A 100 % FREE Blog For You !

A 100 % FREE Blog For You !

Having a free blog is one of the very best ways to start online.  In fact, many, many familiar named companies realized blogs really do work.  Once a person understands the basics of a blog,  what they are used for, how to make it work for you, plus…have it make money, the rest is fairly simple.

I will attempt to make this an easy to follow and understand the basics of blogging.  Many cities located in the United States have a tremendous presence online.  One in particular is the city of Seattle, Washington.

Why?  Because of the business “spirit” for the average person is always encouraged by the state.  Have you ever heard of UPS – Costco – Starbucks – or perhaps Microsoft?

These are just a few of the well known huge companies that got their start in the Seattle area.

Don’t Be Intimidated

Keep in mind that the above companies have been around for some time.  They have huge dollar budgets and a tremendous work force.  Don’t let that sway you and your search for your own niche (nitch)  online.

They all started small and built from there.  I can remember how Amazon got started from the owner selling used books out of his garage.  From their, it just grew.  From small beginnings…great things can happen if we stick with it.

A Free Blog Is A Great Place To Start

Blog about what you may ask?  How do I set it up?  How do I get others to see my blog?  Am I going to use my blog to make money or use it just for fun?

All of the above are very good questions, and since I do not know exactly which one pertains to you, we’ll give you some “food for thought” in each category within this blog and direct you to another area where you can receive training on how to blog successfully.   Fair enough?

What Is A Blog

Simply put, it is a “letter” that you’ve written that explains something,  offers something for sale, or solves a problem that others online, are searching for.

It is similar to an ad in the news paper.  Only difference is, you are the one writing the ad and giving details about what you have.   At first, it may seem just a wee bit much, but as you learn what to say and how to say it in writing, it really does become quite enjoyable.

But What Do I Blog (write) about

To begin with, what do you blog about?    Actually it depends on what you are wanting to accomplish.  Do you want to write (blog) about a  business or just to put something down in writing online about your activities?

If it is the second one, then that is easy.  Just write about your everyday activities, your likes or dislikes,  even tell a short story about yourself, your pet, you kids or something funny that happened to either you or someone you know.

People love to read about funny, informative, current events, or detailed information regarding newsworthy items.

Being able to share your activities, is fun…but, you may or may not, make any money from it.    🙁    However, there are ways you can turn your daily writing into a money making blog site with AdSense.

AdSense places an appropriate ad on your blog and when folks click it, you make money.  Even more money when they purchase the AdSense item.   Simple.

AdSense will be understood in a future blog.

Blog (write) For Business

On the other hand, if you want to blog to make $$$ from it, you will need a unique blogging platform.  Most people will use WordPress.  It’s easy to use and you can be up an running within a few minutes.

Just a word of caution though.  With WordPress, there is a right way and a wrong way, to post comments on your blog.  So what is needed, is someone to guide you along the way with instructional videos that you can watch and imitate.

How Can I Get Started 

Easy to learn how.

Easy to learn how.

If we’ve never tried to sell anything, or we’re nervous about putting ourselves in the online community because we’ve heard the so-called “horror” stories of some people, we may find ourselves holding back.

That really is a smart thing to do…at least for a while.  However, if we are one who is sick and tired of being sick and tired…then we need to do something to get out of our comfort zone.

Why?  Because we’ve also heard true stories of average folks becoming very wealthy with an online presence or at the very least, earning a very good income from an online marketing program.

Whether it be buying a cookbook, an automotive book, a college education, a night school class, or an online marketing product.  It will cost us some of our time and some money to get started.

If you are a stay at home mom or dad or perhaps someone that is just tired of working long hours or for someone else, then it will benefit you just to investigate the below link.

The Best FREE Learning Site Online 

Still nervous?  Not sure what to do next?  Hesitating to give your email address and name to some “unknown company?”

Then the below link is where you need to go.  You’ll get a full 7 days of free training and a couple of websites to practice with.  You’ll learn how to build a site, how to set it up, what to write (blog) about, choose a niche, and much more.

You’ll also learn how to 100% set up AdSense and how it can be used to make money for you without having to do much at all.

Click this link and you will see how this comes about.  Remember too, do NOT have any type of credit card ready.  It is not going to be asked for.

Feel free to click the below ad and watch what happens.

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