What Is A Free Website Builder ?

When we hear or read the word Free, most everyone wants to know what it is.  On the other hand if it turns out that it really is not free, people instantly turn away.  But what is it about free that is so appealing.

It’s appeal is getting something of value for nothing.

Is Free Always The Best?

It seems that everyday, world wide, people are being bombarded with so-called ‘free’ stuff.  For instance, what about the ‘free’ coupons to save money?  Usually it’s only the higher priced items that have these coupons in the first place.

How about the ‘free’ samples given out for us to test?  In some cases, these samples are quite good. But with the motive of a guilty conscience, as it were, feeling  ‘obligated’  to buy something.  So is it really ‘free?’

Well, how about the ‘free’ education that many countries offer to children?  How about lunches?  Is it really ‘free?’  No, not really.  As a taxpayer, we are the one’s footing the bill.


Normal Reaction To FREE 

Free Website Builder

With the explosion of businesses turning to the Internet and opening online stores, more and more are turning to the ‘net’  to find information along with  purchasing goods.  Others are looking to tap into the tremendous flood of worldwide money that is being circulated online.

A person must have an online presence in order to make themselves known.  They do this with a website.

Then, from that website, they can either sell physical items, and mail them out, or, as many choose to do, sell items that can simply be downloaded to a buyer.     ( a.k.a. and e-store)

Either way, we need to start with a website.  We need to build a site and have it look the way we want it to look with the items that we are promoting.  All of this  will take a bit of know-how.

The WordPress blogging platform is one of the very best and most popular ways to get started.

WordPress has a few different options to choose from.  One is a paid version, the other is the ‘free’ version. We’ll concentrate on the ‘free’ option.

It is easy to get started.  In fact, after going to the WordPress site, following their instructions, most people within a few minutes, can have a site up and running.

Is It REALLY Free?

However, keep in mind that the way the Internet runs…is by money.  Yes, money is what makes the world go round.  Same is true with the WordPress platform along with the entire Internet.

How so?

WordPress may be ‘free’ to get up and running, but many choose to not use it.  Why?  Because after being blasted over and over with ads, commercials, popups and the like, many opt out of it for a low cost, paid version.

Using the monthly low cost paid version, each website owner has much more control of what will be on their site.  How to arrange things along with images they choose.  Much more user-friendly.


Is  It  REALLY  Free ?

What Comes Next?

The very old expression of ‘you get what you pay for’ is very true when it comes to anything online.

Money is what keeps websites up and running.

Money is what advertisers pay out to get their name brands in front of you.

Money is what we pay out in order to purchase items.

And on and on and on…

A Better Solution

So, rather than opting for a so-called ‘free’ website platform, why not investigate a low-cost type of online website presence?

Knowledge is power.  The more knowledge we have of online business, the better choices you are likely to make.

Questions We Must Have Answers To

But once we get a site online, how do we get traffic to it?

Where do we get traffic?

How can we get a high ranking within search engines so others will find us?

Who is going to teach us about SEO?

How do we write articles that will draw in readers and buyers?

How do we post an image?

If we run into a problem, where can we turn to for help?

All of these questions have been addressed.

1.  What Is Online Marketing About – Questions that need answering – Part 1

2.  What Is An Online Marketing Strategy – Reviews – Q & A that work – Part 2

3.  What Is Internet Marketing Strategies – Reviews – Part 3

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5.  What Is An Autoresponder – Explained with a story

6.  What Is A Work At Home Mom – She is described as…

7.  What To Blog About To Make Money – It’s really easier than you think…when shown how

8.  What Is A Free Blog – How can I get started with one

9. What Is Instant Payday Network About – Reviews

10. What Is The Empower Network – An Intimate Look Inside

11. How To Build A Website OnlineThe correct way

12. What About Seattle Businesses – A spirit that is contagious !

Take Your Time While Reading

With all of the above information at the click of a mouse, it will take a bit of forethought in order to digest all of it.  If need be, save this page or bookmark it and save to favorites.

Click one of the links above, read it over, think about it, then, when you are ready, click another until you’ve given yourself time enough to digest all that you’ve read.

Go through each link, you’ll be surprised at what knowledge you will gain… Knowledge is power.

Have you had an online business before?

Successful or not?

Be sure and  share your thoughts below and click the share button.

Written by :   Tom McDaniel

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Do you REALLY need a list?

Online Marketing Strategy..What Do You Think?

The Money Is In The List…But Is It Really?

An online marketing strategy that many rely on is an email list.  But do you REALLY have to have it?

The answer is :  Yes…and No.   How so?

The “list” here is usually some type of email list from people who have found your website, have chosen to subscribe to it in order to see what else you have that can help them. They enter their email address in a form on your site, allowing  you to  have a way to contact them with your offers and/or future blogs that you feel will interest them

Do you REALLY need a list?

However, in order to share these offers with folks, and make money, you have to have something to offer them. Perhaps some sort of ebook, a physical item you send to them, or you can have an affiliate link put into your website.

What is an ebook? Lets continue with the fishing example in part 1 of this blog.  You are an avid fisherman (woman) and are quite good at it. You decide to start a WordPress blog site and begin to share your information and knowledge with millions of others online who are interested in catching “the big one” in their local areas.

OK, so now you’ve put together quite a few pages of great contents and posted them online.  But have you made any money? Nope! What needs to be done?

Write up several more good pages of content, but do not publish them, at least not yet. You send out an invitation to your email subscribers that you have a small ebook (the pages you have written but have not published online yet) with information dealing with  :   how to bait a hook properly, how to troll, how to use fish finders, how to pick the correct pole, ocean fishing vs. lakes and streams fishing…and so on and so on.

Fishing reel

Fishing reel

Do not feel you have to use all of the above suggestions, but perhaps only one or two. Then you offer it to people by sending out an email (from your list) offering it to them for…say… 3.99 per download, or set a price that you want.

Each one of the above suggestions can be a totally separate ebook in itself, allowing you to have multiple ebooks. Keep the price low, you will get more to respond to your offer at a low cost than at a higher price. More is better.

A Physical Product

This is similar to a walk-in store where you purchase something. For instance, you purchase a product from Amazon or ebay then that person mails it to you. It’s that simple. Again, let’s say you have a new type of fly (for fly fishers) that will really appeal to local fish.

The new fly you are offering

The new fly you are offering

You offer it on your website, people order, you mail it to them. Keep in mind though, you will also need to have a PayPal account to be able to accept money through a credit card system. Though it’s not that hard to get it setup, it can be a wee bit intimidating.


Affiliate Marketing…The Best Choice In My Opinion

Affiliate marketing has come full circle. It is by far, the easiest way to sell products online and  make money, plus, you do not have to own them! How does it work?  After you choose a unique niche you are interested in, you will begin to write blogs, giving out information and how-to’s about this product and or subject you have chosen, posting it online.

Using the fishing illustration once more, let’s say you’ve found another type of fishing pole and reel setup that is the “next generation” is catching fish. You know, for catching  those “big one’s that got away.”  You may choose to use your affiliate with Walmart, REI, Amazon, or some other well known online business that sells the fishing pole you are promoting.

Your new rod you are promoting

The new rod you are promoting

You will create a clickable link from your site or webpage, then when clicked on, will take that person to the product page of any of the affiliate sites that you have an account with. When they purchase that item, you get a commission from their purchase. It’s that simple.

You do not need to purchase products, stock items, have a large overhead expensive inventory to get started, or any of the 100’s of headaches that most retailers have.  Simpy write your blog, make a clickable link, and send them to that product page.

But how do you find these affiliates? A couple of easy ways.

One is, when you find an online site that has products you like, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. If they offer an affiliate program, you will usually find it at the very bottom of their home page in the small print along with the “contact us” information.

If you do not see the word :  affiliate or affiliate programs, then more than likely, they do not offer it. Just keep searching for another online business that does have the affiliate program at the bottom. Click it, then fill out the forms.

A second way you can find affiliate programs is to type it into the top search bar located at the top of your home page. For instance, if you use Google (which has about 70% of worldwide searches) don’t settle for the center of the page search. The top search bar is where you need to go.

ABC's of Online Marketing

ABC’s of Online Marketing

Highlight the information there, then click enter.  It will disappear giving you a nice clean search bar. Now you can just type in something like : affiliate program, Walmart affiliate programs, Amazon affiliate programs, or something else that is similar. But, be sure and have the word affiliate included in each search. It will make things much easier for you.

But What About The Money?

Rome wasn’t built in a day…A journey starts with a single step…You can’t learn to swim unless you get your feet wet… and so on and so on.

No need to feel this way about online marketing

No need to feel this way about online marketing

Why did I mention the above?  It’s because of the so-called, “get rich overnight”  scams that are on the Internet.  Most of us have heard of average people becoming millionaires “overnight” but we never hear about how many years they have been online!

Yes, I do mean years!  These folks, just like you, had to start somewhere.  They were all newbies, just like you are now.  It’s just that they got started before you.  But don’t despair.

Online business’ are here to stay.  There is no “race” to get into business feeling we may be left behind.  Nope, that will never happen.  The only way we can fail at an online business is if we choose to quit,  or even worse, never get started in the first place.

Thinking it’s way beyond you?  Trust me, it is not.  You will be  shown how to build a business online by someone that has already succeeded.

Don't be intimidated with online marketing

Don’t be intimidated with online marketing

Are you saying that you can not follow very simple instructions? Don’t sell yourself short.

How about watching someone take the necessary steps, giving you step by step instructions in a video format?

Just like when we were kids, we watched the teacher write the letter “A” on the chalkboard, we copied her/his example. Now, years later, we are expert  letter “A” writers.

Same is true with online marketing.  It just takes time to succeed.  The above “overnight success stories” about online marketers, is usually accompanied by many years of trial and error under their belts which we never hear of.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just “skip over” the trial and error time period?  Click the image below and you can take a 100% free 7 day trial run of a program that is dominating the online marketing industry.

My Personal Best Choice

Click for part 3 of this series

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Instant Payday Network Logo

Instant Payday Network Logo

What is Instant Payday Network about, you expect to learn the truth.  But is it the one  for you?   There are many things to consider.   Like most online money making programs, it’s free to join.  By “joining” we mean, giving up your email address.   Then you are on “the inside.”  But are you really?

Instant payday network makes promises that by just sitting at your computer and basically doing nothing, you can make $300.  to $500. hundred dollars a day almost immediately.  This is a typical “hook” that professional scammers use to draw in the unwary.  This program is viewed by many as  a scam and a waste of  time and money.

Now You’ve Joined, What Should You Expect

OK, so you’ve decided to go ahead and join in.  What will you get?  First you’ll be taken to the intro video.  There you’ll find the four Steps to make a “boatload” of money.    First off, I’ve got to say that the sales video is very poorly made.   You are invited to go to step 1 and put it to use.  However, be aware that by the time you are finished with step 1, you are going to receive an upsell to purchase something…more money going out on this “free” site.

Does this look like a scam to you?  Be informed before you fill out the form!

 Scam Sites Look Like And Work Like This:

They get you to join by either giving up your email address or with a very low entry cost.  Then, almost immediately, you are “invited” to get “the good stuff” with an upsell that “will never be offered again.”

If you click away, then another page pops up to give you a second chance, but at a greatly reduced cost.  Still click away?  Many of these sites now have and even greater reduced price page pop up.

Think About This…

If they are willing to lower their cost to this now “affordable” cost, then why didn’t they just offer that price in the first place?  Why?  Because once they have you on the ‘inside’ they will continue with the upsell, hoping you’ll part with more of your money.

If by any chance you watch the video, be sure and check out the comments (if there are any at all) and see what others are saying.  But even here, be careful because many times it’s others that have bought into these products that are trying to promote their own site along with others who have also done the same thing.

Look to see how long their video or site,  has been up and how many have viewed it.  Low views, stay away from.  A good rule of thumb is this:  If an online marketing program is legit, then, even at it’s basic level, it should do at least, one of two things.

Number 1  It should be able to make enough income to at the very least, pay for itself (initial cost).

Number 2  It should give you an education of how marketing works and how to market online.

If it looks like it is only being promoted from within, then it’s like taking money from one pocket and putting it into another pocket.  Nothing is being accomplished except that the one’s promoting this junk, are getting a chunk of your money.

Fortune 500 Companies?

Instant Payday Network wants you to go to their so-called, Fortune 500 sites and join  another “free trial” network to get paid from.  One of the sites they claim connections with Fortune 500 is :  My Cash Freebies

My Cash Freebies or better yet, claims all you have to do is get referrals and make anywhere from $40.00 to $200.00 for sending friends to their site and signing up.  Trust me, there is always a gimmick to get more money from you.

If you notice on the above mentioned site, NONE of the links work!  Click them and see for yourself.  However, you may not even be able to get to any of the “free” signups until you, again, give up your email address.  Then when you take a look at the so-called Fortune 500 companies, what do you find?  Here is a quick sampling of what to expect.





24-7 Pressrelease

What you will see.

What you will see.

And the list goes on.  So ask yourself.  Do the above names look like they would be in the Fortune 500 category or in the scam category or just plain junk category?

How about the site of Instant Rewards?  It too is another “free” site you can connect to after you have joined the free site of Instant Payday Network.  Is it any better?  Let’s take a quick look.

This site that Instant Payday Network refers you to is very similar to the previous one.  In order to get the “freebies” however, this site  will cost you 10, 20, 30 or 40 dollars to be ‘qualified’ to get the free stuff.  Hmmmm…..   So we have to pay to get free stuff?

Look again at the names of the offers.  Do they REALLY look like Fortune 500 companies?

A hot offer from :  realplayerplus

How about :  deadseabeautykit

and finally :  bingocafetrial

Let’s face it, are these sites really connected to the professional site company of Fortune 500…or a scam?  These types of online outfits have been termed as : “garbage panhandlers, just figuring out some way to get your money.”

OK, What Next?

So you do decide to go through Step 1 in Instant Payday Network and pay out more money to the two above “free” sites.  You head back over to Instant Payday Network and now find yourself at Step 2.  It tells you to join My Cash Freebies and ‘double’ your cash.

What are we getting so far?  Step 1…pay money      Step 2…pay more money    Step 3…pay even more money and so on and so on.  Are you starting to get the point?    But wait, Step 3 says you can now get your free marketing system.   What is it?

The Four Steps They Want You to use.

The Four Steps They Want You to use.

This “marketing system” will show you how to make the same type of video, with your name on it, so you can draw unsuspecting people in and take advantage of them, just like you were!

Remember the changing money into different pockets?  You are now being groomed, to copy these scammers.  Since you actually did make a little bit of money (for real),  the scammers are pleased to give to you, but in reality, they are the one’s making the huge amounts of money.   After all, a little bit of money from many, many people, always adds up quicker than a little bit larger amount of money from a few people.

Don’t think so?  Then you do the math. Try working for a penny per day, and doubling it each day for a period of 30 days and see what you come up with.   EXAMPLE:  Day 1 = 1 cent     Day 2 = 2 cents   Day 3 = 4 cents    Day 4 = 8 cents    Day 5 = 16 cents…………and so on.  What do you come up with on day 30?

After you “join” the above companies, ask yourself.  “Am I learning online marketing or am I learning how to scam others folks similar to me?”

Also, be very wary of the so-called Click Bank payout sheets.   Now don’t get me wrong.  Click Bank is a very legitimate business and has a superb reputation.  However, there are those who can manufacture the same type of ClickBank (CB) documents along with placing huge dollar amounts in the blank spaces, so as to trick people.  Do not allow these to sway your thinking.

Remember this :  Your goal is to become an (honest) online marketer.

You want a company you can call your own and do so with a good, honest reputation that others will want to return to your site and refer to it as a reference for good services and products.  For that to happen, what do you need?

Don’t Be Frightened

You’ll need a web site, you’ll need to know how to control what is on it, how to put images of your products on your site, how to rank in Google and be on the first page, how to use keywords along with long tail keywords, how to search for the right keywords, using SEO, how to make and place videos into your site, how to keep track of your list of customers, how to monetize your site, … and so on.

My Number One Choice

WoW !   Sounds complicated doesn’t it?  In all honesty, it can be.  But there is a legit. online company that has been around for quite a number of years and is still growing.  It takes you by the hand, walking you through step-by-step videos, showing you what to do and when to do it.

It walks you through setting up a website.  How to choose a unique niche for yourself, how to use SEO, how to research and get the very best keywords, and how to get ranked on page one in Google.  Sound like it’s something that you are wanting to know about?  Look what else you’ll be getting.

This company has a support group of like minded people just like you  that are also learning online marketing.   Some have been in the learning stage for some time and are more than happy to help out the newer members.

Unlike any of the above type of online scams, that before giving you any information, wants your money and/or credit card information,   this company tells you right up front… do NOT bring your credit card!

In fact, not only will they teach you all of the above things to be a successful online marketer, but they will give you FULL ACCESS for a 7 day period for FREE.     When I say free, I do mean free.  No tricks, no obligations, not scams.

Want to take a look?  Click the image below and it will take you to a quick sign up page.  And yes, you do have to give up your email address.  Don’t want to do that?  Then do this.  Go to Google, make up another type of gmail account , and use that one.  In that way, your current email will not have to take the “spam” that you are probably thinking is going to be coming your way, (which it will not).

Feel free to do that.  You’ll be very pleased with the outcome after you have your 7 day look into the back office along with getting your two free websites, plus, learning how to connect to WordPress while getting it set up to use for your site.

Like this information?  Leave me a comment below.  Ever dealt with any of the above mentioned online companies?  If so, give me your input, whether good or not so good.

Written by :    Tom McDaniel

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 Empower Network – Is It For YOU?

What Is The Empower Network

What Is The Empower Network

After searching the Internet, looking for business opportunities, and being frustrated at almost every click of the mouse, you found a link to a company called Empower Network (EN for short).  So what is Empower Network?

Is it something that you want to be a part of?  What do they offer?  Can you use their products and have a measure of success with your online marketing?  Where do you start?  These are all legit questions we need answers to before we spend even one dime, after all, we have to start somewhere.

Stay with me here and I’ll give you a first hand look into the company (from experience) and what it is that they are offering and what you (the average person) can expect in return.

So much hype about kids making millions of dollars on the Internet, seemly overnight, are running rampant online.  Ever hear of such things?  Leave me your thoughts on this at the bottom of this page.

Be very wary

Be very wary

Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard such stories.  Perhaps even knowing a few of these folks.  So, if you do know someone, did they REALLY share their know-how with you?   Or did they usually just tweak-your-nose with all their claims of financial income?  Usually that is the case.

Maybe that did not happen to you. What do you do?  You continue your search online for a legitimate online business opportunity that will not only teach you how to be successful, but will give you the needed online tools to go with the knowledge that they are claiming to give you.  Yep, that is exactly what an online newbie needs.  Right?

I’ve been online searching and wasting 1000’s of dollars in search of this elusive “honest” online business for many years.  Then I too, came across Empower Network and with the research that I found, I decided to join in and earn “boatloads of money” by  “just blogging about anything.”   (the comments in quotes are EN’s, not mine)

How Do You Get Started?

After finding the site, and giving out your contact information, you’ll be directed to another page that explains how you need to have a website (more money going out) and a blogging platform (even more money) in order to write blogs.

Though it’s not a lot to get started and have this blogging platform (usually about $25.00 per month), but right away, there is the pitch for something ‘bigger and better’ that you must have in order to get the most out of their system.  What is that?  Along with what I’ve mentioned, there is the $19.95 per month that you pay out in order to keep track of all your “boatloads” of money.

Then, for another $100.00 per month, you can listen in and get all the past online interviews with others within the EN program and hear how they made a success of their online businesses. However, it’s mainly giving that person being interviewed, the opportunity to brag.

There is not much real usable info given out.  After you get that, in order to “really” get into the program, you’ll need to upgrade and buy another bit of information.  Price?  Why… it’s ONLY a mear $500.00 more.  Mear penny’s for what you’ll be receiving back, according to the pitch.  Sorry folks, but do not fall for it!

Why do I say that?  Because each time you purchase a product (product is the term used in EN referring to another learning module) , you are invited to get “all in” and buy everything they have to offer and “don’t be a wussy” is how you are being cajoled into it.

How much?  It runs about  five or six thousand dollars.  But, even if you choose to do that, will you actually make any money?  Hmmmmmm…..Maybe…and maybe not.

Are You Familiar With MLM ?

How did you answer the above question?  Many people are familiar with the concept of Multi Level Marketing, but have never done anything with it.  Let me explain in brief, what it is and how it works.

It’s all about leverage and numbers.  For instance, the way it’s explained (called a napkin presentation because it’s usually drawn on a napkin while you are at a restaurant or at someone’s home) is that you are the first person interested in a product.  Then, by your introducing this product to 5 others that want to make a living at this, also find 5 more people.

So what do you have?   Here is how it looks.  You are number one.   With five more that are now ‘under’ you, they go and find five more.  So in your ‘family’ or ‘downline’, you have five on your first level, and each of those five, have five of their own, so you now have your first five folks, plus each of their five, which gives you 25 more for a total of 30 people in your ‘downline’ that you will be receiving a little of money from each.

Multi Level Marketing...Pyramid?

Multi Level Marketing…Pyramid?

This downline, if it is promoted, can reach into the 1000’s of buyers with many levels.  It’s a proven fact that a little bit of money coming from a huge amount of people, can add up to massive amounts of income.  Don’t think so?  Here is a very simple way of seeing for yourself using a calculator and a 30 day time period.

Question:  would you work a 10 hour day for 30 days by being paid 1 penny the first day, 2 penny’s the second day, 4 penny’s the the 3rd day, 8 penny’s the 4th day and so on and so on for a period of 30 days?   If you said YES, then you have mastered leverage.  If you said NO, then I suggest you figure it out on your calculator.  Just wait till you hit day 17 or 18.  So, I’ll ask you again.  Would you do it?   Leave me your reply below.  Challenge me!

Pyramid? What do you think?

Pyramid? What do you think?

One more thought on MLM.   Because it is basically a sales pitch, and they always suggest starting with family and friends to practice on, it will not take long for family and friends to begins to avoid you.  Why?  They do not want to hear another sales pitch from you.

A trap looks inviting...until it's too late

A trap looks inviting…until it’s too late

“Just Blog About Anything?”  What The Heck Is That About?

Being so totally new about blogging, I was almost petrified to do my first blog.  After all, it was going to be seen by the world! That in itself, was scary enough, but what was I going to put down in writing?  The comments by the CEO’s of the company just kept blasting away and saying “blog about anything you want, just make sure you do it every single day.”

Oh great!  Every day!?  Now I’m a nervous wreck!  OK, so here goes.  How did I start?  I started “telling a story on myself” so as to get the ball rolling.  How so?  I just began to think back to a funny event that happened to me…and put it into writing.   Whew!  First one is done!

Next day, I did something similar.  Same with day 3 and so on for about 10 days or so.  Now things were starting to become a wee bit more difficult.  So I got some outside info. and read it, then began to put things into my own words and in my blog.  That seemed to be going quite well for a long time.  In fact, I wrote a blog “about anything” every day for about 14 months…not missing one single day.

I will admit though, that as I went along, each blog became just a little bit better than the previous one.  In fact, it began to be ‘fun’  putting these things together for folks to read.  However, where was the money?   I wanted to learn how to make the money!  Not have ‘fun’ online.

Now remember, each and every month, money was going out from me, and into EN coffers.  🙁

So where is my piece of the “pie” I kept asking myself.   After some time, I began to ask questions with the “smart people” within the EN program.  Trying to get answers as to why my blog was not making any money or getting views.  What was the outcome?  Not much.

Let me explain.   At times when I would ask a question, the reply I got in return, was so off-the-wall and seemingly on a totally different subject, that I had to, repeatedly, ask them to explain what their answer meant!!!   Usually they would reply a few times, then mysteriously  my questions would just ‘disappear’ from their system.   Hmmmmmmmm….strange?  What do you think?   Leave me a comment.

Needless to say, I was really starting to get irritated with the entire program.  Then, finding out that the company owners were living outside of the U.S. (I am living in the U.S. and have to abide by it’s laws) and living by some other countries laws, (Costa Rica), I thought, “it’s no wonder that I’ve not made a dime, they are not playing by the same rules I am!”

Empower Network does have an outlet located in Florida, USA, but that is really all it is.  It comes across to me like a ‘boiler room’ operation where folks give you the type of answers I’ve mentioned above.  And if you want more?  Well, you are again, told to “get all in” and you will learn how to make money.

Make money?!  Hah!  I am the one LOSING money!



So, is Empower Network the one for you?  Have you fallen victim to this MLM program?  Remember, the way MLM works is that those who are early into the system (number 1 or number 2) are the one’s that make the “boatloads” of money.

True, there were a few that also made lots of money.  But they were practically cramming EN down everyones throats to “get all in” so they could make their big commissions.  In fact, there were many who were early into the system that would completely refuse to work with their ‘downline’ until they did get “all in” which amounted to a 5 or 6 thousand dollar credit card cost from you.  Yikes!  I never liked the looks of that.

Were you one of these?  Leave me a comment.  Let me hear your Rant and Rave !

What I was after was this:  If an online business is legit, then even at it’s BASIC level, you should  be receiving enough information to, at the very least, break even!

Then came the problem of “blog about anything” with my blogging platform.  Man, that sounded just plain crazy!!!

Google or any other search engine can not make any sense of your blog because each and every one of them are so different than the previous, that Google does not know what to make of it !    So how can someone make any money in this way?  You CAN NOT !!!

Take a look at blogs online.  They have a main subject.  Usually only one or two things they are promoting.  Or perhaps a similar “something” that will go along with what they are promoting.  In that way, Google or others, can get an idea as to what you are promoting and then can recognize your keywords/phrases so as to start giving you ranking.

When you have good contents that you’ve written, and people are leaving comments, you move up in Google ranking.

Then, when I found out that all those blogs and that ‘perfect’ website I’d built, the blogging platform and info that I thought I’d obtained, was really not mine, I quit.  Yes, if you do not keep paying the monthly fees, the blogging platform is no longer accessible to you.  All your work is just plain GONE!

Now, on the other hand, if you use WordPress (like I am doing now) it is yours forever!  Not only that, it’s FREE !   And FREE is always the right price!   Yay!

When you ask :  what is the Empower Network?   you are expecting a clear cut answer.  Hopefully you now have enough information on this Internet company to make an informed decision.   Some do make money with EN,  the vast majority do not.  Sad to say, but that is the truth of it.

Are you still here?  Amazing!  Yep, this is my RANT and RAVE page for this program.   Leave me your thoughts below.  Don’t like this information?  Oh, well, too bad, but many will find this very helpful.

Still interested in making an income online?

Then the company  you are looking for is called Wealthy Affiliate or WA.  I’ll put a link here so you can check it out.  Before you do though, read what you will be getting for FREE from this company. And remember, FREE is the right price!

Leave me your thoughts on this subject because this is the place to rant and rave!

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Written by :   Tom McDaniel

Images by:dreamtime,canstock