Tiny Quadcopter With Remote Control Drone Capability 

Let’s face it…all of us want the very best drone at the very best price.  However, we can not have the best of both worlds, that is, unless we have an unlimited bank account.

Remote control drones come in all shapes, sizes, quality, and prices.  Let’s consider some of the low-end models along with some of the very best in a follow up blog.

Keep in  mind that if you are just getting started with your drone, consider the less expensive type to practice with.  Crashes can completely wipe out your purchase.

If you choose to fly it over water…it may go for a swim.  Over highways…well…you get the picture.

Low End Drones

Many web sites will often times only give you the top end drone as a choice.  However, there are many, many low end types to choose from.

The Syma X1 usually runs about $40 or so.  If you do a bit of research, you’ll not find too many buyers that have complaints.  In fact, most everyone loves these drones.

Stability and agility while in flight makes these quadcopters super fun for the beginner and expert alike.

It has the 2.4GHz technology which allows more than one to fly at a time while you control them.  Much longer distance control with very little power usage is a real plus.

Once you get a handle on the Syma X1, you’ll want to try it out by flying two of them at the same time…or even more!

Need to know.  When you first get your X1,  do this first.  Power it on but make sure the remote is in the OFF position.  Set it on a level surface, then, and only then, turn on  your remote and wait for the beeping to stop.  Now you are ready to fly.

Have a bit more $$$ to spend?  Then why not consider the Syma X5C for around $60 ?  Not only will you get a great starter type drone, but you’ll get an HD camera along with a 2GB micro SD card.

Another plus for the X5C is the no need to register it with the FAA.  Through the new FAA laws, which require any drones weighing more than 250 grams to be registered, the X5C is exempt.  It’s weight is less, therefore it can be flown as soon as you get it.

Simple to operate indoor or out.  This little guy even flies during light breezes which can cripple other units.  You may want to purchase an extra battery (or 2 or 3) because of the rather short fly time which is about 7 minutes or so.

With around a 100 minute charge time, having several charged batteries on hand, you’ll be an expert in no time with very little “down time” fly time.  🙂

Now don’t sell the Helix X4 short either.  For about $70 and up, you’ll get a stunt flier.  Twists, turns, backflips, rolls and more.  All with the touch of a button or flip of a switch.

Gyroscopic stabilizers keep this baby level during flight and in far-reaching distance control.

Though this little unit is great for indoor practice, it does not do well out of doors.  Seems that even the slightest of breezes will destabilize it.  Otherwise, it’s great to get a feel for control, especially for the beginner.

Though the above 3 mentioned are exceptionally well put together, my choice would be the Hubsan X4 for about $50 and up.  

For a tiny unit, it feels right at home for the novice flyer.  The X4 is only about six inches square with its controller being a bit larger.  However, as you hold the controller, you’ll see that you can get (almost) instant control for the beginner.

Simply charge the batteries and install.  Place the SD card in it’s slot and turn on the remote.  Be sure though, that the throttle is OFF otherwise your controller and quadcopter will not “read” each other and the sync will not occur.

Be sure to read instructions first.

Super Fun quadcopter

Super Fun quadcopter comes in small packages too

This little guy flies like a real helicopter.  Get set to have hours of enjoyment.

Now, on the other hand, there are many more expensive types to choose from.  Let’s take a look at them also.

Before we do though, consider a totally new type of quadcopter or drone.  It’s the Lily.

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Written by :  Tom McDaniel