Which one is best?

Which one is best?   Learn How to buy a hoverboard.

With so much information in the news media about hoverboards exploding and catching fire, it seems to be putting a little bit of a damper on the hoverboard market.  But that only applies to the cheap models.

There are still plenty of good quality, safe hoverboards being marketed.  Inferior battery packs seems to be the great issues involved.  Lithium batteries do not have an “on / off ” switch on them should something go wrong.

In order to resolve that issue, I recommend the purchase of a quality hoverboard with a well known name brand battery pack that comes with your new hoverboard.  Sony or Panasonic are just a couple that have a good track record.

Or….have you considered an AirWheel?

Amazon Has Done Housecleaning

If you have been to Amazon.com recently, you’ll note that many of the Chinese made hoverboards have all disappeared.  That is a good thing.  No one likes to throw away their money on a possible exploding board.

Amazon has always kept on the lookout for it’s customers.  That is one of the reason that so many continue to return for different purchases.  The buyer protection is unprecedented in keeping buyers safe.

Two thumbs up for Amazon !!!

Hoverboard or AirWheel…Which ?

AirWheel?  Not sure of what that is?  I will explain.

With two different type designs in hoverboards they are easily identified by the number of wheel (s) on each of them.  The Wheel, a.k.a. AirWheel has one large wheel in the center.

It is ridden on one wheel  (or sometimes two).   However, the hoverboard that most have in mind are usually on at least two wheels, one on your right the other on your left.

Though both of the above are similar in their designs, they are controlled by the rider in quite different ways.  The now famous hoverboard is made of two pieces with a hinge in the middle.  This will allow each wheel to roll independently of each other, allowing those 360 degree turns.

Single wheeled AirWheel

Single wheeled AirWheel

How To Control

After gaining your hoverboard balance, lean forward slightly and off you go!   To slow down or go in reverse, simply lean slightly backwards till you slow, then a bit more and reverse will automatically kick in.

The pressure sensitive pads will respond to your movements.

Turning right or left?  Just put pressure on one side of the foot plate and that side will speed up, allowing you to turn.  Right foot forward pressure will give you a left hand turn. Left foot forward will give you a right hand turn.

On the other hand, the Wheel (AirWheel) has one or possibly two large wheels between your feet.  This Wheel can at times be a bit more challenging to control because you  have to use the foot sensitive pressure pedals,  along with a twisting motion of your body.

Two wheeled AirWheel

Two wheeled AirWheel

Wheel Size Makes A Difference

The smaller hoverboards quite naturally have smaller wheels.  Usually about 6 or 7 inches diameter but recently have been upgraded to 8 – 10 inch diameter wheels.  On the other hand, the AirWheel can have an 11.6  inch diameter.

Why better?

Though more challenging, the larger diameter wheels will travel over carpets, grass, rough terrain (like some roadways) and even up and over some lower curbs.  Whereas the smaller wheels of the hoverboard, will slip and slide if you try to do the same as the large diameter wheels.

The larger wheel will allow it’s rider to travel at much faster speeds over rough surfaces, where the smaller wheels will need to be careful so as not to loose its rider.

A great place that has loads of interesting sights is Green Lake  or the Burke Gilman Trail.

What About Curbs?

The AirWheel with the single wheel has virtually no problems with turning.  With a bit of practice, some have been known to grasp their Wheel and with a slight “jump” can go up and over curbs.

Daily commuters can ride these with confidence when others are struggling with buses, taxi fares, or traffic jams that can start the day off with unnecessary pressure.

Do I Weigh Too Much?

If you are under 220 lbs then you should have no trouble with the hoverboard using 7 inch wheels.  Sometimes you may get away with weighing a bit more, but not much.

However, if you are quite a bit over the 220 lb mark, then consider going to the hoverboard with the 10 inch wheels. Or better yet, the AirWheel which can easily support 270 lbs.  Not only will the AirWheel carry a heavier load, but it has a built in carrying handle for steps, inside building and so on.

Plus it’s a lot cheaper than a new car.  🙂

What About When It Rains?

No one can really count on ideal weather conditions every day.  So does that mean you can not ride your hoverboard?


Most hoverboards have a water resistance  rating of IP54.  IP stands for Ingress Protection (International Protection) rating.  On a scale of  0 – 10 , 0 being not protected at all, and 10 meaning that the object can be submerged under water.

Keep in mind that if  water does enter a IP10 item, with this rating, the water will do no harm because they are usually hermetically sealed, and where water does enter, it will not harm anything.

Hoverboards are rated somewhere in the 4 – 5 IP rate.  That means that they can (maybe) withstand a splash or possibly a quick squirt of water.  However, don’t count on your hoverboard holding up well to wet weather.

Enjoying the Wheel

Enjoying the Wheel

On The Other Hand

The much sought after AirWheel is considered waterproof.  With an IP10 rating, it can hold up very well in most any weather, allowing you to travel each day regardless of weather.

But, again, you get what you pay for. Be sure to share this site.

Written by:  Tom McDaniel

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Quality Hoverboard with Smart Technology

Quality Hoverboard with Smart Technology

With the explosion of the hoverboard in popularity, everyone wants to know what is the best hoverboard to buy.  But, we need to be honest with ourselves here.  Are we wanting to go cheap?  Or are we wanting the top of the line?

Better yet, the MOR (middle of the road) is usually the best hoverboard to buy.  So how do we tell which is best?  Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when considering the purchase of a hoverboard.

What Should We Be Looking For Before A Purchase

First of all, remember this…you really do get what you pay for.  All of us by now have heard of the exploding hoverboards.  Mostly purchased from or sent from China.

It’s often times, the lithium batteries that are not well made that usually causes fires, explosions and other problems.  So don’t settle on the cheapest hoverboard you can lay your hands on.

Literally thousands of these cheaply made “knock-offs” are filling many folks thirst for a hoverboard.  How do you identify these models?

Often you can recognize these “fake” hoverboards by the box it is packed in.  Inspect it carefully.  Is it written in bad English instructions on the side of the box?  What about instructions that are inside?

Does it say something like:  “Smart Balance” or perhaps “Smart Balance Wheels” or even “Smart Balance Board?”  If so, I would recommend to look it over VERY CAREFULLY.  More than likely, it could be one of the many fake hoverboards that are coming into the country.

These boards usually run in the $100 dollar range.  Some a little more, some a little bit less.  Just be aware.

Also, be aware that in some places here in the U.S. these highly popular “personal people movers” are illegal.  You may want to check with local law enforcement officials before the purchase of a hoverboard.

If you happen to live in New York City, these boards are illegal.  Results for riding one in the city limits, officials will give you a warning ticket the first time, then a $50.00 fine if repeated.

Here in Seattle, you may want to also check with local ordinances before you purchase.  Since the now famous Segway and electric style bicycles, have been accepted locally, you may be pleased to find out the laws here in the Seattle area are very reasonable.

Do I Need A “Premium” Hoverboard

The opposite of the cheap and dangerous fake hoverboards is the ‘premium’ style.  Why so?

When hoverboards first hit the market, many brand name boards offered features like GPS for global tracking, others had the keybob style of remote turn-on and turn-off features.  A few even had built in Bluetooth speakers and “headlights.”

Were they better?  No, not really, but they certainly gave a person “bragging rights” about their board!

What About Distance And Speed?

Recognize quality when you see it.

Recognize quality when you see it.

The distance a hoverboard can travel and its speed is also something that we need to consider before our purchase.  As I have mentioned in an earlier blog on hoverboards, most will travel at a top speed of about 6 mph.

However, there are some of the premium models that will travel up to about 12 mph.  Distances vary also.

For the average consumer you will be paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $400. or more for a hoverboard.  Remember what I’ve said earlier…you get what you pay for.  In this case, only the hoverboards that meet or exceed U.S. safety standards will be featured on the Amazon website.

Some premium boards can travel (on smooth surfaces) between 13 and 17 miles which is quite impressive especially when compared to the standard hoverboard of about 12-14 miles.

NOTE :  Read my first blog and see what the early model premium hoverboards cost.

What Else Should I Consider Before A Purchase?

Above are just a few of the things to consider before purchasing a hoverboard.

It is also vital to know a bit about the following also.

Is a hoverboard water resistance when riding in wet or rainy weather?

What is the weight limit that can be imposed on these boards?

Exactly how are they put together and does wheel size make a difference?

Smooth surfaces are ideal, but are there hoverboards that can travel on grass, over a carpet or rug?

What about a rough roadway? Can a hoverboard transverse these?

Do you know the difference between an “AirWheel” and a hoverboard?

Hoverboard wheel size of 6.5 inches vs. 11 inches.  Which should you consider and why?

And finally, what is your budget and how much will you or a family member be using the hoverboard?

Is it for Personal transportation or just recreation for the kids?

I will address all of the above in the following pages.

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What is a hoverboard? Are they dangerous?

What is a hoverboard?    Are they dangerous?                    YouTube image

With the huge demand for a reasonably priced  quality hoverboard, many are choosing to opt. in for the cheaper, less expensive hoverboards that have been linked to house fires, exploding batteries, and even catching fire while riding them.

Don’t let that deter you from a purchase.  Just be aware of the dangers of a cheap hoverboard when you make your purchase, many of which are found on eBay for around $100 more or less.

So when we ask the question:  what is a hoverboard, we are really wanting to know how we can get what we pay for.   In my previous blog I explained that a good quality hoverboard will set you back some 1500 to 2000 dollars.

However, you can still enjoy a quality hoverboard for much less than that.  On the other hand, don’t settle on ‘cheap’ because of the potential dangers as mentioned above.

All U.S. airlines have banned hoverboards to be transported onto their flights.  Why?  Mainly it’s because of the cheaply made Chinese batteries that they carry.  So one of the very first things you look for in a hoverboard is a brand name battery pack.

Some trust worthy batteries are SONY and PANASONIC to name two.  If you are not familiar with a certain battery name brand, you would more than likely be better off not purchasing that particular hoverboard.

Note the following video…now…give it a chance to load and watch it through.  Especially the part about the cheap hoverboards from eBay.   Cheap does not always mean the best deal in the long run.

Here is the video:

Do They Hover?

Actually what most folks are thinking of when it comes to a hoverboard, in reality it is a very low profiled, wheeled scooter that is powered by batteries.

But…there are some great innovations taking place that may catch your interest,  though at the present time, most are still in the infancy stage of development.  Just wait a couple of years and see the huge leap in technology and  hoverboard design and capabilities.


Though the low profile wheeled scooter (a.k.a. hoverboard) is similar in design to the skateboard, they are very different when it comes to gaining your balance and control.

It will take time to master these nifty little “toys” so when the “real  McCoy” hoverboard is available that actually floats over the ground, we will already know how to balance ourselves and control them.

Amazon has deleted all their sales of hoverboards that are linked to the Chinese markets.  Not only were they found to be inferior and dangerous, but they would break  apart rather easily.  Amazon has, once more, done needed “housecleaning” in their company to safeguard their customers and their name.

So, if you are interested in these, then don’t hesitate to purchase one.  Again, I would suggest that you find one on Amazon because of the huge variety in prices  and quality, plus the added safety of buyer protection that Amazon is now famous for.

Keep in mind though, you do get what you pay for.  Don’t go cheap.  Usually it is always best to purchase something that is MOR  (middle of the road).  Not the most expensive, but definitely not the cheap one either.

What Most Folks Expect Regarding A Hoverboard

Check out the below video.  You’ll see that the technology has come a long way since the 1985 movie “Back To The Future 2” with the introduction of the hoverboard.

If that really “blows your hair back” then you’ll also enjoy this video.  Though these hoverboards are currently limited to metal surfaces and/or metal strips in the surface, they do give us food for thought for future innovations.  See the video below.  🙂

The Self Propelled Skate Board

Just because the market is now going wild for the hoverboard (a.k.a. scooter) do not totally rule out the skateboard that so many have come to love and appreciate.

But just like technology in everything else, it has been improved on and electrified.  This self propelled board has really come a long way.

Though many skateboarders can not afford these, others will choose to save up in order to purchase one and be the first on the block to have this  “really cool toy.”

On the other hand, if you are one of those who grew up with skateboards and know your kids will enjoy this sport also, then you’ve got to check out a different type of electric board, which by the way, is more affordable for the up and coming family guys and gals.

What to look for in your purchase of a hoverboard.

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What is a hoverboard? They look like this.

What is a hoverboard?                                           Where Can I Get One? 

By now, most everyone has either seen or heard of the “floating anti-gravity” hoverboard that was made so famous from the 1985 movie with Michael J. Fox “Back To The Future” part 2.

Scenes of Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) balancing on a hoverboard dashing through the streets of the future and  over water, caught everyone’s attention and imagination.

Michael J. Fox on hoverboard over water.

Michael J. Fox on hoverboard over water.

But Are They Real?

The next best thing to actually flying through the air like a bird (which at one time or another everyone thinks about what it would be like to be able to do so) the hoverboard has come on the scene.

What should we expect?

Well, are you familiar with the Segway two-wheeled people mover?

The Segway was made popular by the local folks here in the Seattle area at the Microsoft  complex (located in the city of Redmond) .  Bill Gates was, in the early days, very open minded and allowed his team to go about their business with tremendous freedom of expression and mobility.

Because the Microsoft building was extremely large (after the first building had been outgrown) and people needed to get to other areas, Bill Gates allowed people to travel throughout the building on roller skates, bicycles, skateboards or to just  jog to another site.

Then came the invention of the Segway.  It was similar to the old fashioned early “skateboard” of the 1920’s where the kids would place a board on their roller skates, along with a wooden orange crate at one end (it was used for holding on to) and skating through the streets while standing on the board.

Orange box scooter plans for kids.

Orange box scooter plans for kids.


Segway Takes Over

Segway is very similar, with the exception that it is motorized.  It does take a little bit of getting  used to the quick turns, stops, and the reverse movements, but once you have tried it, you’ll be an expert in no time.  They also are great because they are pretty much self-balanced.

On the other hand, the “hoverboard” takes a bit of skill to use.  Balancing on this two wheeled moving machine can take on bumps and bruises or possible even bodily injury as you learn how to use it.  Padding and helmets are recommended.

Modernmechanix image shows kids how to improve scooter.

Modernmechanix image shows kids how to improve scooter.

Hovering Over The Ground

In reality, the hoverboard does not hover, it rolls on two wheels.  But because of it’s versatility, it gives each person such freedom of movement, that it feels like you are floating over the ground.  A quick turn right or left, a fast pull up stop, a jet rocket start…and more.  All are some of the hoverboards features.

A more PC (politically correct) description  is a :    self balancing scooter similar to a Segway without the vertical handlebars.

Early commercial made scooter.

Early commercial made scooter with rear wheel “parking brake.”

What’s In A Name?

It seems that the name hoverboard is going to stick.

Though these little workhorse scooters originally had the names of  :   IO Hawk , Monorover, Cyboard, Erover , Moonet, Speedway and a few more, hoverboard is what most call it.

With a powerful battery pack to propel its rider along at about 5 or 6 miles per hour, it can make for an exhilarating ride through the mall, the sidewalks, or even in some large stores.

Just make sure the use of these are legal in your area.

The self balancing  or “smart” balancing features that use 3-way sensors along with gyroscopes that counter your weight, will keep you in the upright position.  This highly stable system will allow you to make those 360 degree circles, spinning to the right or left, even going backwards.

With just a light leaning forwards, backwards, right or left, the hoverboard responds.  The two plates for your feet on the hoverboard (balance scooter) will detect not only your weight, but the very slight pressure you exert to make turns, move ahead, stop, or go backwards.

I Want One !

Hoverboards can vary in quality and price.  Some of the best will run you about $1500 to $2000 to purchase.  However, there are others that usually run around $300 or so.

A great variety makes the hoverboard a fun activity for all

A great variety makes the hoverboard a fun activity for all.

I highly recommend you purchase your hoverboard from Amazon because of the buyer protection that Amazon is famous for.

Now that You have an overall idea of what a hoverboard is,  let’s next consider  some of the safety factors of these little “personal people movers.”   Reviews

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