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What is a autoresponder used for…simply put, it contacts people on your email mailing list.

Still just a bit confused?  Let’s break it down so all of us will understand it.  We’ll go back and use a real life experience to illustrate it.   But before that, let’s consider corporate business and it’s background and why, in today’s world, autoresponders are needed for online businesses.

Since this is a site pertaining to autoresponders/their meanings/why we use them/and do they work…we want to keep in mind that one of the most successful cities in the U.S. that has successfully used autoresponders for small businesses and huge corporations, is the city of Seattle Washington.

 Door To Door Sales

Way back in the early 1900’s , when big business’ wanted to grow even larger, they began to realize that if they could include the “little people” in their business, they would be able to practically dominate their market.  So how did they address this issue?

After doing some marketing research, they began to use the door to door salesman approach.  Already, in some of the larger cities, the storefront and catalog sales were a booming business.

However, they wanted to gather those that lived in the smaller communities and even in some of the outlying areas of rural America.  The door to door sales techniques answered those needs.

The techniques used by successful salesmen (and yes, at one time they were ALL men)  were pretty much the same all over the country.  They would make an initial call to offer their products, and because the door to door type of sales was so new in different areas, many would buy on the initial call.  That made all sales people happy in their work.

On the other hand, many would show a certain amount of interest, but would not buy.  These individuals would be  noted in their little sales book.  Dates, the items or products that they were offering, how the person responded, what else did they show interest in, note their dogs name, children’s names, their name (husband or wife) and so on.

The Early “Autoresponder” Gains Success

When, after some time, the salesman would return, having all of the above information written down, would quickly review it and call again.  Lo and behold, the homeowner’s would be quite impressed that the salesman could recall who they were, what they talked about and even the names of all!  Needless to say, they made many more sales that day.

But what if they still did not respond by buying something?  Did a good salesman simply throw out all of their written information, never to return?  No.  The truly good salesman always kept the information…even for years to come.  Buy why?

You see, many years ago the country was divided up into “sales territories” that only certain salesmen had access to.  In other words, no other salesmen that were selling the same products could venture into that  “sales territory” and attempt to capture someone else’s potential customer.

That turned out to be a very good thing.  This is why the good salesman kept all of his records.  After all, you never know when someone would buy from you.  🙂

A True Story Reminding Folks Of Your Products

OK, so now we have a basic understanding of the importance of bringing  the items to the attention of the potential customer.  How about a true story now?  Listen up.

Back in the 40’s and 50’s, when the door to door sales markets were booming, there was much competition among the sales staff.  They all wanted the best territories for themselves.

Many top sales people (and now women were involved in the door to door sales staff) would make small fortunes from their productive territory.  However at times, it could become, a ‘cutthroat’ type business for the sales staff towards one another.

However, other territories would sometimes, never be worked.  They were viewed as unproductive and avoided by most sales people.

This story is about a man named Bill Porter, who, in 1955 at 23 years old, learned that he had cerebral palsy.  Not wanting to be viewed as an “invalid” he realized that he had to find employment to support himself.

He decided on sales.  However because of his disability, many thought of him as someone who would be “here today and gone tomorrow.”

The Most Difficult Territory

He was given one of the most, if not THE most unproductive territory in his area.  Nevertheless, he accepted it and worked it.  ALL OF IT  WAS WALKING TERRITORY!

Now remember, this man had a walking disability.  Think about how difficult it would be.  But, his determination to succeed was amazing.

To make a long story short, he kept at this SAME TERRITORY for years.  Because of his persistence, it eventually became one of the MOST PRODUCTIVE within the entire company!

In fact, after many years of faithful sales service, he became recognized not only by his customers and his company, but he was deemed to be top salesman in the U.S.!

His achievements were so outstanding that Hollywood decided to make a movie about his life.  And they did.  It is called “Door To Door.”

So what is the point here?  How does this relate to what an autoresponder does?

Door To Door-A True Story

Door To Door-A True Story

Autoresponder Explained

Remember how the early salesmen would keep track of the people they called on?  Good sales people  would call again at another time to offer their products.  Why?  Because the person had ALREADY SHOWN  a bit of interest in their wares on the initial call.

An auto responder does that for us…all AUTOmatically.  If someone shows interest in our products, and let’s say, leaves us their name and email, it will go into our autoresponder.

The autoresponder will send out an email (RESPONDING to their initial interest) by  inviting them to take another look at your product that they had initially shown an interest in or one of your newer products that they may be interested in.

Usually the autoresponder will do it for a period of about 5 to 30 days and about 2 or 3 times per week.  However, we need to be aware that in order for this to happen, we need to have it set up to do so.

It’s up to us to decide how many and how often these emails are to be sent out.  But be aware that sent too often, it can be viewed as spam and will be deleted.

Emails sent out too few times, folks forget about your product and who you are.

Balance needs to be considered here.  You choose which you think is best.

Now, don’t panic.  All autoresponder company sites will walk you through the setup process over the phone.  So it is nothing to get too excited about.  Just take your time and follow their instructions.

Simply put,  we now understand the autoresponder and how important it is.  It makes those “door to door” return calls for us!

Would you like to learn how to take control of your online business?  How about starting one in the first place?   It really is easier than most folks think.

However, keep this word of caution in mind when you are considering having an online marketing presence.  The ABC’s of recognizing a scam.

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Written by :  Tom McDaniel

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