarded with so-called ‘free’ stuff.  For instance, what about the ‘free’ coupons to save money?  Usually it’s only the higher priced items that have these coupons in the first place.

How about the ‘free’ samples given out for us to test?  In some cases, these samples are quite good. But with the motive of a guilty conscience, as it were, feeling  ‘obligated’  to buy something.  So is it really ‘free?’

Well, how about the ‘free’ education that many countries offer to children?  How about lunches?  Is it really ‘free?’  No, not really.  As a taxpayer, we are the one’s footing the bill.


Normal Reaction To FREE 

Free Website Builder

With the explosion of businesses turning to the Internet and opening online stores, more and more are turning to the ‘net’  to find information along with  purchasing goods.  Others are looking to tap into the tremendous flood of worldwide money that is being circulated online.

A person must have an online presence in order to make themselves known.  They do this with a website.

Then, from that website, they can either sell physical items, and mail them out, or, as many choose to do, sell items that can simply be downloaded to a buyer.     ( a.k.a. and e-store)

Either way, we need to start with a website.  We need to build a site and have it look the way we want it to look with the items that we are promoting.  All of this  will take a bit of know-how.

The WordPress blogging platform is one of the very best and most popular ways to get started.

WordPress has a few different options to choose from.  One is a paid version, the other is the ‘free’ version. We’ll concentrate on the ‘free’ option.

It is easy to get started.  In fact, after going to the WordPress site, following their instructions, most people within a few minutes, can have a site up and running.

Is It REALLY Free?

However, keep in mind that the way the Internet runs…is by money.  Yes, money is what makes the world go round.  Same is true with the WordPress platform along with the entire Internet.

How so?

WordPress may be ‘free’ to get up and running, but many choose to not use it.  Why?  Because after being blasted over and over with ads, commercials, popups and the like, many opt out of it for a low cost, paid version.

Using the monthly low cost paid version, each website owner has much more control of what will be on their site.  How to arrange things along with images they choose.  Much more user-friendly.


Is  It  REALLY  Free ?

What Comes Next?

The very old expression of ‘you get what you pay for’ is very true when it comes to anything online.

Money is what keeps websites up and running.

Money is what advertisers pay out to get their name brands in front of you.

Money is what we pay out in order to purchase items.

And on and on and on…

A Better Solution

So, rather than opting for a so-called ‘free’ website platform, why not investigate a low-cost type of online website presence?

Knowledge is power.  The more knowledge we have of online business, the better choices you are likely to make.

Questions We Must Have Answers To

But once we get a site online, how do we get traffic to it?

Where do we get traffic?

How can we get a high ranking within search engines so others will find us?

Who is going to teach us about SEO?

How do we write articles that will draw in readers and buyers?

How do we post an image?

If we run into a problem, where can we turn to for help?

All of these questions have been addressed.

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Take Your Time While Reading

With all of the above information at the click of a mouse, it will take a bit of forethought in order to digest all of it.  If need be, save this page or bookmark it and save to favorites.

Click one of the links above, read it over, think about it, then, when you are ready, click another until you’ve given yourself time enough to digest all that you’ve read.

Go through each link, you’ll be surprised at what knowledge you will gain… Knowledge is power.

Have you had an online business before?

Successful or not?

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Written by :   Tom McDaniel

Images by: ceriosproductions,overweightteensolutions,worldsbiggesfreestuffsite