Quality Hoverboard with Smart Technology

Quality Hoverboard with Smart Technology

With the explosion of the hoverboard in popularity, everyone wants to know what is the best hoverboard to buy.  But, we need to be honest with ourselves here.  Are we wanting to go cheap?  Or are we wanting the top of the line?

Better yet, the MOR (middle of the road) is usually the best hoverboard to buy.  So how do we tell which is best?  Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when considering the purchase of a hoverboard.

What Should We Be Looking For Before A Purchase

First of all, remember this…you really do get what you pay for.  All of us by now have heard of the exploding hoverboards.  Mostly purchased from or sent from China.

It’s often times, the lithium batteries that are not well made that usually causes fires, explosions and other problems.  So don’t settle on the cheapest hoverboard you can lay your hands on.

Literally thousands of these cheaply made “knock-offs” are filling many folks thirst for a hoverboard.  How do you identify these models?

Often you can recognize these “fake” hoverboards by the box it is packed in.  Inspect it carefully.  Is it written in bad English instructions on the side of the box?  What about instructions that are inside?

Does it say something like:  “Smart Balance” or perhaps “Smart Balance Wheels” or even “Smart Balance Board?”  If so, I would recommend to look it over VERY CAREFULLY.  More than likely, it could be one of the many fake hoverboards that are coming into the country.

These boards usually run in the $100 dollar range.  Some a little more, some a little bit less.  Just be aware.

Also, be aware that in some places here in the U.S. these highly popular “personal people movers” are illegal.  You may want to check with local law enforcement officials before the purchase of a hoverboard.

If you happen to live in New York City, these boards are illegal.  Results for riding one in the city limits, officials will give you a warning ticket the first time, then a $50.00 fine if repeated.

Here in Seattle, you may want to also check with local ordinances before you purchase.  Since the now famous Segway and electric style bicycles, have been accepted locally, you may be pleased to find out the laws here in the Seattle area are very reasonable.

Do I Need A “Premium” Hoverboard

The opposite of the cheap and dangerous fake hoverboards is the ‘premium’ style.  Why so?

When hoverboards first hit the market, many brand name boards offered features like GPS for global tracking, others had the keybob style of remote turn-on and turn-off features.  A few even had built in Bluetooth speakers and “headlights.”

Were they better?  No, not really, but they certainly gave a person “bragging rights” about their board!

What About Distance And Speed?

Recognize quality when you see it.

Recognize quality when you see it.

The distance a hoverboard can travel and its speed is also something that we need to consider before our purchase.  As I have mentioned in an earlier blog on hoverboards, most will travel at a top speed of about 6 mph.

However, there are some of the premium models that will travel up to about 12 mph.  Distances vary also.

For the average consumer you will be paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $400. or more for a hoverboard.  Remember what I’ve said earlier…you get what you pay for.  In this case, only the hoverboards that meet or exceed U.S. safety standards will be featured on the Amazon website.

Some premium boards can travel (on smooth surfaces) between 13 and 17 miles which is quite impressive especially when compared to the standard hoverboard of about 12-14 miles.

NOTE :  Read my first blog and see what the early model premium hoverboards cost.

What Else Should I Consider Before A Purchase?

Above are just a few of the things to consider before purchasing a hoverboard.

It is also vital to know a bit about the following also.

Is a hoverboard water resistance when riding in wet or rainy weather?

What is the weight limit that can be imposed on these boards?

Exactly how are they put together and does wheel size make a difference?

Smooth surfaces are ideal, but are there hoverboards that can travel on grass, over a carpet or rug?

What about a rough roadway? Can a hoverboard transverse these?

Do you know the difference between an “AirWheel” and a hoverboard?

Hoverboard wheel size of 6.5 inches vs. 11 inches.  Which should you consider and why?

And finally, what is your budget and how much will you or a family member be using the hoverboard?

Is it for Personal transportation or just recreation for the kids?

I will address all of the above in the following pages.

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 Empower Network – Is It For YOU?

What Is The Empower Network

What Is The Empower Network

After searching the Internet, looking for business opportunities, and being frustrated at almost every click of the mouse, you found a link to a company called Empower Network (EN for short).  So what is Empower Network?

Is it something that you want to be a part of?  What do they offer?  Can you use their products and have a measure of success with your online marketing?  Where do you start?  These are all legit questions we need answers to before we spend even one dime, after all, we have to start somewhere.

Stay with me here and I’ll give you a first hand look into the company (from experience) and what it is that they are offering and what you (the average person) can expect in return.

So much hype about kids making millions of dollars on the Internet, seemly overnight, are running rampant online.  Ever hear of such things?  Leave me your thoughts on this at the bottom of this page.

Be very wary

Be very wary

Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard such stories.  Perhaps even knowing a few of these folks.  So, if you do know someone, did they REALLY share their know-how with you?   Or did they usually just tweak-your-nose with all their claims of financial income?  Usually that is the case.

Maybe that did not happen to you. What do you do?  You continue your search online for a legitimate online business opportunity that will not only teach you how to be successful, but will give you the needed online tools to go with the knowledge that they are claiming to give you.  Yep, that is exactly what an online newbie needs.  Right?

I’ve been online searching and wasting 1000’s of dollars in search of this elusive “honest” online business for many years.  Then I too, came across Empower Network and with the research that I found, I decided to join in and earn “boatloads of money” by  “just blogging about anything.”   (the comments in quotes are EN’s, not mine)

How Do You Get Started?

After finding the site, and giving out your contact information, you’ll be directed to another page that explains how you need to have a website (more money going out) and a blogging platform (even more money) in order to write blogs.

Though it’s not a lot to get started and have this blogging platform (usually about $25.00 per month), but right away, there is the pitch for something ‘bigger and better’ that you must have in order to get the most out of their system.  What is that?  Along with what I’ve mentioned, there is the $19.95 per month that you pay out in order to keep track of all your “boatloads” of money.

Then, for another $100.00 per month, you can listen in and get all the past online interviews with others within the EN program and hear how they made a success of their online businesses. However, it’s mainly giving that person being interviewed, the opportunity to brag.

There is not much real usable info given out.  After you get that, in order to “really” get into the program, you’ll need to upgrade and buy another bit of information.  Price?  Why… it’s ONLY a mear $500.00 more.  Mear penny’s for what you’ll be receiving back, according to the pitch.  Sorry folks, but do not fall for it!

Why do I say that?  Because each time you purchase a product (product is the term used in EN referring to another learning module) , you are invited to get “all in” and buy everything they have to offer and “don’t be a wussy” is how you are being cajoled into it.

How much?  It runs about  five or six thousand dollars.  But, even if you choose to do that, will you actually make any money?  Hmmmmmm…..Maybe…and maybe not.

Are You Familiar With MLM ?

How did you answer the above question?  Many people are familiar with the concept of Multi Level Marketing, but have never done anything with it.  Let me explain in brief, what it is and how it works.

It’s all about leverage and numbers.  For instance, the way it’s explained (called a napkin presentation because it’s usually drawn on a napkin while you are at a restaurant or at someone’s home) is that you are the first person interested in a product.  Then, by your introducing this product to 5 others that want to make a living at this, also find 5 more people.

So what do you have?   Here is how it looks.  You are number one.   With five more that are now ‘under’ you, they go and find five more.  So in your ‘family’ or ‘downline’, you have five on your first level, and each of those five, have five of their own, so you now have your first five folks, plus each of their five, which gives you 25 more for a total of 30 people in your ‘downline’ that you will be receiving a little of money from each.

Multi Level Marketing...Pyramid?

Multi Level Marketing…Pyramid?

This downline, if it is promoted, can reach into the 1000’s of buyers with many levels.  It’s a proven fact that a little bit of money coming from a huge amount of people, can add up to massive amounts of income.  Don’t think so?  Here is a very simple way of seeing for yourself using a calculator and a 30 day time period.

Question:  would you work a 10 hour day for 30 days by being paid 1 penny the first day, 2 penny’s the second day, 4 penny’s the the 3rd day, 8 penny’s the 4th day and so on and so on for a period of 30 days?   If you said YES, then you have mastered leverage.  If you said NO, then I suggest you figure it out on your calculator.  Just wait till you hit day 17 or 18.  So, I’ll ask you again.  Would you do it?   Leave me your reply below.  Challenge me!

Pyramid? What do you think?

Pyramid? What do you think?

One more thought on MLM.   Because it is basically a sales pitch, and they always suggest starting with family and friends to practice on, it will not take long for family and friends to begins to avoid you.  Why?  They do not want to hear another sales pitch from you.

A trap looks inviting...until it's too late

A trap looks inviting…until it’s too late

“Just Blog About Anything?”  What The Heck Is That About?

Being so totally new about blogging, I was almost petrified to do my first blog.  After all, it was going to be seen by the world! That in itself, was scary enough, but what was I going to put down in writing?  The comments by the CEO’s of the company just kept blasting away and saying “blog about anything you want, just make sure you do it every single day.”

Oh great!  Every day!?  Now I’m a nervous wreck!  OK, so here goes.  How did I start?  I started “telling a story on myself” so as to get the ball rolling.  How so?  I just began to think back to a funny event that happened to me…and put it into writing.   Whew!  First one is done!

Next day, I did something similar.  Same with day 3 and so on for about 10 days or so.  Now things were starting to become a wee bit more difficult.  So I got some outside info. and read it, then began to put things into my own words and in my blog.  That seemed to be going quite well for a long time.  In fact, I wrote a blog “about anything” every day for about 14 months…not missing one single day.

I will admit though, that as I went along, each blog became just a little bit better than the previous one.  In fact, it began to be ‘fun’  putting these things together for folks to read.  However, where was the money?   I wanted to learn how to make the money!  Not have ‘fun’ online.

Now remember, each and every month, money was going out from me, and into EN coffers.  🙁

So where is my piece of the “pie” I kept asking myself.   After some time, I began to ask questions with the “smart people” within the EN program.  Trying to get answers as to why my blog was not making any money or getting views.  What was the outcome?  Not much.

Let me explain.   At times when I would ask a question, the reply I got in return, was so off-the-wall and seemingly on a totally different subject, that I had to, repeatedly, ask them to explain what their answer meant!!!   Usually they would reply a few times, then mysteriously  my questions would just ‘disappear’ from their system.   Hmmmmmmmm….strange?  What do you think?   Leave me a comment.

Needless to say, I was really starting to get irritated with the entire program.  Then, finding out that the company owners were living outside of the U.S. (I am living in the U.S. and have to abide by it’s laws) and living by some other countries laws, (Costa Rica), I thought, “it’s no wonder that I’ve not made a dime, they are not playing by the same rules I am!”

Empower Network does have an outlet located in Florida, USA, but that is really all it is.  It comes across to me like a ‘boiler room’ operation where folks give you the type of answers I’ve mentioned above.  And if you want more?  Well, you are again, told to “get all in” and you will learn how to make money.

Make money?!  Hah!  I am the one LOSING money!



So, is Empower Network the one for you?  Have you fallen victim to this MLM program?  Remember, the way MLM works is that those who are early into the system (number 1 or number 2) are the one’s that make the “boatloads” of money.

True, there were a few that also made lots of money.  But they were practically cramming EN down everyones throats to “get all in” so they could make their big commissions.  In fact, there were many who were early into the system that would completely refuse to work with their ‘downline’ until they did get “all in” which amounted to a 5 or 6 thousand dollar credit card cost from you.  Yikes!  I never liked the looks of that.

Were you one of these?  Leave me a comment.  Let me hear your Rant and Rave !

What I was after was this:  If an online business is legit, then even at it’s BASIC level, you should  be receiving enough information to, at the very least, break even!

Then came the problem of “blog about anything” with my blogging platform.  Man, that sounded just plain crazy!!!

Google or any other search engine can not make any sense of your blog because each and every one of them are so different than the previous, that Google does not know what to make of it !    So how can someone make any money in this way?  You CAN NOT !!!

Take a look at blogs online.  They have a main subject.  Usually only one or two things they are promoting.  Or perhaps a similar “something” that will go along with what they are promoting.  In that way, Google or others, can get an idea as to what you are promoting and then can recognize your keywords/phrases so as to start giving you ranking.

When you have good contents that you’ve written, and people are leaving comments, you move up in Google ranking.

Then, when I found out that all those blogs and that ‘perfect’ website I’d built, the blogging platform and info that I thought I’d obtained, was really not mine, I quit.  Yes, if you do not keep paying the monthly fees, the blogging platform is no longer accessible to you.  All your work is just plain GONE!

Now, on the other hand, if you use WordPress (like I am doing now) it is yours forever!  Not only that, it’s FREE !   And FREE is always the right price!   Yay!

When you ask :  what is the Empower Network?   you are expecting a clear cut answer.  Hopefully you now have enough information on this Internet company to make an informed decision.   Some do make money with EN,  the vast majority do not.  Sad to say, but that is the truth of it.

Are you still here?  Amazing!  Yep, this is my RANT and RAVE page for this program.   Leave me your thoughts below.  Don’t like this information?  Oh, well, too bad, but many will find this very helpful.

Still interested in making an income online?

Then the company  you are looking for is called Wealthy Affiliate or WA.  I’ll put a link here so you can check it out.  Before you do though, read what you will be getting for FREE from this company. And remember, FREE is the right price!

Leave me your thoughts on this subject because this is the place to rant and rave!

Be sure to share this site.

Written by :   Tom McDaniel

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