The Seattle Seahawks

This says it all !!!

This says it all !!!







The Seattle Seahawks surprised everyone at the Super Bowl.  A winning team if I ever saw one.  Yet there were some that were screaming “foul” at the end of the Broncos/Seahawks Super Bowl game.

(Did you note their newly designed uniforms? )

(Women Loved them!)

How so?  I heard a number of people say  Denver just plain and simple, “laid down” during the entire game. But really, is that a true comment? Or just one made by those that were disappointed that the Broncos did not win?

According to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal newspapers the day after the Super Bowl game, that Denver just got “out played by a better and hungrier team” throughout the entire  game.  Both papers had quite extensive coverage along with comments about the tremendous win by the Seattle Seahawks.

So,What Was It That They Said?

Putting things in a much shorter form here in this blog, both papers had to agree that the Hawks were not viewed seriously by the NFL.  In fact, according to both papers, the entire team was made up of the so-called “rejects” by the other NFL teams.  They were viewed as not being good enough for their team.

On the other hand, a final score of :  Seattle Seahawks 43, Denver Broncos 8, must say something about the unique “steam engine” team known as the Seahawks.


Now think about this.  Since the main body of the team were “rejects”, how would you feel if that was you?  Mad? Angry?  More than likely it would.  That is what both papers brought out.  Because everyone on the Hawks team were hungry for a Super Bowl Ring, they, as a body, went after it and did whatever it took…to win that game, the ring, the respect, and the the cup.  Much to the chagrin of many, many people.

Much of the history of the Hawks is so misconstrued, one wonders how they could have gotten things sorted out.

A Brief History of The Seattle Seahawks

For all you Seattle Seahawks lovers out there, you’ll find this very interesting.  In fact, you can show off to your friends with this bit of trivia.  The Hawks came into existence back in 1976 as an expansion team.  Purchased by  Lloyd Nordstrom.  Yep, the famous owner of the Nordstrom store and now the famous Nordstrom Rack in downtown Seattle.

Today the Seattle Seahawks are owned by Microsoft billionaire, Paul Allen.  I just have to add this about Mr. Allen.  Both he and Bill Gates have added so much to the local community that they are viewed as true “friends” of the Seattle area.  Though never having met them personally, I have always (as many others have) viewed them as “regular folks”.

Sad to say though, that Nordstrom did not ever see his newly acquired team play.  He was struck down by a massive heart attack back in January, 1976 while he was on vacation in Mexico.

His first team coach was Jack Patera.  I can recall when the team first got started.  The entire western half of the state was as “happy as a clam at high tide”.   Then the team acquired quarterback Jim Zorn which was a real boost to everyone.

Being a new expansion team, the Seahawks had to make adjustments over many years in order to really have a foothold along with the earned respect of the rest of the NFL.  Yes indeed, they did have a number of seasons that started out great, only to end in disaster by the time the last game ended.   🙁

After the first coach (Jack Patera), many more were acquired and fired and/or retired.

1976-82    Jack Patera

1982          Mike McCormack

1983-91    Chuck Knox

1992-94    Tom Flores

1995-98    Dennis Erickson

1999-08    Mike Holmgren

2009          Jim Mora

2010-        till today  Pete Carroll

Do you remember the 1987 season?  If you do, leave me your thoughts below.  I like to hear from everyone.  In case you do not remember…then perhaps you remember the name of  Brian Bosworth?

Before the season began, the Hawks won the lottery  and the right to pick a linebacker.  They chose Brian Bosworth in the supplemental draft.  But before anyone could really see what Bosworth could do, there were problems.

Teams went “on strike” and games were played by  non-professionals.   They played “ok” but had much to be desired.  When the regulars came back to play, Steve Largent made history by breaking the record of career receptions.  The Hawks won their first 5 regular games.  Looking good or what?

Ban The Boz !

But lets get back to Brian Bosworth.  Though the Hawks paid “a pretty penny” for this linebacker, he never did really make that big of a difference in the score board.  According to the local news media, The Boz (as he was known) was plagued with bad knees.  In fact, it was said that he knew he had bad knees and took up with Seattle to finally finish out his career.  Bad for Seattle.

However, The Boz had that spirit that infests the Seattle mentality.  That is, being and entrepreneur.  How so?  Let me explain, even though his entrepreneur thinking did not help The Hawks, it certainly did help The Boz.

The Seattle Seahawks came up against the “hated” team of the Denver Broncos.  The Boz had an idea.  Since Seattle was the “dreaded enemy” of the Broncos, and especially The Boz, he made for himself, 100’s of Tee shirts with the logo stamped on the front saying :  BAN THE BOZ

These shirts went flying off the shelves, especially at the entrance gates where the fans came in.  They  were selling at that time for $15.00.  Throughout the game, you could see Boz standing up, looking up into the Bronco fans area, and counting…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and so on.  Each BAN THE BOZ was more money in his pocket !   Needless to say, when the Broncos fans found this out, the shirts were pretty much destroyed.  The Boz, on the other had, made a small fortune.

Soon after that, The Boz was gone from Seattle.

Remember Dave Krieg?  In 1990 he shined against the Kansas City Chiefs, even though he was sacked by Derrick Thomas a total of 7 times in a single game.  Krieg won the game, 17 – 16.

Dan McGwire (brother to baseball’s Mark McGwire) was supposed to be the future quarterback for the Hawks now.  But again, it was a  disappointment to the team. That was in 1991.

Rick Mire from Notre Dame came on the scene the next year.  Again, a great disappointment.

The Seagals Are Always Here !

Not to be overlooked are the Seattle Seagals and their unique style of supporting the Hawks along with all the “crazy” fans in the bleachers!

Seagal Calendar

Seagal Calendar

More Seagals

More Seagals

Seagals Doing Their 'Thing'

Seagals Doing Their ‘Thing’

 And Those Fans?   Here are a few pictures.

Victory Parade

Victory Parade

Hmmmm...No Comment

Hmmmm…No Comment

More welcome home Fans

More welcome home


Falling Tile…..Yikes!

I can recall in 1994 when it hit the sports news that a ceiling tile had fallen from inside the Kingdome.  Since the Kingdome was “home” to the Seahawks, some folks were concerned.  However, the news media did not seem to make an issue of it, so no one really viewed it as a big deal.  The Dome’s maintenance crew glued it back to the ceiling.

Soon after that though, several more of the tiles had fallen, not onto the field as the first one had done, but into the stands where fans would be.  I can recall seeing the  news on TV showing the damage to the seats.  At first, I was thinking, “what’s the big deal?  just glue the thing back to the ceiling”.  Then I saw the damage. Yikes !  It was tremendous !  Most folks did not know that these “tiles” were made of concrete and weighted from 200 pounds to as much as 500 pounds…each!

BOOM !   Goes The Dome


Kingdome when it was new


Seattle Seahawks brand new stadium !

Seattle Seahawks brand new stadium !

Imploding the Dome

Imploding the Dome


After that, the Dome was viewed as it’s life span was at an end.  Though it took a while, finally it was imploded.  Wow, what a dust cloud it made!

With the Dome gone, the Hawks now had to play in Husky Stadium at the University of Washington college.   No one liked that.  However, one good thing did come about.  The Seattle Seahawks got their very own football stadium.  And man O man is it a beaut !!!

The roller coaster ride for the Hawks continued.  We can not leave out Matt Hasselbeck as a great quarterback.  And what about wide receiver Jerry Rice who came from the Oakland Raiders?  Never forget that Shaun Alexander won both the offensive player of the year award and the NFL, MVP in 2005.

Then there was that  frustrating Super Bowl XL that the Hawks played against the Pittsburgh Steelers back in 2005.  The “enemy” of the Steelers, Seattle, was viewed as a team that could possibly take away the “Story Book Ending”  of Steelers running back, Jerome Bettis, all in front of his hometown.  Needless to say, and as was shown in the game video playbacks, there were many, many calls by the officials that highly favored the Steelers.  Officials calling “foul” against the Hawks when, after watching the videos after the game, the officials were clearly in the wrong.  It’s no wonder the Hawks went home, extremely upset.

Final score :  Steelers 21      Seahawks 10

End Of An Era

In 2008, Mike Holmgren made the announcement that this was his final year.  He would be retiring at the end of the season…….    🙁        With that announcement, it just seemed to take all the “wind out of everyone’s sales”,  including the entire team.  That year was a huge disappointment.  Why?  Because it just seemed that it was the end of an era for the team.

Jim Mora, then Pete Carroll would replace Mike Holmgren.

The Seattle Seahawks continued to battle on.  They even went so far as to command a newly designed logo, uniforms, jackets and many, many more unique items to the joy of all the Hawks fans.

Original Uniforms

Original Uniforms


New Uniforms worn by the Seattle Seahawks

New Uniforms worn by the Seattle Seahawks








Did the change of the uniforms make a difference in the team moral?  No one really knows for sure, except that those were the colors and uniforms that were worn in the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII where the Seahawks TOTALLY STOMPED THE DENVER BRONCOS !

Nothing more needs to be said !!!  Yay !!!

Winners "Snow Angel"

Winners “Snow Angel”

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