Seattle's Famous Space Needle & Restaurant

Seattle’s Famous Space Needle & Restaurant

The Seattle Space Needle Restaurant is one of those eye catching buildings that all visitors instantly recognize.  It is usually one of the first things people see and think of when the name, Seattle, is mentioned.

Why can we say that?  Because in almost any picture, postcard, TV episode or movie that is featuring Seattle, the Seattle Space Needle is prominently displayed.

It’s revolving restaurant is one of it’s main attractions that people from all over enjoy.  Taking about 60 minutes to make the 180 degree (a full circle) visual trip around the Seattle area while you are enjoying your meal.  Off in the distance, you can see Mount Rainier (ray near) along with the Puget Sound (pew jet) area where ships from around the world come and dock to load or unload their goods.

Enjoy The View!

The Needle is one of the easiest sites to see and find.  It towers above the surrounding buildings in it’s area.  But keep in mind that if you are one who is just a wee bit nervous about heights, then the Needle may not be for you.  At it’s highest point, that is, the top of the aircraft warning beacon, you are at the 605 foot mark.  On the other hand, since no one is allowed there except maintenance crews to change the lights and check the wires, you do not have to be concerned.  (see picture)

Enjoy yourself with your date, family, friends, and everyone else that walks the observation deck at the 520 foot level.  You will absolutely LOVE the view!

Towering Into The Sky

Many of us can recall when the Needle was first started back in 1961.  It was being covered by all the local news media.  Because of it’s shape, location and time constraints, it’s builders were to have it completed within 540 days, or 18 months.  Why so?  Because in the spring of 1962, the Seattle World’s Fair was to be opened.  The Space Needle was to be one of many attractions.  Did they succeed?  Yes indeed!  In fact, from the time construction began, it took a mere 400 days to be completed.


1961 putting up the needle

The Mighty Mississippi River and the Seattle Space Needle

Because of it’s location and year it was built, it had the distinction of being the tallest building west of the Mississippi River, overshadowing the former glory of the Seattle Smith Tower and it’s “tallest building west of the Mississippi” status.  The Smith Tower is still located in downtown Seattle, but, by comparison to other buildings around it, it looks rather small.  Also, even the Seattle Space Needle is viewed as just an average height when it comes to modern day buildings.

Progress keeps moving forward…..and upwards!

The Safety Issue…Is It Needed?

Even though the Needle is now decades old, it was built with more than double the amount of safety standards that were in place in 1962.  Even by today’s tough safety standards, it passes with flying colors.  So, rest assured that when you enjoy your 10 mph or 800 feet per minute or 43 second trip up the Needle’s elevator, you will step out at the top, safe and sound.

Famous People And The Needle

However,  have  you ever wondered who has been to the Needle’s top platform and restaurant?  Just to name a few, had you been there at the right time, you would have seen:

Elvis Presley, Bill Gates at the age of 11, John Travolta, Vanna White, Michael Douglas, and Demi Moore along with a host of other famous people.

In a different line of thought, no one can ever accuse the Seattle people (Seattle-ites) of not having a good sense of humor.  How so?

The Seattle Space Needle Has Fallen Down!!!

One of the local Television News Stations had made a sensational news report that the Seattle Space Needle had fallen over!  Again, many of us can remember that report and wondered how that could have happened!  Needless to say, it was quite shocking to all.  In fact, more than 700 people called into the local station to find out what happened and if they could volunteer to help rescue people and clean up.

Finally, it had to be admitted that it was an April Fool’s prank.   🙂

Just a few more not well know facts about the Needle:

Blowing Up The Space Needle!  Yikes!

When it was first built, it was slated to be torn down at the end of the World’s Fair.  However, so many people were up-in-arms when that information was made known to the general public, that it was deemed to remain and become a permanent part of the Seattle skyline.

And a final note.

A Message From Space?

When the saucer shape of the observation platform and restaurant were first made, along with the tall airplane tower with the light atop it,  it was claimed to be used to send and receive signals to “outer space people” with the hopes of a return message.

Who was responsible for this action?

It was the Committee Hoping for Extra-terrestrial Encounters to Save the Earth.  In other words, it was the CHEESE committee.  Ha Ha……….funny but TRUE!

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