What is an intense workout?

What is an intense workout?

The word ‘ Intense ‘ refers to physical exertion, mental exertion, or strong emotional feelings of exertion.  So, what is an intense workout and how can we accomplish it?

Actually, an intense workout involves all of the above.  Physically, we become involved with what we are doing.  We require our body to perform various tasks.

Mentally, we want to put off the everyday cares or anxieties, concentrate on what we are doing and enjoy this change of the daily grind.

The emotional aspect of an intense workout is the fun part.  When we feel that we are progressing in our regular workout, we not only feel better physically, but we have that overall sense of well being.

Our emotions are now involved because we feel good about ourselves.   🙂

Walking…..An Intense Workout

If you have just found this blog and are wondering if the above statement can be true, consider reading several of my earlier blog posts.  Educate yourself.

Walking with Intensity

Walking with Intensity

How To Do It…..The Correct Way

Intensity refers to :   extreme force, degrees, or strength.  It can also refer to extreme, acute, fierce, severe, powerful or vigorous.

Walking with Nordic poles can be associated with all of the above categories.  How so?

Since we are here concentrating on an intense workout, we are assuming that you already have a measure of physical fitness.  However, as you gradually increase your intensity, your fitness level becomes more and more pronounced.

Recall that in the beginning you added short bursts of high intensity during every workout routine.

Soon you will see that these short bursts of intensity rely on the stored energy within your muscles.  It takes time, and regularity for your muscles, tendons and ligaments to “catch up to” these workouts.

It does not take much to get tired from these short bursts.  On the other hand, as you continue, these short bursts become longer and longer as you become more and more fit.

Greater intensity

Greater intensity

What To Expect

This interval type of training will give your body time to adapt to your demands.  Soon, with systematically repeating the depletion of glycogen within your muscles, your body will increase it’s capacity for stored energy.

Now those activities and exercises that at one time were tiring, (anaerobic)  become easier to maintain (aerobic).

We find that we have more zest for life along with building lean muscle mass which begins to develop and  in turn, burns body fat quite effectively.

If you find that what you are currently doing is “not getting the job done”, then it’s time to step up your intensity.

Cardio Training For The Advanced Workout

Just to name a few of the benefits of cardiovascular training and their benefits are :  stress reduction, weight loss because of a greater capacity for burning body fat,  and disease prevention.  All because you have a fit body.

Meditation During Workouts

At times you’ll need to change what you are thinking about as you have your workout.  You’ll need to meditate on what you are trying to accomplish and its final goal…just to get through your workout.  That is OK to do, but it does take effort.

Remember, you are trying to change the composition (conditioning of or shape of) of your body.  High intensity training will get the job done.

Gearing up our bodies or kicking them up to a higher gear requires experience, care and effort on our part.   It also means that we do not want to injure ourselves, especially at the start.

What Is Your Heart Rate?

Know your heart rate

Know your heart rate

To begin with, measure your heart rate.  How many beats per minute (bpm) when at rest?  How many bpm after a workout?  The lower the bpm after a workout is an indication of your physical fitness.

The same is true when you are in a resting state.  Keep track of your heart rate from time to time.  You’ll  note that as your physical fitness improves, your heart rate will decrease when you are performing the same type of physical activities.

Working out with more intensity will (without hurting ourselves or overdoing it) typically, strengthen our hearts, producing a slower bpm.

Warming Up and Cooling Down

Ambient temperature, whether it be warm, hot or cold along with the altitude we find ourselves, can play an important role in the overall health of our body before, during and after our intense workouts.

Intensity demands that we push ourselves to the limit.  However, we need to be aware that overloading our musculoskeletal structures without proper warm up can result in injuries.

Proper warm up, stretching, and cooling down are all a part of an intense workout so why not make it enjoyable?  By our gradually increasing our walking speed or pace will give your body that needed muscle warming up for what is to come.

But what about speed and types of walking or running for intensity?  Let’s consider that now.

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Strength training workout

What Is A Strength training Program?

Strength training should not be injurious to ourselves.  On the other hand, it can, and should be,  very enjoyable…when done right.  So what is a strength training program that can accomplish this?

Listen carefully…it is called…walking!   Yes, it’ that simple.  Now, don’t say something like, ” walking! how in the world can walking be an entire body workout?”  Bear with me here and you’ll see.

What Is A Workout?

It means different things to different people, mostly though it just depends on what you are trying to achieve.  For runners, a good workout is daily running.  Swimmers, it’s swimming.  For weight lifters, it means a good heavy workout at the gym.

On the other hand, if you are new or just wanting to get started, then what I am about to introduce you to is just perfect for you.

Now, don’t get me wrong here.  I’ve done my fair share of weight lifting and in competition with the other guys at the gym in days gone by.  I know what it takes.  It’s becomes a way of life.

However, the entire body workout I’m talking about here is with the use of the Nordic Walking Poles.  When done correctly, not only do you gain strength, cardiovascular, but you also learn how to stand erect (not stoop and others will notice when you do stand up straight) along with an overall sense of well being.

Let’s Get Started

When it comes to complete overall fitness it requires that you pay close attention to what your body is doing.  Putting into practice the things that you have learned.  When learned correctly, your body has what is called “muscle memory” and will give you that flowing walk that is so noticed when using Nordic walking poles.

When walking, don’t forget to keep your feet in good shape with a good pair of walking boots or shoes.  Depending on the terrain you’ll be walking on will determine the type of shoe/boot you will want to have on hand.

The best exercise fitness program type training will gradually move you to you desired outcome.  Though it’s great to be in shape for specific types of sports, it’s even better to just have an overall fitness.

In a regular routine with Nordic poles, you can achieve this goal.  Once this is accomplished, you can be assured that you are ready to take on more varied activities than previously.

The Stride

When beginning your workout, the stride, pace, that is, the distance between each step is very important.  You’ll note that as you get into better and better condition, your pace will naturally lengthen.  So will your speed and long arm.

Uphill and downhill training will develop more muscle and strength.  Additional benefits are power, agility, coordination, balance and having more flexibility in everyday activities and sports.  The Nordic walking poles will help you accomplish each of the above.

Aerobic Fitness Is A Goal

With cardiorespiratory exercise programs, along with strength training, is most of the goal that we are seeking.  It begins with a base plan of building our aerobic ‘wind’ slowly.  Begin slowly, and add speed along with leg stretch out.

With each regular exercise step, we build heart and lung capacity.  Cardiovascular is our ultimate goal.  Strength will come as a side benefit.

Intensity comes next.  The more intense our Nordic walks are, the greater the gains.

What Are Some Of The Immediate Benefits?

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Walking Poles

What Is The Benefits of Walking?


Starting now, you can quickly realize the benefits of walking.  Walking?  Why not jog, swim, go to the gym, or bicycle riding?  They all have their place, but surprisingly, walking will cover all those activities rolled into one!

Learning How To Walk

First of all, when we walk many will begin to view it as “serious business.”  On the other hand, we’ll try not to go with that attitude.  The benefits of walking will come to us whether we are serious about it or we are just enjoying the pleasant surroundings.

Coordination And Stability

Just like learning to walk as a young child, the proper use of Nordic Walking Poles also requires a measure of coordination along with a very short learning curve.  Stability and strength with growing endurance qualities, which will enhance our cardiovascular effort will in turn, allow us to be more agile and even increasing visual acuity.

To name a few of the tremendous benefits that come from regular use of walking poles would be :  strengthening  body muscles, tendons, ligaments, injury prevention, quick nerve system reaction to situations which include the agility and ability to learn other athletic skills and/or sports.

Put simply, by regular use of Nordic walking poles is really an investment to our future health, welfare, and overall sense of well being.

Women seem to dominate this activity…but guys, you get the benefits too!

The Little “Engine” That Said I Can!

The creation of the human body is unique in itself.  The brief illustration that follows will help us to get the sense of how Nordic Walking Poles will benefit us.

A small 1 horsepower gasoline engine can do 1 hp worth of work all day long.   Try to get it to do 1 1/2 hp or perhaps even 2 hp worth of work and what happens?  In short order, it will break down.

On the other hand, if demand 1 horsepower worth of work from our bodies, we get 1 hp worth of work.  If we begin to demand 1 1/2 or even 2 hp worth of work from our bodies, then, over time, our bodies will build the needed muscle, coordination, stamina, and quick reaction time that is needed in order to not only meet, but welcome the change in pace and give us the 1 1/2  to 2 hp energy that is needed.

Using Nordic walking poles puts that little “engine” through it’s paces, that is, our bodies.  Using available resources, such as oxygen and a proper diet, our bodies will begin to burn fat and build muscle.  In fact, the better condition we are in, our little “engine” will be burning fat even when we are at rest.

Cross Country And Skiing…Do We Need It?

Regardless of what level we choose to begin our regular walking routine, our bodies will respond accordingly.  Since aerobic training and conditioning is really at the heart of our newly acquired skills, it sets the stage for anaerobic activities later on.

Anaerobic type of training could be considered the “quarter mile race” of our conditioning.  Since anaerobic training is quite intense, it is usually done in short bursts of energy.  For instance, activities such as we see in aerobic classes in many gyms throughout the country or a long distance runner suddenly has a burst of speed and energy as he/she sees the finish line.

Since this training is for the advanced, we need not worry about it at this time.  Regardless what our fitness level may be, we can use our Nordic walking poles to meet any challenges that may come our way.  Our goal is to progressively build needed endurance, muscle, fat burning capabilities even while at rest, along with increased cardiovascular capacity.

The Top 8 Benefits Of Nordic Walking Poles

1.  Agility and performance in almost every sport will be increased.

2.  Being used to moving, our natural abilities requiring speed will increase.

3.  Like a fine-tuned engine running at peak performance, our total recovery time will be dramatically lessened, making recovery time brief.

4.  Coordinated walking skills will increase along with our natural dynamic balance  especially when maneuvering  over uneven surfaces we walk on.

5.   Nerves and response time will become much more acute.

6.  Since fitness is our goal regardless of our present physical fitness, it will naturally be a  “side benefit” of our regular Nordic pole walking routine.

7.  Getting our “wind” or cardiovascular  endurance will quickly be increased.

8.  Strengthened heart activities will allow our heart muscle to work less,  allowing our heart to perform the same activities as before our walking routine…but with much less effort.

Graceful Women…Muscular Men

Graceful women
Graceful Fit Women


Graceful women
Graceful Fit Women













Ladies, if you interviewed a number of other women that have been Nordic walkers for a while, you will find that each of them have noticed that within themselves, their own style of walking has become more graceful.

Using Nordic walking poles has given them greater grace and ease of walking even without the use of poles in their everyday activities.  Since coordination, building both upper and lower body muscle, along with fat burning capacities, these women’s bodies will naturally walk straighter.

As we walk, our arms and legs will quite naturally, fall into it’s natural rhythm of the opposite of our leg stride.  Better coordination, graceful movements will also include much fewer body injuries, quicker response time, excellent precision of movements, and ease of learning new skills in almost any sport.

Men, on the other hand, will gain all of the above benefits as women do, including much greater muscle mass.  Seeing that men already have more muscle mass than women, muscle will develop rather quickly.

Having a more athletic shape or build, will give every man a greater presence in practically any given situation or setting.  Even improving his mental awareness because his body is using oxygen more efficiently.

With greater capacity of endurance because of his now, highly trained and conditioned cardiovascular capabilities, those distance type activities beckons to him (or her), to want to join in.

Muscular fit men
Muscular Fit Men

A Excellent Way Of Life

Nordic pole walking is indeed, a way of life.  Knowing that as much as we put into our personal training and routine, WE are the one that gets 100% of the benefits.

Nordic walking requires our entire body to be involved.  Good balance, agility, quick response times, less fatigue, less injuries, along with grace and muscle development for both men and women, are what we are desiring.

Have you started your training yet?

Wondering which of the many Nordic poles to chose from?  

How to overcome the “get started” problem?

All of the above questions have been addressed.  Why not take a few minutes and see how?

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