Seattle Aquarium Pier 59

Seattle Aquarium Pier 59

The Seattle Aquarium will take you “under the water” and give you a “real feel” for the marine life in Puget (pew-jet)  Sound.  Come join us as we stroll through the Under-the-sea,  Seattle Aquarium.

In fact, you ‘otter’ come and visit the  sea otter during feeding times.  These little balls of fun and fur will touch your hearts as you watch their antics.

Joe...Joe...wake up! People are here and it's time to eat...again!

Joe…Joe…wake up! People are here and it’s time to eat……..again!

The Tide Pool

One of the most popular exhibit is the tide pool where you’ll be able to have that “real feel” of these animals.  Why not come and see for yourself?

Join us at  the waterfront off Alaskan Way and look for the Giant Wheel.  After finding the Wheel, you can’t miss the Seattle Aquarium with it’s view and dock, extending out into the Sound on Pier 59.

Need an address?  1483 Alaskan Way Seattle , Wa.  98101  or just call (206) 386-4300 and you’ll be able to find all the information you’ll need to make your visit in Seattle enjoyable.

Seattle's Wheel and nearby Aquarium

Seattle’s Aquarium and nearby Wheel

An Enjoyable Short History Lesson

Being located on the waterfront, it was only a matter of time before Seattle created the Seattle Aquarium.  Initially it was owned and operated by the Department of Parks and Recreation beginning in 1977.  However, in 2010, the nonprofit Seattle Aquarium Society took over management.

The Aquarium averages some 800,000 visitors annually.  With conservation and instructions for future marine interests, students and visitors alike, come to learn about their impacts on local marine life.

The gift store and cafe are handy for a little break and a memorabilia of the aquarium so you can remember your visit to Seattle’s waterfront Aquarium.  🙂

The Window On Washington Waters

One exhibit you’ll enjoy is the 120,000 gallon tank that was designed and built in 2007.   It’s purpose is to duplicate the waters off the coast of Washington.  It has a variety of  local marine life.  Keep an eye open for the Sea anemones, salmon and even some rockfish.

Oh, and don’t forget to wave at the divers in this huge water tank as they entertain visitors during the day!

Come See The Crashing Waves Exhibit

If you enjoy watching and/or hearing the soothing sounds of the ocean waves on a beautiful beach, then the Crashing Waves Exhibit will really give you that peaceful, restful atmosphere.

The tidepool exhibit will give you that “up close and personal” experience.  You’ll get the “feel” of it very quickly.

The Tidepool

The Tide pool & Life on the Edge Exhibit

Life of a Drifter features a large glass “donut” where you’ll quickly be surrounded by ‘moon jellies’ and  giant Pacific octopus along with the nearby and very handy, 13 foot touch-tank.

The Pacific Coral Reef keeps us informed about the local marine life that surrounds the reefs.  It will give us a peek into coral reef life.

Strange But True

Oddities that live in and around the Puget (pew-jet) Sound and Elliott Bay waterfront, can give us much enjoyment along with many ‘oohs and aahs’ when we see the pinecone fish, the cowfish, flying gurnards, potbellied seahorses and even the short dragonfish.

Harbor seals, Northern fur seals, sea otters and river otters can be seen also.

The Marine Mammals and “Killer Whales”

The Orca Family Activity Center a.k.a. Killer Whale exhibit, will help us to understand these highly intelligent  creatures.   Being social, you’ll learn how they stay together and see how their hunting techniques and vocal behaviors are passed on to succeeding generation.

Often times we can see these magnificent animals in the wild when on the ferry boats.

Viewed as a threatened or endangered animal because of habitat loss, pollution or capture for marine mammal parks along with conflicts with some local fisheries, you’ll want to see how you can help.

Feels like you can reach out and touch them

Feels like you can reach out and touch them

The Underwater Dome

As you enter this underwater room with it’s 400,000 gallon water tank, you’ll be transfixed by the clarity of the water and the glass.  Sharks, salmon, Lingcod, sturgeon, skates along with more rockfish will be seen here.

Still want to reach out ?

Still want to reach out ?

The “Other Zoos”

The Seattle Aquarium has so much to see that you may not be able to see it all in one day.  However, don’t let that stop you from a return visit.

But what about all the other animals and interesting sites of Seattle and it’s surroundings ?

The Woodland Park Zoo is located nearby for those of us who enjoy getting out of doors.

If you’re up for a short drive and would like to see a real frontier Fort along with more animals,  then the Point Defiance Zoo would be another great place to visit.

It's nap time

It’s nap time.  Thanks for stopping by.      🙂

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