Highly Aggressive Drone with camera.

Aggressive Drone with camera.

In my previous page, you’ll notice that I tackled the low-end drones.  Here we are going to set aside prices issues and work with the more expensive type drones, what they can do, where to get them, and why they are much preferred over the low-end type drone.

Thousands of folks still want to know what a remote control drone is and which one should they purchase, either as a first time purchase, or a replacement quadcopter.

DJI Spreading Wings S1000 Premium

At just under $4000. you probably do not want this to be your first quadcopter.  Though rather easy to fly, it should only be for the very experienced drone operators.

If you are a professional type helicopter pilot, then you may be able to get a good handle on this very quickly, otherwise, I would suggest to pass it by for a future purchase.

Stability is one of the best features of the DJI.  Transporting it to open areas is a simple taste as it compacts into a handy transporting package.

Spreading Wings Drone

Spreading Wings Drone

If you are sure of your skills as a pilot, and require fantastic videos, then then is the quadcopter that you’ll want to purchase.  (otherwise, wait for the Lily to be released…see link in paragraph # 1 )

The Original DJI T600 Inspire 1 Professional RTF

For the everyday average consumer, the DJI T600 is definitely one of those high-end priced models.  Prices usually run from about $2000. to $5000. and can possibly take a chunk out of your wallet.

On the other hand, if price is not an issue, then this video and picture capturing quadcopter will be an excellent investment.

DJI T600 Inspire Pro RTF

DJI T600 Inspire Pro RTF with Camera

Having a 360 degree viewing, you can buzz this guy into all sorts of “secret places” and come out with great images and videos.

Do not worry about blurred or shaky images, the3-axis gimbal keeps everything rock steady.

Don’t forget about the SDHC/SDXC  memory cards included and the ability for a live feed to any mobile device that is running the DJI Lightbridge app or some type of monitor  or perhaps FPV glasses with the HDMI input capacity.

DJI Phantom 2 Vision + V3.0  

The Phantom at around $1000. or so, has become a mainstay for serious quadcopter operators.

The HD video camera and its 3-axis gimbal, once more, keeps images rock steady, but at a lower price than the previous copter.

A full 25 minutes of flying time and self tightening props will give you a great sense of security that you’ll not find with most other models of quadcopters.

Phantom quadcopter

Phantom quadcopter with Camera & Remote Control

From the redesigning of the propellers, you’ll see the difference in flying abilities as soon as you take to the air.  However, I would suggest as usual, to always have and extra charged battery to take with you.

So, which one is for you?

Remember though, there is a 500 foot height restriction according to the new rules of the FAA.

You’ll also need to have some wide open spaces or perhaps get out of the city limits and into the hills, or mountains around your area.

Enjoy your quadcopter and be sure and leave your flying experiences in the spaces below.
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Written by :  Tom McDaniel

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Want a quadcopter?  Check out what the Lily can do…you’ll LOVE it !

With the advent of and popularity of drones, not only does everyone want to know what a remote control drone is, what it does, but also where they can get the most bank for their buck!

Before getting into the higher priced drones, I want to introduce you to the best selfie drone.  Move over GoPro,  Lily is going to pass you by (and video record it too).

What The Heck Is A Lily?

The Lily quadcopter drone is going to give Gopro cameras a real run for the money.  Though at the time of this writing, the Lily is not on the market as of yet, but pre-orders are exploding.  Lily will be on the shelves come Feb. 2016.

The very desirable GoPro camera

The very desirable GoPro camera

Now, in the Pre-order, they run about $500. or less.  Once they are on the shelf, the price will be upwards of $1000.  These little drones are super simple to fly.  Literally, just toss it into the air and it will video record you while it automatically begins to fly.

They Way It Works Is …

you’ll  have a ‘homing’ device worn on your wrist.  The Lily seeks that device and records whatever you are doing while flying about some 50 to 250 feet above, around, behind and in front of you.

Lily tracking device worn on your wrist

Lily tracking device worn on your wrist

You can set it or control it as you want to.  Throw it off a building, a bridge, from a tall ladder…it really does not matter as it will automatically start to fly long before it touches the ground.  No crashes or destroyed property.  Yay !

Want to make some home movies while in the mountains? How about kayaking down a river?  Just toss it into the water…yes, INTO the water!  It will begin to fly up out of the water and follow your every command.

Plus…it’s waterproof !

This is the best selfie camera that gives you what you want.

Toss the Lily into the air and it starts doing it’s thing…filming you and what you are doing.

Check out this short video:

The only Drawback of the Lily is it’s rather short (about 20 minutes) fly time.  However, with a 20 minute fly-time, loads of video can be accomplished.  An extra battery also is a real plus.

Want it to come back to you?  How about landing into your hand?  Be sure and check out the video link above.

DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Professional

Though I’ve already commented on the Phantom, let’s revisit it once more. You just can not go wrong with this quadcopter.  This drone has been one of the most sought after quality drone for all of 2015.

It has two positioning systems.  The first is American GPS along with Russian GLONASS which refers to it’s being able to locate and lock onto more satellites for a more stable responsive type flying.

This is a real plus for beginner/rookie quadcopter pilots.  It may be a wee bit more expensive, but if you are only going to buy one, then this is going to be it.

Phantom 3 Professional

Phantom 3 Professional

Phantom 3 Says It All

Three versions are ready for you.

Version 1 is the standard.

Version 2 is the Advanced.

Version 3 is the Professional.

Version 3 has the full 4K HD camera rather than the 2.7K   HD camera.

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