What is a hoverboard? Are they dangerous?

What is a hoverboard?    Are they dangerous?                    YouTube image

With the huge demand for a reasonably priced  quality hoverboard, many are choosing to opt. in for the cheaper, less expensive hoverboards that have been linked to house fires, exploding batteries, and even catching fire while riding them.

Don’t let that deter you from a purchase.  Just be aware of the dangers of a cheap hoverboard when you make your purchase, many of which are found on eBay for around $100 more or less.

So when we ask the question:  what is a hoverboard, we are really wanting to know how we can get what we pay for.   In my previous blog I explained that a good quality hoverboard will set you back some 1500 to 2000 dollars.

However, you can still enjoy a quality hoverboard for much less than that.  On the other hand, don’t settle on ‘cheap’ because of the potential dangers as mentioned above.

All U.S. airlines have banned hoverboards to be transported onto their flights.  Why?  Mainly it’s because of the cheaply made Chinese batteries that they carry.  So one of the very first things you look for in a hoverboard is a brand name battery pack.

Some trust worthy batteries are SONY and PANASONIC to name two.  If you are not familiar with a certain battery name brand, you would more than likely be better off not purchasing that particular hoverboard.

Note the following video…now…give it a chance to load and watch it through.  Especially the part about the cheap hoverboards from eBay.   Cheap does not always mean the best deal in the long run.

Here is the video:

Do They Hover?

Actually what most folks are thinking of when it comes to a hoverboard, in reality it is a very low profiled, wheeled scooter that is powered by batteries.

But…there are some great innovations taking place that may catch your interest,  though at the present time, most are still in the infancy stage of development.  Just wait a couple of years and see the huge leap in technology and  hoverboard design and capabilities.


Though the low profile wheeled scooter (a.k.a. hoverboard) is similar in design to the skateboard, they are very different when it comes to gaining your balance and control.

It will take time to master these nifty little “toys” so when the “real  McCoy” hoverboard is available that actually floats over the ground, we will already know how to balance ourselves and control them.

Amazon has deleted all their sales of hoverboards that are linked to the Chinese markets.  Not only were they found to be inferior and dangerous, but they would break  apart rather easily.  Amazon has, once more, done needed “housecleaning” in their company to safeguard their customers and their name.

So, if you are interested in these, then don’t hesitate to purchase one.  Again, I would suggest that you find one on Amazon because of the huge variety in prices  and quality, plus the added safety of buyer protection that Amazon is now famous for.

Keep in mind though, you do get what you pay for.  Don’t go cheap.  Usually it is always best to purchase something that is MOR  (middle of the road).  Not the most expensive, but definitely not the cheap one either.

What Most Folks Expect Regarding A Hoverboard

Check out the below video.  You’ll see that the technology has come a long way since the 1985 movie “Back To The Future 2” with the introduction of the hoverboard.

If that really “blows your hair back” then you’ll also enjoy this video.  Though these hoverboards are currently limited to metal surfaces and/or metal strips in the surface, they do give us food for thought for future innovations.  See the video below.  🙂

The Self Propelled Skate Board

Just because the market is now going wild for the hoverboard (a.k.a. scooter) do not totally rule out the skateboard that so many have come to love and appreciate.

But just like technology in everything else, it has been improved on and electrified.  This self propelled board has really come a long way.

Though many skateboarders can not afford these, others will choose to save up in order to purchase one and be the first on the block to have this  “really cool toy.”

On the other hand, if you are one of those who grew up with skateboards and know your kids will enjoy this sport also, then you’ve got to check out a different type of electric board, which by the way, is more affordable for the up and coming family guys and gals.

What to look for in your purchase of a hoverboard.

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