Seattle Science Center and Space Needle

Seattle Science Center and Space Needle

The Seattle Science Center or a.k.a. Pacific Science Center, has been one of those fun places for the entire family.  It stretches our imagination and teaches us really cool stuff.

Have you been?  If you are new to the Seattle area, the Seattle Science Center has changed  much over the years since it’s original beginnings during the Seattle World’s Fair back in 1962.

You’ll note also that the iconic image of the Seattle Space Needle was brand new back then.  It was to be torn down after the World’s Fair was concluded.

The Space Needle not only has a great view of the Seattle area, but has a very nice restaurant at the top on the rotating platform.  You’ll enjoy overlooking Elliott Bay watching the ships come in and go out.

That is where the movie starring Elvis Presley was made.  Entitled “It happened At The World’s Fair”  giving you a quick look into Seattle’s past.

NOTE about the movie :  While Elvis is trying to escape from the security guards with the little girl, he is seen running around some bodies of water.

The bodies of water are located in the Seattle Science Center Science Pavilion area.  Keep in mind though, that the water is only about 12 to 18 inches deep and folks are always tossing coins into it.

During the 1962 World’s Fair, coins were covering the entire bottom!

Funny thing during that movie, Elvis is seen first, helping the little girl,  then himself, climb over a fence to escape the security guards.  But in reality, that gate was located quite some distance away from the Seattle Science Center Pavilion area.  Oh well, that’s Hollywood.

What Will You See

Enjoy dinosaurs?

T-Rex on display

T-Rex on display

How about ocean marine life?  The stars and our Milky Way galaxy?  Brain teasers?  Projects for the kids? How about projects for the “big kids” a.k.a. as adults?

You’ll be amazed and entertained with the huge variety of subjects here in the Science Center.  Feel free to roam the halls, the water exhibits, the solar power project how-to’s, and not to be overlooked, the water power projects.


Brain teaser...can you do it?

Brain teaser…can you do it?

How fast can you fix the Rubik's Cube?.....Or can you?

Can you fix the Rubik’s Cube using the key pad?

Since Washington weather and the Seattle area is known for getting rain most of the year, it’s a great way to learn about hydroelectric power.  Several dams throughout the state make electric power very cheap as compared to the rest of the nation.

How To Locate The Seattle Science Center

Seattle’s Science Center is one the the very easiest things to find, other than the Space Needle that is.  Just head for downtown Seattle, towards the south end on Interstate 5  ( I-5 ) and look for the Space Needle.

If you choose to get into Seattle over Interstate 90 ( I-90 ) across the floating bridge, jump up onto Northbound I-5 and look for the Needle on your left.

Once you spot the Needle, simply work your way towards it, and you’ll be there.

The challenge though, is trying to find a parking place.  Often times you can find one during odd hours of the day, or head over to the Pike Place Market area and park below the Market  close to  Alaskan Way.  Then it’s only a short walk to the Center.

Another location is :  129 Warren Ave. North, Seattle, Washington  98109  Parking Garage

Or, you can use your GPS and type in :  200 2nd Ave. North, Seattle, Washington  98109

It will take you right to your location.  Need information?   Give the friendly folks there a quick phone call and get your questions answered.    206-443-2001

Whatever your interests may be, you’ll come away with your mind swimming with new ideas, knowledge and fun facts.  So…..what are you waiting for?

Mapping your route

Mapping your route

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