Cross Training Burns Calories While Building Muscle

Cross Training Burns Calories While Building Muscle

To answer the question of What is cross training for can be answered as simple as:  doing something other than what you have been doing all along.

In other words, if you are a swimmer, runner, weight lifter, or even a pole walker or trekker, it means that you have a different type of workout other than what you normally do.


During your workouts you are exerting the same muscles or muscle groups over and over.  This is considered to be working “a single plane” muscle group.  Constantly using the same muscle groups will eventually lead to injury.

By incorporating cross training you will be using different muscles.  Doing so will strengthen the weaker muscle groups.   As these weaker muscle groups get stronger, you will note improvements in your swimming, running, weight lifting and so on.

Joints and ligaments will be stronger allowing you to be more efficient.

Why not “mix it up”  with a variety of activities?

Getting Started

Stretching to loosen and lengthen muscles is always the best way to start.  You are preparing your body for what is to come.  Warm ups along with your workout routine can be as little as 30 minutes 3 times per week.

However, when you get into the groove of your workout, most people do not want to stop at 30 minutes.  A full sixty minutes is more like it.

Wanting to get started?  There are several way to do so.  One is the TRX Suspension Training Home Kit from Amazon.

The other would be Nordic Walking Poles.    If you are not familiar with Nordic walking poles, click here and find out more.

Using the Nordic Pole For Running

Using Nordic walking poles to run with is definitely not for beginners.  It is accomplished by those who are efficient at both running and walking with the Nordic poles.

At this level of activity it would be considered to be a high impact type exercise.  Using the Nordic poles to run with, you will find that you are being “propelled” forward, allowing you to have a much greater stride length.

When done correctly, the pole tips can act as a type of fulcrum to pivot from.  This in turn, will give you more strength along with that forward propulsion.

This type of high impact strength training can be useful for other activities such as those that have jumping and or, bounding type actions involved.

Tip Action Promotes More Muscle

There are two main ways that strength is attained.   Your upper body will gather more resistance from the pole tips.  The second way is to allow  the tip to remain on the running surface as long as possible.  In this way it creates greater strength by purposely stimulating muscle.

In other words, the longer (time wise) your tips are in contact with the ground, the longer your muscles receive stimulus.  More stimulus translates to more muscle building actions.

Uphill Training

Moving uphill will automatically call for more effort.  You will feel (and are probably correct) that you are moving slower.  However, with more practice, you can see and feel remarkable results very quickly.

Speed, pace along with the correct tempo, you are adding more load to your body, resulting in greater muscle stimulus.

Downhill walking or running is not going to give you as much of the needed muscle stimulus simply because gravity plays a roll in your movements.  It is easier to walk or run downhill than it is to move uphill.

Uphill Trails

Choosing an uphill terrain can be tricky.  How so?  Narrow pathways can be hazardous.  You need freedom of width to place your Nordic poles on either side of your body.  A narrow walking path does not provide the needed width.  Choose wisely.

Why Nordic Walking Poles?

The Nordic company has really set the standard for all other walking poles (sticks) to catch up to. For you to make an informed decision, you need more information as to which pole is right for you and what are the immediate benefits.

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What is an intense workout?

What is an intense workout?

The word ‘ Intense ‘ refers to physical exertion, mental exertion, or strong emotional feelings of exertion.  So, what is an intense workout and how can we accomplish it?

Actually, an intense workout involves all of the above.  Physically, we become involved with what we are doing.  We require our body to perform various tasks.

Mentally, we want to put off the everyday cares or anxieties, concentrate on what we are doing and enjoy this change of the daily grind.

The emotional aspect of an intense workout is the fun part.  When we feel that we are progressing in our regular workout, we not only feel better physically, but we have that overall sense of well being.

Our emotions are now involved because we feel good about ourselves.   🙂

Walking…..An Intense Workout

If you have just found this blog and are wondering if the above statement can be true, consider reading several of my earlier blog posts.  Educate yourself.

Walking with Intensity

Walking with Intensity

How To Do It…..The Correct Way

Intensity refers to :   extreme force, degrees, or strength.  It can also refer to extreme, acute, fierce, severe, powerful or vigorous.

Walking with Nordic poles can be associated with all of the above categories.  How so?

Since we are here concentrating on an intense workout, we are assuming that you already have a measure of physical fitness.  However, as you gradually increase your intensity, your fitness level becomes more and more pronounced.

Recall that in the beginning you added short bursts of high intensity during every workout routine.

Soon you will see that these short bursts of intensity rely on the stored energy within your muscles.  It takes time, and regularity for your muscles, tendons and ligaments to “catch up to” these workouts.

It does not take much to get tired from these short bursts.  On the other hand, as you continue, these short bursts become longer and longer as you become more and more fit.

Greater intensity

Greater intensity

What To Expect

This interval type of training will give your body time to adapt to your demands.  Soon, with systematically repeating the depletion of glycogen within your muscles, your body will increase it’s capacity for stored energy.

Now those activities and exercises that at one time were tiring, (anaerobic)  become easier to maintain (aerobic).

We find that we have more zest for life along with building lean muscle mass which begins to develop and  in turn, burns body fat quite effectively.

If you find that what you are currently doing is “not getting the job done”, then it’s time to step up your intensity.

Cardio Training For The Advanced Workout

Just to name a few of the benefits of cardiovascular training and their benefits are :  stress reduction, weight loss because of a greater capacity for burning body fat,  and disease prevention.  All because you have a fit body.

Meditation During Workouts

At times you’ll need to change what you are thinking about as you have your workout.  You’ll need to meditate on what you are trying to accomplish and its final goal…just to get through your workout.  That is OK to do, but it does take effort.

Remember, you are trying to change the composition (conditioning of or shape of) of your body.  High intensity training will get the job done.

Gearing up our bodies or kicking them up to a higher gear requires experience, care and effort on our part.   It also means that we do not want to injure ourselves, especially at the start.

What Is Your Heart Rate?

Know your heart rate

Know your heart rate

To begin with, measure your heart rate.  How many beats per minute (bpm) when at rest?  How many bpm after a workout?  The lower the bpm after a workout is an indication of your physical fitness.

The same is true when you are in a resting state.  Keep track of your heart rate from time to time.  You’ll  note that as your physical fitness improves, your heart rate will decrease when you are performing the same type of physical activities.

Working out with more intensity will (without hurting ourselves or overdoing it) typically, strengthen our hearts, producing a slower bpm.

Warming Up and Cooling Down

Ambient temperature, whether it be warm, hot or cold along with the altitude we find ourselves, can play an important role in the overall health of our body before, during and after our intense workouts.

Intensity demands that we push ourselves to the limit.  However, we need to be aware that overloading our musculoskeletal structures without proper warm up can result in injuries.

Proper warm up, stretching, and cooling down are all a part of an intense workout so why not make it enjoyable?  By our gradually increasing our walking speed or pace will give your body that needed muscle warming up for what is to come.

But what about speed and types of walking or running for intensity?  Let’s consider that now.

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Strength training workout

What Is A Strength training Program?

Strength training should not be injurious to ourselves.  On the other hand, it can, and should be,  very enjoyable…when done right.  So what is a strength training program that can accomplish this?

Listen carefully…it is called…walking!   Yes, it’ that simple.  Now, don’t say something like, ” walking! how in the world can walking be an entire body workout?”  Bear with me here and you’ll see.

What Is A Workout?

It means different things to different people, mostly though it just depends on what you are trying to achieve.  For runners, a good workout is daily running.  Swimmers, it’s swimming.  For weight lifters, it means a good heavy workout at the gym.

On the other hand, if you are new or just wanting to get started, then what I am about to introduce you to is just perfect for you.

Now, don’t get me wrong here.  I’ve done my fair share of weight lifting and in competition with the other guys at the gym in days gone by.  I know what it takes.  It’s becomes a way of life.

However, the entire body workout I’m talking about here is with the use of the Nordic Walking Poles.  When done correctly, not only do you gain strength, cardiovascular, but you also learn how to stand erect (not stoop and others will notice when you do stand up straight) along with an overall sense of well being.

Let’s Get Started

When it comes to complete overall fitness it requires that you pay close attention to what your body is doing.  Putting into practice the things that you have learned.  When learned correctly, your body has what is called “muscle memory” and will give you that flowing walk that is so noticed when using Nordic walking poles.

When walking, don’t forget to keep your feet in good shape with a good pair of walking boots or shoes.  Depending on the terrain you’ll be walking on will determine the type of shoe/boot you will want to have on hand.

The best exercise fitness program type training will gradually move you to you desired outcome.  Though it’s great to be in shape for specific types of sports, it’s even better to just have an overall fitness.

In a regular routine with Nordic poles, you can achieve this goal.  Once this is accomplished, you can be assured that you are ready to take on more varied activities than previously.

The Stride

When beginning your workout, the stride, pace, that is, the distance between each step is very important.  You’ll note that as you get into better and better condition, your pace will naturally lengthen.  So will your speed and long arm.

Uphill and downhill training will develop more muscle and strength.  Additional benefits are power, agility, coordination, balance and having more flexibility in everyday activities and sports.  The Nordic walking poles will help you accomplish each of the above.

Aerobic Fitness Is A Goal

With cardiorespiratory exercise programs, along with strength training, is most of the goal that we are seeking.  It begins with a base plan of building our aerobic ‘wind’ slowly.  Begin slowly, and add speed along with leg stretch out.

With each regular exercise step, we build heart and lung capacity.  Cardiovascular is our ultimate goal.  Strength will come as a side benefit.

Intensity comes next.  The more intense our Nordic walks are, the greater the gains.

What Are Some Of The Immediate Benefits?

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Is walking a good exercise?

Is walking a good exercise?  Everyone does it.

Normal walking is an everyday activity.  But is walking a good exercise that can benefit us?  Perhaps your job requires you to walk most of the work day.  Is that also beneficial? or do you need more?

Purposeful walks are certainly beneficial.  Walking on-the-job is also beneficial.  However, since in this article we are concerned with getting the proper type of exercise, we will not be looking into the work-day type of walking…though it too, can and is, beneficial.

Gym In A Bag…To Go!

Full body training is becoming more and more accepted throughout modern society.  We are becoming more and more aware of eating healthy, our heart condition, our bodies overall shape, and the way our clothes fit us.

How can we balance all our everyday hectic life so we can achieve our goals?  We do so by having our exercise equipment with us wherever we go.  Our “gym in a bag” is the very popular Nordic Walking Poles.

Now, don’t sell yourself short here and think:  “I don’t need poles to walk with.”  You may be surprised at the quickly gained benefits that come from the use of Nordic Walking poles.

Your New equipment

Your new equipment

Full Body Workout

Consider the results you are seeking.  Walking poles can help you get there sooner.  Being out in the open fresh air, seeing the changing scenery, enjoying others that come along with you, are just a few of the enjoyments that come with using poles.

Back strength, bone density, head to toe muscle development, along with cardio training will be automatic with pole walking.

Getting out of the sweat filled, stale air of most gyms is desirable for many.  The Nordic Walking poles can be taken with you in a bag, or carrying case.  It’s really your ‘gym on the go.’

How Does It Work?

Nordic Walking poles will combine your upper body movements and balance, rhythmically to generate physical strength along with the burning of calories.

Almost immediately, you’ll begin to notice the difference in yourself.

Shapely leg muscles

Shapely leg muscles  masterfile image

A healthier heart is one benefit.   Also, weight loss and a much improved posture along with those developing back muscles.  Leg muscles will also begin to take shape, especially the calf muscles.

Keep in mind though, that there is a right and wrong way to walk with Nordic Walking poles.

Equipment We Need

There is an old saying that says :  “We get what we pay for.”  That same is true when we choose a walking pole.  Proper walking poles can vary in cost.  Anywhere from about $60.00 to $200.00 or more.  Depending on what you are looking for.

Regardless of which you choose, they will all give you that needed overall workout.  However, some are more efficient than others.  So how do you know which to purchase?

What about our feet?  We need to keep them in shape also.  Proper footwear is highly important.

The terrain we will be walking through makes a difference also.  So does the weather conditions and time of year.  These are things to consider when walking out of doors.

LightWeight And Ready-To-Go

Often times we think of walking poles as heavy, or awkward to use.  Not so with Nordic Walking poles.  For instance, Alpine type poles or cross country poles are designed for specific types of terrain.

Consider your terrain

Consider your terrain

Most cross country skiing poles are much too long for everyday walking, and the Alpine type pole is specially weighted at the bottom to help keep a person balanced as the pole is used for moving brush, and small bushes out of the way.

Nordic Walking poles are lightweight, yet extremely sturdy.  Adding these to your “arsenal” of exercise equipment will be a great investment.  Most are designed to fit your height, and walking experience.

Where To Walk

Ideally, a 3 or 4 foot wide path is perfect.  Paved, gravel, grassy, sand, or even a bit rougher terrain is perfect for getting started.  Since we are using the Nordic Poles to help propel us as we walk, we’ll note that most walkers will keep their poles to the sides and slightly behind their bodies.

Have you considered walking in water?  It’s a very low impact way to walk.

Once you begin your training, you’ll enjoy it’s almost immediate benefits.

Walking in Water

Walking in Water

Happy Walking!

Have you used Nordic Walking Poles?  Let us know your experiences below.

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Choose A Walking Route Planner

What Is  A Walking Route Planner           image by:sparkpeople

The question :  What is a walking route planner, can be defined differently by many authorities.  However, most folks that are wanting a route planner are just regular people that want to walk in safety, in beautiful surroundings, with friends, with their dog(s) or for a vigorous workout.  Some even accept the challenge of walking across the entire country!

Much depends on what you, as an individual, want as an end result.

On the other hand, planning an “attack” on our health is also another type or form of a plan, wanting to be in the very best condition physically that we can be.

Where Do We Start?

Overcoming bad habits can be a real challenge.  Have you read about or even heard about the 30-30-30 attack method of overcoming bad habits and replacing them with good habits?

In this instance, we want the good habit of a regular walking routine.

The 30-30-30 challenge works like this…For a period of 30 days, we will take the time EACH DAY to read or listen to an audio recording of something positive.  It will be for a period of 30 minutes EACH DAY.   If we miss a day, then we start the 30 days over again.  So it is beneficial for us when we start that we do not miss a single day.

Since we want to be fit physically, then we read or listen to something that is health related.  Perhaps how to create good meals, proper warm up techniques, benefits of proper exercise for our age, physical condition or rehabilitation.

(Reading or listening to things of this nature will train us for having the proper mental attitude for exercise.)

We have to be the judge of what we can and can not do.

But why 30 days?  It’s known that to make or break a bad habit and create a good habit, it takes 30 to 45 days of doing that same thing over and over again.  Our brain and body begins to form “muscle memories” for that activity.

In this case, we want to begin a walking routine route planner.  We begin with a place in our local area that meets all of the safety and physical requirements that we want.  Once that is satisfied, then we begin.

Will it be indoors or outdoors?  Know what you are after.

Often times this highly successful type of “attitude attack” is applied to many areas in life.  In this case, we want to  apply it to our getting into a good physically fit routine, thereby, creating a good habit.   Having the desire to be fit is one thing, actually following through with it is where many fail.

Beautiful Scenery Is Desired

If we choose a walking route that encompasses scenery that is not only enjoyable to see and be in, but also safe to travel, then why not take advantage of it?  Do not ever underestimate the motivating factor of a beautiful route.

It’s true about things that we enjoy, we usually repeat them, over and over.  That can be true also of our route that we have chosen.

Year round scenery changes

Year round scenery changes

Too, as the year changes, so do our surroundings.  We take note of these gradual changes and want to keep coming back.   Just being out of doors in itself, compliments us and has positive effects on our health and mental well being.

Parks, open spaces, woodland trails, along rivers or lakes, canals or even near or on the beach are areas for consideration.  In the city, well lit streets for winter walking, tree lined or flower patches for spring or summer walking.  Perhaps we’ll  choose to take advantage of so-called bike paths.  They are usually safe and well traveled.

Need light rain gear?  How about a broad brimmed hat for the sun?

Regardless of where you choose to walk, be sure and take along with you, plenty of water and perhaps a type of energy snack for just-in-case.

Nordic pole walkers can go everywhere

Nordic pole walkers can go everywhere

Be Safe

As we walk, often times we are so “into it” that we forget about things that could possibly happen to us.  For instance.  Be sure that we avoid high crime areas.  Watch out for congested areas whether it be people, animals, or traffic.  Remember too, that there are others that take advantage of walking areas.

They may not be walking though.  Perhaps bicycle riders, skate boarders, roller-blades and many similar activities can be around us.  Just use common sense when making our choice of walking areas and times of day.

Some even choose to carry, not only water and a snack, but also a whistle to sound alarm if need be.  Others choose to carry an easy to reach can of hot pepper/mace type of personal protection.

If you anticipate animals, such as dogs, or even wildlife animals of any sort, bear spray is one of the absolute best types of defense.  It has a spray of some 20 to 30 feet and can also deter people that may do harm to us.

What Are We Desiring?

Overall fitness is something that all of us desire.  Some begin with the gym.  Others want to stay at home for a home-style workout.  And even more want to be with others that have similar goals and form a support group.  Whichever you choose, just do it on a regular basis using the 30-30-30 method to get started with.

If you’ve been keeping up with my blogs, you will note how beneficial walking is.  This can be especially true when using the Nordic walking poles (sticks as some call them) to get an overall body workout.

These workouts can be tremendously beneficial.  They can also be of great variety.  Intensity can be a factor also.   A slow casual walk, or perhaps a sightseeing type walk, to an intermediate type of walk or for those that really want to benefit quickly, a fast paced, heart pounding walk that works some 90% of our entire body muscles.

Entire Body Fitness Is Desired

Using the Nordic walking poles can be a challenge.  Getting our walking coordination to be in sync with using poles is not difficult.  We are really working with gravity and resistance in complementing our body muscles.  Nordic walking poles will help to redistribute our body weight and effort.  This is especially true with our lower body.

On the other hand, our core or upper body also gets into this workout.  It helps each of us to walk tall with a much improved posture.

A healthy heart and increased cardiorespiratory activities are highly desired.  This can be met by almost anyone at any fitness level.  As we apply the 30-30-30 routine in our lives, we will actually miss it when we are not able to get to our routine.

It’s quite addictive

If we choose to walk, then it should be on a daily basis.  If not, then a minimum amount of regular walking would be 3 or 4 times per week.  It should be 30 minutes each time.  But if we are unable to do that all at once, then quick bouts of 3 or 4 minutes throughout the day that add up to a total of 30 minutes per day would also be acceptable.

Year round enjoyment when using Nordic walking poles

Expect Year round enjoyment when using Nordic walking poles

Weight Loss Benefits Of A Route Planner

Have you decided where you will be walking?  Rough terrain?  City streets?  Through the neighborhood?  In a gym on a flat surface?

The terrain we choose to walk on can directly affect our loss of weight.  The more we exert ourselves, the more calories we will burn, even when at rest.

Using Nordic poles will burn more calories than traditional walking.  But keep in mind that until you reach the fat-burning-heart-rate,  we may not be seeing many changes in ourselves.

As soon as we reach that level, that is, the fat-burning-heart-rate, we will begin to see the fat seemingly “melting off” our body!

Walking with poles on our own walking route planner will take some finesse and skill. Don’t get discouraged when you begin.

Can you think of another place to walk?

Use your imagination 

Posture, Joints, Bone Density Add Up To Less Stress

As we walk with poles, we note that there is a slight rotation movement going on in our back.  This is beneficial.  Using upper and lower back muscles will automatically improve our posture.

With better posture, we begin to feel, act, and notice “better coordination” in all activities of life.  Plus, by having more cardiovascular activities, we have increased our endurance level.  Those activities that used to wear us out no longer do so.

Walking poles will help redistribute the effort that it takes to walk.  This is especially beneficial for those that are recovering from surgery, injury,  a birth defect or just getting started with a physical exercise routine.

By allowing the Nordic walking poles to take some of the strain, it allows our knees, back, and other joints to not be so stressed as we walk.

This is especially noted when we walk either up or down hills.

Bone density will increase.  Bone density is desired.

The more we use our body, bone will increase to make up for the effort we are putting it through.  Baseball pitchers and tennis players have been known to have somewhere as much as 4 times the bone density in the arm used most when compared to the arm used less frequently.

Since we want overall bone density, the use of walking poles meet that requirement, forcing  us to use all our bones and body muscles.

Don’t Get Stressed

Have you ever heard of “runner’s high?”

Anticipating the "walker's  high"

Anticipating the “walker’s high”

It is the point that all runners are trying to attain.  It is when your body releases endorphins which in turn, gives each runner a sense of being “high” along with an overall sense of well being.  It is a desirous thing.

Many who take up the Nordic walking routine, soon experience this.  They also experience less stress, not only to their joints, but in their mental outlook as well.

In addition to this is the ability for better pain management, along with endurance and greater muscle gain.

Since a much improved body efficiency in using oxygen as we get into a walking routine has been noted, we find that we become more aware of our surroundings.  Not only that, but we increasingly become aware of our finely tuned “engine” (a.k.a. our body) and it’s workings.

We take note of our heartbeat, our breathing, walking pace, how our feet touch the ground, we even “feel” the earth under our feet, the rhythm of our poles, our coordinated walking stride, and how our body is responding to this newly acquired skill along with how  our muscles are being strengthened with every stride.

With all of the above working together in harmony, we soon realize that our being stressed-out by everyday issues and/or problems seem to be not so overwhelming after all.  In fact, we even find that remedies for issues or problems, readily come to us as we walk.

Walking Route Planner

So you can see that a walking route planner can mean  all sorts of things to all sorts of different folks.   Did you see where you fit in?

Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

Why not consider using your newly developed walking skills with a set of Nordic walking poles?  After all, the purchase of these poles is pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.  They can be taken with you wherever you go.

But which pole should you purchase?  How can I know which is right for me?

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What is brisk walking? Here is what it looks like.

What is brisk walking? This is what it looks like.

Brisk walking can be enjoyable and beneficial at the same time.  What are the benefits of walking?  Read on and you shall see.      Continue with Part 2

If you are a beginner though, it must be something that you start with on a gradual basis.  Many times a person sees the need to “get in shape” and begins a routine of exercise.  However, because of the initial interest, most will over do it and then quickly loose interest.

If you are wanting to start an exercise program, start slowly.    Begin with just a few minutes each day until you get into a regular routine or habit.  It has been shown that it takes a minimum of 30 days to either make a new habit or break an old habit.  Exercise is no different.  Do it for 30 days, then you can begin to increase your routine time-wise and endurance building.

Good Intentions

Many who start out with good intentions over do it right at first.  The next day, or perhaps two days after the beginner starts, they feel aches and pains that they have never felt before.  Most usually quit at this point.  That is the main reason to gradually work into a routine.

More experienced hikers enjoy a real challenge from time to time.

Getting Started

A good way to start is by a brisk walk.  It can be done at almost any time of the day or evening. Find  the time period that suits you best and stick with it.  A popular walking exercise is done with light weights held in each hand while walking briskly.  It should be more than a stroll, yet not at a run or jog.  Just a quick-stepping walk while you move your arms to the front and back in a natural motion as you walk.

Many call this type of walk “power walking.”

Power walking

Power walking

Pole Walking

However, there is another type of walking that instead of using light weights, you have properly lengthened poles in each hand.  It resembles cross country skiing.  In fact, you can use ski poles to begin with.  If you are walking on a hard surface, just put rubber tips on the ends of the poles so as not to have them slip.

Another name for this type of exercise if called Nordic-walking.  In fact, it was the cross country ski racers that came up with this type of training.  It was to supplement their off season conditioning so as to stay in tip top shape when the winter snows began to fall.

This type of training started back in the 1980’s and then was adopted by the general public sometime in the 1990’s.  Nordic walking is much more than just a passing fad.  It is a way of life for many who want to keep as healthy as they can.  It started in Finland and over the years has been introduced into many others countries.

Suzanne Nottingham knows how to get the most from walking with poles.

Nordic type of Pole Walking

Nordic type of Pole Walking

Muscles being used during pole walking

Muscles being used during pole walking

The Benefits Of Walking Are Numerous

But why the use of poles?  The Nordic walk with poles, exercises your upper body, while walking exercises you lower body.  With the use of the ski poles while walking, you are working the muscles in you back, arms, neck, and abdomen.

It also has an added benefit of relaxing you as you walk.  It speeds up your body so you burn calories faster and thereby drop many extra unwanted pounds of weight.  If you are an office worker, try the Nordic walk.  Those muscles that become stagnant by sitting at a desk all day can really enjoy being used again.  It helps you to stay erect and breathing becomes easier.

When we use the poles instead of the light weights, we walk in a more erect position.  It helps us to stand straighter with a much slimmer waistline.

A slim waistline

A slim waistline is another benefit for pole walking

One more benefit of the poles is that as we walk, it can relieve joint pain and joint pressure by allowing some of our weight to be distributed to each of the poles.  The poles can also help keep our balance if we are walking on uneven ground, snow, ice, or other types of soils.

If we are serious about Nordic walking, we need to have a well fitting and ankle supportive type of shoe.  They should be used only while we exercise, not for everyday use.  If we really enjoy wearing this type of shoe, then buy two pair.  One for daily use, the other for our Nordic walking.  Why two?  Because we will mentally get ourselves ready when we put on our “walking shoes.”

Walking is beneficial for all.  Running or jogging is also beneficial but it can cause injury or joint pain especially if we are not as young as we used to be.  Why not start out with walking?   It is a great way to really enjoy life.

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Brisk walking –  Great fun and exercise!

Don’t Like To Walk?

Many choose a different type of exercise.  Bicycling is another type of exercise that has a low impact on most people.  Plus, you can enjoy the scenery as it passes.  Have you considered this as a stepping stone to walking?

Bicycling is a great alternative

Bicycling is an excellent alternative


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