Highly Aggressive Drone with camera.

Aggressive Drone with camera.

In my previous page, you’ll notice that I tackled the low-end drones.  Here we are going to set aside prices issues and work with the more expensive type drones, what they can do, where to get them, and why they are much preferred over the low-end type drone.

Thousands of folks still want to know what a remote control drone is and which one should they purchase, either as a first time purchase, or a replacement quadcopter.

DJI Spreading Wings S1000 Premium

At just under $4000. you probably do not want this to be your first quadcopter.  Though rather easy to fly, it should only be for the very experienced drone operators.

If you are a professional type helicopter pilot, then you may be able to get a good handle on this very quickly, otherwise, I would suggest to pass it by for a future purchase.

Stability is one of the best features of the DJI.  Transporting it to open areas is a simple taste as it compacts into a handy transporting package.

Spreading Wings Drone

Spreading Wings Drone

If you are sure of your skills as a pilot, and require fantastic videos, then then is the quadcopter that you’ll want to purchase.  (otherwise, wait for the Lily to be released…see link in paragraph # 1 )

The Original DJI T600 Inspire 1 Professional RTF

For the everyday average consumer, the DJI T600 is definitely one of those high-end priced models.  Prices usually run from about $2000. to $5000. and can possibly take a chunk out of your wallet.

On the other hand, if price is not an issue, then this video and picture capturing quadcopter will be an excellent investment.

DJI T600 Inspire Pro RTF

DJI T600 Inspire Pro RTF with Camera

Having a 360 degree viewing, you can buzz this guy into all sorts of “secret places” and come out with great images and videos.

Do not worry about blurred or shaky images, the3-axis gimbal keeps everything rock steady.

Don’t forget about the SDHC/SDXC  memory cards included and the ability for a live feed to any mobile device that is running the DJI Lightbridge app or some type of monitor  or perhaps FPV glasses with the HDMI input capacity.

DJI Phantom 2 Vision + V3.0  

The Phantom at around $1000. or so, has become a mainstay for serious quadcopter operators.

The HD video camera and its 3-axis gimbal, once more, keeps images rock steady, but at a lower price than the previous copter.

A full 25 minutes of flying time and self tightening props will give you a great sense of security that you’ll not find with most other models of quadcopters.

Phantom quadcopter

Phantom quadcopter with Camera & Remote Control

From the redesigning of the propellers, you’ll see the difference in flying abilities as soon as you take to the air.  However, I would suggest as usual, to always have and extra charged battery to take with you.

So, which one is for you?

Remember though, there is a 500 foot height restriction according to the new rules of the FAA.

You’ll also need to have some wide open spaces or perhaps get out of the city limits and into the hills, or mountains around your area.

Enjoy your quadcopter and be sure and leave your flying experiences in the spaces below.
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Written by :  Tom McDaniel

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Tiny drone

Tiny drones are fun too!  See where you can take it…

With joystick in hand, controlling your drone now seems to come very natural.  No longer do you need to be overly concerned with questions as : what is a remote control drone?  Why?  Armed with the below knowledge, you are now in full control!

We have covered five of the most popular types of drones already.  However, we need a brief overview of each of them in order to make an informed choice.

(ARF – BNF – RTF explained here)

They are;

DJI Phantom 3 advanced quadcopter drone bumble (extra battery)

3DR Solo drone quadcopter

Blade 350 QX3 AP combo RTF C-Go2

UDI 818A  HD+RC quadcopter with HD camera

Holy Stone F181 RC quadcopter with HD camera RTF

  DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter  

For the average consumer, you can say the Phantom 3 would be “head and shoulders” above the rest of the pack.  It’s performance, control, and reliability make it an excellent choice.  High tech features make this quadcopter easy to fly.

However, keep in mind that though this is simple to fly, it will take a bit of time to learn how.  Seems that the instructions that come with this little unit could be simplified.

But even so, it is one of the top selling quadcopters on the market today.

3DR Solo Quadcopter

Like seeing where your quadcopter is and what it sees?  Super easy to fly and follow manufacturers instructions.  If you have ever used a joystick, then this will feel right at home in your hands.

With just a push of a button, you’ll be in full control with any of its command features.  From take off to landing or even stopping mid-flight, you’ll find the button for each.

How about recording as you go?  Perhaps snap a photo?  All available on this little guy.

Have a spacial screen you want to use?  You’ll be able to connect 3DR Solo to almost any screen.

I am concerned though, with how short the battery life is while in use.  Seems that you may want to purchase at least, one or two more along with a good quick-charge, charger.

Blade 350 QX3 AP RTF

Stability is peace of mind to every operator.  This 350 Blade has it all.  Within minutes of setup, you can be flying this quadcopter along with high definition video.

It’s internal ‘smart mode’ makes it so simple to get started.  It also has a ‘return home’ feature, but it seems that it can be improved on.

Though small in size, it’s performance seems to almost equal those more expensive quadcopters.

UDI 818A  HD+RC  HD camera

Excellent starter quadcopter!  This baby has the return home function, strong battery and even and extra battery that come with it.

One thing though, this quadcopter does not fly very well in windy weather.  If you can get it out on calm days, you’ll have a blast!

Holy Stone F181 RC Drone HD Camera RTF

Concerned about damage?  Not sure of your flying abilities?  The Holy Stone F181 is ideal for beginners.  Not super expensive, but can stand up to most crashes.

Put this drone through its paces with acrobatic precision.  Simple, easy to fly and holds up to all but the solid wall impacts.

Great if you are new to flying.  It gives you a real basic understanding of drones and how they fly, giving you that needed confidence to move up to more sophisticated designs.

All without breaking the bank account.   Drawbacks are a rather short 7 to 10 minute battery life.  That is plenty of time though, to work through the basics several times.

Flips, right, left, backwards, forwards or even a continuous roll is right at your fingertips.

Everyone wants to know which drone is right for them and the cost up front.

Unlike many of the hoverboards, drones can surprisingly hold up to crashes and not start fires or explode.

The Most Bang For Your Buck

We’ll continue educating you about your drone purchase and give you the very best information.  After all, these drones can last many years to come.  There are the wildly popular low-end models and the higher priced, better quality models.

Wide open spaces are best for flying.

Remember too, that not everyone is “thrilled” to have a flying machine going through the neighborhood.

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Written by Tom McDaniel


Remote Control Drone Quadcopter for the serious minded

A flying drone a.k.a. quadcopter, is likened to a miniature helicopter with two, three, four or even more, rotating props (propellers) that are operated from a joystick type ground controller held by an individual.

A remote control drone is a great way to become introduced into the world of rc (remote controlled or radio controlled) devices.  Model airplanes and helicopters have be around for years and their promoters of this sport just can not get enough “fly time” every week.

It’s addictive!

RC helicopter

RC helicopter…Radio Controlled…Remote Controlled

They Are Here To Stay

Whether we like it or not, the drones are here to stay.  Especially those with the options of camera ready displays onboard.

They are already buzzing through neighborhoods, back streets, open fields and even crashing onto the D.C. White House lawn.

Companies are jumping on board in order to try and keep up with demand. So you need to be informed before plunking down your dollars.

Just like anything else, you can purchase a “starter drone” or on the other hand, go for a much more sophisticated one for the serious minded.

Legal Stuff  You Need To Know … To Stay Out Of Trouble With FAA 

Just like most things that are popular and fun.  There is always someone who goes a bit too far and causes some issues with the legal authorities.  With that, comes rules and regulations that will effect all of us.

Drones are no exception, especially with the FAA here in the U.S..   Seattle is not any different when it comes to complying with FAA  laws.

As of December, 2015,  the FAA is requiring all owners of drones for their personal use to register online with their database website.

This is mandatory to all drones and model planes, helicopters and so on, that weight between 8 oz. and up to 55 lbs.

Know the laws

Know the laws

Don’t like the new law?  Well, that could be a similar view for most folks.  However, keep in mind that the new laws are going to be strictly enforced, especially with huge amount of money that the new laws can generate.

How so?  The breaking of this law would be considered to be a criminal act.  It carries with it a penalty of $27,500.  fine and could be as much as $250,000.  in fines.

So, if you’ve gotten a drone for the new year, keep in mind that you’ll have until February 19, 2016 to get the online registration completed.

Want to save $5 ?  Then get it done by January 16, 2016 and that little fee is waived.

Why So Strict?

Follow FAA rules and you'll be A-OK

Follow FAA rules and you’ll be A-OK

The main concerns is airspace with other legally registered aircraft, esp. large commercial planes with passengers.

Picture yourself flying along and up comes a small drone that takes out one of your planes engines.  How are you feeling now?

The  FAA in keeping folks safe while flying, has implemented the following rules for safety.

Keep clear of surrounding buildings and obstacles while staying BELOW 400 feet.

Be able to actually SEE your drone or aircraft at all times.

Keep clear of any and all types of MANNED aircrafts.

Do not fly near or around people or stadiums.

Weight MUST be under 55 pounds.

Use common sense.  Don’t fly your drone around people or animals.

The Most Popular Drones

Simply put, the more expensive type drones…the easier they are to learn to fly.  Period !

To name a few drones :

DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter is considered to be one of the very best.

Then the 3DR Solo drone Quadcopter comes in at a close second.

Blade 350 QX3 AP RTF (see my earlier blog for RTF)  C-Go2 is also an excellent choice.

Then comes the UDI 818A  HD+RC Quadcopter with HD camera.

Not to be overlooked as also an excellent choice is the Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter also with HD camera RTF 4 channel 2.4 ghz 6-G.

Which One Should I Choose?

Click each of the links above for Amazon prices and a bit of information for each one.

I will also give a brief overview of all of the above in this next blog.

Comments?  Leave them below and share this site.

Written by :  Tom McDaniel

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