Highly Aggressive Drone with camera.

Aggressive Drone with camera.

In my previous page, you’ll notice that I tackled the low-end drones.  Here we are going to set aside prices issues and work with the more expensive type drones, what they can do, where to get them, and why they are much preferred over the low-end type drone.

Thousands of folks still want to know what a remote control drone is and which one should they purchase, either as a first time purchase, or a replacement quadcopter.

DJI Spreading Wings S1000 Premium

At just under $4000. you probably do not want this to be your first quadcopter.  Though rather easy to fly, it should only be for the very experienced drone operators.

If you are a professional type helicopter pilot, then you may be able to get a good handle on this very quickly, otherwise, I would suggest to pass it by for a future purchase.

Stability is one of the best features of the DJI.  Transporting it to open areas is a simple taste as it compacts into a handy transporting package.

Spreading Wings Drone

Spreading Wings Drone

If you are sure of your skills as a pilot, and require fantastic videos, then then is the quadcopter that you’ll want to purchase.  (otherwise, wait for the Lily to be released…see link in paragraph # 1 )

The Original DJI T600 Inspire 1 Professional RTF

For the everyday average consumer, the DJI T600 is definitely one of those high-end priced models.  Prices usually run from about $2000. to $5000. and can possibly take a chunk out of your wallet.

On the other hand, if price is not an issue, then this video and picture capturing quadcopter will be an excellent investment.

DJI T600 Inspire Pro RTF

DJI T600 Inspire Pro RTF with Camera

Having a 360 degree viewing, you can buzz this guy into all sorts of “secret places” and come out with great images and videos.

Do not worry about blurred or shaky images, the3-axis gimbal keeps everything rock steady.

Don’t forget about the SDHC/SDXC  memory cards included and the ability for a live feed to any mobile device that is running the DJI Lightbridge app or some type of monitor  or perhaps FPV glasses with the HDMI input capacity.

DJI Phantom 2 Vision + V3.0  

The Phantom at around $1000. or so, has become a mainstay for serious quadcopter operators.

The HD video camera and its 3-axis gimbal, once more, keeps images rock steady, but at a lower price than the previous copter.

A full 25 minutes of flying time and self tightening props will give you a great sense of security that you’ll not find with most other models of quadcopters.

Phantom quadcopter

Phantom quadcopter with Camera & Remote Control

From the redesigning of the propellers, you’ll see the difference in flying abilities as soon as you take to the air.  However, I would suggest as usual, to always have and extra charged battery to take with you.

So, which one is for you?

Remember though, there is a 500 foot height restriction according to the new rules of the FAA.

You’ll also need to have some wide open spaces or perhaps get out of the city limits and into the hills, or mountains around your area.

Enjoy your quadcopter and be sure and leave your flying experiences in the spaces below.
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Written by :  Tom McDaniel

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Tiny Quadcopter With Remote Control Drone Capability 

Let’s face it…all of us want the very best drone at the very best price.  However, we can not have the best of both worlds, that is, unless we have an unlimited bank account.

Remote control drones come in all shapes, sizes, quality, and prices.  Let’s consider some of the low-end models along with some of the very best in a follow up blog.

Keep in  mind that if you are just getting started with your drone, consider the less expensive type to practice with.  Crashes can completely wipe out your purchase.

If you choose to fly it over water…it may go for a swim.  Over highways…well…you get the picture.

Low End Drones

Many web sites will often times only give you the top end drone as a choice.  However, there are many, many low end types to choose from.

The Syma X1 usually runs about $40 or so.  If you do a bit of research, you’ll not find too many buyers that have complaints.  In fact, most everyone loves these drones.

Stability and agility while in flight makes these quadcopters super fun for the beginner and expert alike.

It has the 2.4GHz technology which allows more than one to fly at a time while you control them.  Much longer distance control with very little power usage is a real plus.

Once you get a handle on the Syma X1, you’ll want to try it out by flying two of them at the same time…or even more!

Need to know.  When you first get your X1,  do this first.  Power it on but make sure the remote is in the OFF position.  Set it on a level surface, then, and only then, turn on  your remote and wait for the beeping to stop.  Now you are ready to fly.

Have a bit more $$$ to spend?  Then why not consider the Syma X5C for around $60 ?  Not only will you get a great starter type drone, but you’ll get an HD camera along with a 2GB micro SD card.

Another plus for the X5C is the no need to register it with the FAA.  Through the new FAA laws, which require any drones weighing more than 250 grams to be registered, the X5C is exempt.  It’s weight is less, therefore it can be flown as soon as you get it.

Simple to operate indoor or out.  This little guy even flies during light breezes which can cripple other units.  You may want to purchase an extra battery (or 2 or 3) because of the rather short fly time which is about 7 minutes or so.

With around a 100 minute charge time, having several charged batteries on hand, you’ll be an expert in no time with very little “down time” fly time.  🙂

Now don’t sell the Helix X4 short either.  For about $70 and up, you’ll get a stunt flier.  Twists, turns, backflips, rolls and more.  All with the touch of a button or flip of a switch.

Gyroscopic stabilizers keep this baby level during flight and in far-reaching distance control.

Though this little unit is great for indoor practice, it does not do well out of doors.  Seems that even the slightest of breezes will destabilize it.  Otherwise, it’s great to get a feel for control, especially for the beginner.

Though the above 3 mentioned are exceptionally well put together, my choice would be the Hubsan X4 for about $50 and up.  

For a tiny unit, it feels right at home for the novice flyer.  The X4 is only about six inches square with its controller being a bit larger.  However, as you hold the controller, you’ll see that you can get (almost) instant control for the beginner.

Simply charge the batteries and install.  Place the SD card in it’s slot and turn on the remote.  Be sure though, that the throttle is OFF otherwise your controller and quadcopter will not “read” each other and the sync will not occur.

Be sure to read instructions first.

Super Fun quadcopter

Super Fun quadcopter comes in small packages too

This little guy flies like a real helicopter.  Get set to have hours of enjoyment.

Now, on the other hand, there are many more expensive types to choose from.  Let’s take a look at them also.

Before we do though, consider a totally new type of quadcopter or drone.  It’s the Lily.

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Written by :  Tom McDaniel

Tiny drone

Tiny drones are fun too!  See where you can take it…

With joystick in hand, controlling your drone now seems to come very natural.  No longer do you need to be overly concerned with questions as : what is a remote control drone?  Why?  Armed with the below knowledge, you are now in full control!

We have covered five of the most popular types of drones already.  However, we need a brief overview of each of them in order to make an informed choice.

(ARF – BNF – RTF explained here)

They are;

DJI Phantom 3 advanced quadcopter drone bumble (extra battery)

3DR Solo drone quadcopter

Blade 350 QX3 AP combo RTF C-Go2

UDI 818A  HD+RC quadcopter with HD camera

Holy Stone F181 RC quadcopter with HD camera RTF

  DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter  

For the average consumer, you can say the Phantom 3 would be “head and shoulders” above the rest of the pack.  It’s performance, control, and reliability make it an excellent choice.  High tech features make this quadcopter easy to fly.

However, keep in mind that though this is simple to fly, it will take a bit of time to learn how.  Seems that the instructions that come with this little unit could be simplified.

But even so, it is one of the top selling quadcopters on the market today.

3DR Solo Quadcopter

Like seeing where your quadcopter is and what it sees?  Super easy to fly and follow manufacturers instructions.  If you have ever used a joystick, then this will feel right at home in your hands.

With just a push of a button, you’ll be in full control with any of its command features.  From take off to landing or even stopping mid-flight, you’ll find the button for each.

How about recording as you go?  Perhaps snap a photo?  All available on this little guy.

Have a spacial screen you want to use?  You’ll be able to connect 3DR Solo to almost any screen.

I am concerned though, with how short the battery life is while in use.  Seems that you may want to purchase at least, one or two more along with a good quick-charge, charger.

Blade 350 QX3 AP RTF

Stability is peace of mind to every operator.  This 350 Blade has it all.  Within minutes of setup, you can be flying this quadcopter along with high definition video.

It’s internal ‘smart mode’ makes it so simple to get started.  It also has a ‘return home’ feature, but it seems that it can be improved on.

Though small in size, it’s performance seems to almost equal those more expensive quadcopters.

UDI 818A  HD+RC  HD camera

Excellent starter quadcopter!  This baby has the return home function, strong battery and even and extra battery that come with it.

One thing though, this quadcopter does not fly very well in windy weather.  If you can get it out on calm days, you’ll have a blast!

Holy Stone F181 RC Drone HD Camera RTF

Concerned about damage?  Not sure of your flying abilities?  The Holy Stone F181 is ideal for beginners.  Not super expensive, but can stand up to most crashes.

Put this drone through its paces with acrobatic precision.  Simple, easy to fly and holds up to all but the solid wall impacts.

Great if you are new to flying.  It gives you a real basic understanding of drones and how they fly, giving you that needed confidence to move up to more sophisticated designs.

All without breaking the bank account.   Drawbacks are a rather short 7 to 10 minute battery life.  That is plenty of time though, to work through the basics several times.

Flips, right, left, backwards, forwards or even a continuous roll is right at your fingertips.

Everyone wants to know which drone is right for them and the cost up front.

Unlike many of the hoverboards, drones can surprisingly hold up to crashes and not start fires or explode.

The Most Bang For Your Buck

We’ll continue educating you about your drone purchase and give you the very best information.  After all, these drones can last many years to come.  There are the wildly popular low-end models and the higher priced, better quality models.

Wide open spaces are best for flying.

Remember too, that not everyone is “thrilled” to have a flying machine going through the neighborhood.

Be sure an leave a comment below and share this information.

Written by Tom McDaniel

Quality Hoverboard with Smart Technology

Quality Hoverboard with Smart Technology

With the explosion of the hoverboard in popularity, everyone wants to know what is the best hoverboard to buy.  But, we need to be honest with ourselves here.  Are we wanting to go cheap?  Or are we wanting the top of the line?

Better yet, the MOR (middle of the road) is usually the best hoverboard to buy.  So how do we tell which is best?  Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when considering the purchase of a hoverboard.

What Should We Be Looking For Before A Purchase

First of all, remember this…you really do get what you pay for.  All of us by now have heard of the exploding hoverboards.  Mostly purchased from or sent from China.

It’s often times, the lithium batteries that are not well made that usually causes fires, explosions and other problems.  So don’t settle on the cheapest hoverboard you can lay your hands on.

Literally thousands of these cheaply made “knock-offs” are filling many folks thirst for a hoverboard.  How do you identify these models?

Often you can recognize these “fake” hoverboards by the box it is packed in.  Inspect it carefully.  Is it written in bad English instructions on the side of the box?  What about instructions that are inside?

Does it say something like:  “Smart Balance” or perhaps “Smart Balance Wheels” or even “Smart Balance Board?”  If so, I would recommend to look it over VERY CAREFULLY.  More than likely, it could be one of the many fake hoverboards that are coming into the country.

These boards usually run in the $100 dollar range.  Some a little more, some a little bit less.  Just be aware.

Also, be aware that in some places here in the U.S. these highly popular “personal people movers” are illegal.  You may want to check with local law enforcement officials before the purchase of a hoverboard.

If you happen to live in New York City, these boards are illegal.  Results for riding one in the city limits, officials will give you a warning ticket the first time, then a $50.00 fine if repeated.

Here in Seattle, you may want to also check with local ordinances before you purchase.  Since the now famous Segway and electric style bicycles, have been accepted locally, you may be pleased to find out the laws here in the Seattle area are very reasonable.

Do I Need A “Premium” Hoverboard

The opposite of the cheap and dangerous fake hoverboards is the ‘premium’ style.  Why so?

When hoverboards first hit the market, many brand name boards offered features like GPS for global tracking, others had the keybob style of remote turn-on and turn-off features.  A few even had built in Bluetooth speakers and “headlights.”

Were they better?  No, not really, but they certainly gave a person “bragging rights” about their board!

What About Distance And Speed?

Recognize quality when you see it.

Recognize quality when you see it.

The distance a hoverboard can travel and its speed is also something that we need to consider before our purchase.  As I have mentioned in an earlier blog on hoverboards, most will travel at a top speed of about 6 mph.

However, there are some of the premium models that will travel up to about 12 mph.  Distances vary also.

For the average consumer you will be paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $400. or more for a hoverboard.  Remember what I’ve said earlier…you get what you pay for.  In this case, only the hoverboards that meet or exceed U.S. safety standards will be featured on the Amazon website.

Some premium boards can travel (on smooth surfaces) between 13 and 17 miles which is quite impressive especially when compared to the standard hoverboard of about 12-14 miles.

NOTE :  Read my first blog and see what the early model premium hoverboards cost.

What Else Should I Consider Before A Purchase?

Above are just a few of the things to consider before purchasing a hoverboard.

It is also vital to know a bit about the following also.

Is a hoverboard water resistance when riding in wet or rainy weather?

What is the weight limit that can be imposed on these boards?

Exactly how are they put together and does wheel size make a difference?

Smooth surfaces are ideal, but are there hoverboards that can travel on grass, over a carpet or rug?

What about a rough roadway? Can a hoverboard transverse these?

Do you know the difference between an “AirWheel” and a hoverboard?

Hoverboard wheel size of 6.5 inches vs. 11 inches.  Which should you consider and why?

And finally, what is your budget and how much will you or a family member be using the hoverboard?

Is it for Personal transportation or just recreation for the kids?

I will address all of the above in the following pages.

Written by :  Tom McDaniel SHARE this site.

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Instant Payday Network Logo

Instant Payday Network Logo

What is Instant Payday Network about, you expect to learn the truth.  But is it the one  for you?   There are many things to consider.   Like most online money making programs, it’s free to join.  By “joining” we mean, giving up your email address.   Then you are on “the inside.”  But are you really?

Instant payday network makes promises that by just sitting at your computer and basically doing nothing, you can make $300.  to $500. hundred dollars a day almost immediately.  This is a typical “hook” that professional scammers use to draw in the unwary.  This program is viewed by many as  a scam and a waste of  time and money.

Now You’ve Joined, What Should You Expect

OK, so you’ve decided to go ahead and join in.  What will you get?  First you’ll be taken to the intro video.  There you’ll find the four Steps to make a “boatload” of money.    First off, I’ve got to say that the sales video is very poorly made.   You are invited to go to step 1 and put it to use.  However, be aware that by the time you are finished with step 1, you are going to receive an upsell to purchase something…more money going out on this “free” site.

Does this look like a scam to you?  Be informed before you fill out the form!

 Scam Sites Look Like And Work Like This:

They get you to join by either giving up your email address or with a very low entry cost.  Then, almost immediately, you are “invited” to get “the good stuff” with an upsell that “will never be offered again.”

If you click away, then another page pops up to give you a second chance, but at a greatly reduced cost.  Still click away?  Many of these sites now have and even greater reduced price page pop up.

Think About This…

If they are willing to lower their cost to this now “affordable” cost, then why didn’t they just offer that price in the first place?  Why?  Because once they have you on the ‘inside’ they will continue with the upsell, hoping you’ll part with more of your money.

If by any chance you watch the video, be sure and check out the comments (if there are any at all) and see what others are saying.  But even here, be careful because many times it’s others that have bought into these products that are trying to promote their own site along with others who have also done the same thing.

Look to see how long their video or site,  has been up and how many have viewed it.  Low views, stay away from.  A good rule of thumb is this:  If an online marketing program is legit, then, even at it’s basic level, it should do at least, one of two things.

Number 1  It should be able to make enough income to at the very least, pay for itself (initial cost).

Number 2  It should give you an education of how marketing works and how to market online.

If it looks like it is only being promoted from within, then it’s like taking money from one pocket and putting it into another pocket.  Nothing is being accomplished except that the one’s promoting this junk, are getting a chunk of your money.

Fortune 500 Companies?

Instant Payday Network wants you to go to their so-called, Fortune 500 sites and join  another “free trial” network to get paid from.  One of the sites they claim connections with Fortune 500 is :  My Cash Freebies

My Cash Freebies or better yet, mycash.mycashfreebies.com claims all you have to do is get referrals and make anywhere from $40.00 to $200.00 for sending friends to their site and signing up.  Trust me, there is always a gimmick to get more money from you.

If you notice on the above mentioned site, NONE of the links work!  Click them and see for yourself.  However, you may not even be able to get to any of the “free” signups until you, again, give up your email address.  Then when you take a look at the so-called Fortune 500 companies, what do you find?  Here is a quick sampling of what to expect.





24-7 Pressrelease

What you will see.

What you will see.

And the list goes on.  So ask yourself.  Do the above names look like they would be in the Fortune 500 category or in the scam category or just plain junk category?

How about the site of Instant Rewards?  It too is another “free” site you can connect to after you have joined the free site of Instant Payday Network.  Is it any better?  Let’s take a quick look.

This site that Instant Payday Network refers you to is very similar to the previous one.  In order to get the “freebies” however, this site  will cost you 10, 20, 30 or 40 dollars to be ‘qualified’ to get the free stuff.  Hmmmm…..   So we have to pay to get free stuff?

Look again at the names of the offers.  Do they REALLY look like Fortune 500 companies?

A hot offer from :  realplayerplus

How about :  deadseabeautykit

and finally :  bingocafetrial

Let’s face it, are these sites really connected to the professional site company of Fortune 500…or a scam?  These types of online outfits have been termed as : “garbage panhandlers, just figuring out some way to get your money.”

OK, What Next?

So you do decide to go through Step 1 in Instant Payday Network and pay out more money to the two above “free” sites.  You head back over to Instant Payday Network and now find yourself at Step 2.  It tells you to join My Cash Freebies and ‘double’ your cash.

What are we getting so far?  Step 1…pay money      Step 2…pay more money    Step 3…pay even more money and so on and so on.  Are you starting to get the point?    But wait, Step 3 says you can now get your free marketing system.   What is it?

The Four Steps They Want You to use.

The Four Steps They Want You to use.

This “marketing system” will show you how to make the same type of video, with your name on it, so you can draw unsuspecting people in and take advantage of them, just like you were!

Remember the changing money into different pockets?  You are now being groomed, to copy these scammers.  Since you actually did make a little bit of money (for real),  the scammers are pleased to give to you, but in reality, they are the one’s making the huge amounts of money.   After all, a little bit of money from many, many people, always adds up quicker than a little bit larger amount of money from a few people.

Don’t think so?  Then you do the math. Try working for a penny per day, and doubling it each day for a period of 30 days and see what you come up with.   EXAMPLE:  Day 1 = 1 cent     Day 2 = 2 cents   Day 3 = 4 cents    Day 4 = 8 cents    Day 5 = 16 cents…………and so on.  What do you come up with on day 30?

After you “join” the above companies, ask yourself.  “Am I learning online marketing or am I learning how to scam others folks similar to me?”

Also, be very wary of the so-called Click Bank payout sheets.   Now don’t get me wrong.  Click Bank is a very legitimate business and has a superb reputation.  However, there are those who can manufacture the same type of ClickBank (CB) documents along with placing huge dollar amounts in the blank spaces, so as to trick people.  Do not allow these to sway your thinking.

Remember this :  Your goal is to become an (honest) online marketer.

You want a company you can call your own and do so with a good, honest reputation that others will want to return to your site and refer to it as a reference for good services and products.  For that to happen, what do you need?

Don’t Be Frightened

You’ll need a web site, you’ll need to know how to control what is on it, how to put images of your products on your site, how to rank in Google and be on the first page, how to use keywords along with long tail keywords, how to search for the right keywords, using SEO, how to make and place videos into your site, how to keep track of your list of customers, how to monetize your site, … and so on.

My Number One Choice

WoW !   Sounds complicated doesn’t it?  In all honesty, it can be.  But there is a legit. online company that has been around for quite a number of years and is still growing.  It takes you by the hand, walking you through step-by-step videos, showing you what to do and when to do it.

It walks you through setting up a website.  How to choose a unique niche for yourself, how to use SEO, how to research and get the very best keywords, and how to get ranked on page one in Google.  Sound like it’s something that you are wanting to know about?  Look what else you’ll be getting.

This company has a support group of like minded people just like you  that are also learning online marketing.   Some have been in the learning stage for some time and are more than happy to help out the newer members.

Unlike any of the above type of online scams, that before giving you any information, wants your money and/or credit card information,   this company tells you right up front… do NOT bring your credit card!

In fact, not only will they teach you all of the above things to be a successful online marketer, but they will give you FULL ACCESS for a 7 day period for FREE.     When I say free, I do mean free.  No tricks, no obligations, not scams.

Want to take a look?  Click the image below and it will take you to a quick sign up page.  And yes, you do have to give up your email address.  Don’t want to do that?  Then do this.  Go to Google, make up another type of gmail account , and use that one.  In that way, your current email will not have to take the “spam” that you are probably thinking is going to be coming your way, (which it will not).

Feel free to do that.  You’ll be very pleased with the outcome after you have your 7 day look into the back office along with getting your two free websites, plus, learning how to connect to WordPress while getting it set up to use for your site.

Like this information?  Leave me a comment below.  Ever dealt with any of the above mentioned online companies?  If so, give me your input, whether good or not so good.

Written by :    Tom McDaniel

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Nordstrom Department Stores


Nordstrom Today

Nordstrom Department Stores Today

Nordstrom Department Stores have evolved into one of the finest stores in the country.  Quality is what they specialize in.  The sales staff in each of the departments are second to none.  Professional, polite, knowledgeable, and friendly.

Each employee still retains John Nordstrom’s original standards towards customer retention.  What are those standards?  Or better known as rules?   Each newly hired person must live by this rule……

Welcome to Nordstrom
We’re glad to have you with our Company. Our number one goal is to provide outstanding customer service. Set both your personal and professional goals high. We have great confidence in your ability to achieve them.
Nordstrom Rules: Rule #1: Use best judgment in all situations. There will be no additional rules.
Please feel free to ask your department manager, store manager, or division general manager any question at any time.

Use your best judgement…That is still in affect if you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit any on the many, many Nordstrom Department Stores scattered throughout the United States and Canada.

 How Did This Company Start ?

Nordstrom stores all had their beginnings in the Seattle, Washington area.   John W. Nordstrom immigrated from Sweden to England, then to the U.S. in the 1890’s.  He, like many  others who come to this country, was determined to make something of himself.

Because of his working background, that is, of an individual that had back breaking jobs, he realized that there had to be a better way to make something of himself.  However, from these physically demanding jobs, he had gained ambition and drive to make things happen.

Having left Sweden at the age of 16, leaving behind 4 siblings, including his mother and a buried father, he, along with two friends, left England, bound for New York, USA.  Starting as a “grunt” in the iron trade, it did not take long for him to realize that was not what he wanted to do.  He wanted to go west.

After going through states such as, Iowa, Colorado, California and Washington, he finally made his home in Arlington, Washington,  just north of the city of Seattle.  There he began a potato farm, and at that same time, began courting Hilda Carlson, a beautiful Swedish woman whom he had met.

Nordstrom’s career as a potato farmer was short lived.  In the 1900’s there was a huge gold strike in Dawson, Canada.  Quickly, he realized the potential and headed to Alaska and the gold fields.  Starting out on foot from Seattle, then to a freighter heading for Valdez, and finally another 1000 miles on horseback and again, on foot.

Gold Fields In Dawson

Gold Fields In Dawson

Alaskan Claim Jumping!

Leaving Seattle 1897

Leaving Seattle 1897


1899 Resting Place

1899 Resting Place


Nordstrom carried 2000 lbs more than 1 mile up Chilkoot Pass 1897-1898

Nordstrom carried 2000 lbs more than 1 mile up Chilkoot Pass 1897-1898

Having the background of hard work, he slaved at finding gold for a solid two years before he ever found any type of paydirt.  Being well aware that claim jumping was running rampant, his claim was no exception.  Another miner that had not been so successful, claimed his (Nordstroms) mine as his own.

Commemorating the Gold Rush

Commemorating the Gold Rush

What to do?  Nordstrom, rather than fight for his claim in an already corrupt arbitration process, he simply sold his share to the other miner and returned home to Seattle with some $13,000. dollars in his pockets.  A small fortune in those days.

Shortly after returning home, in 1900, he and Hilda were married and within a few years, had a little family.  There was:  Everett, Elmer, Lloyd, Mabel and finally, Ester.

Nordstrom was tired of working so hard, physically.  But what was he to do?

A friend (also Swedish) that he had met in the goldfields, wanted to open a shoe store in the Seattle area.  The two friends had caught the “Entrepreneur Spirit” that permeates Seattle.

After investing $5000. in the business along with another $3,500. more in inventory of quality shoes, the two entrepreneurs opened their 20 foot wide storefront.  Both were nervous and scared to death!  Why?  Neither spoke very good english.  So how were they to communicate with their customers?!

First Sale…A Funny Story

Opening day arrived and with quality shoes selling at a whopping $1.95 to as high as $4.95 per pair, the two friends waited…..

Noon time arrived without a single customer coming into the store.  His friend and business partner decided it was time for him to get a bite to eat and so he left John to mind the store.  During his absence, and according to the newspaper article in the Seattle P.I. quoting John W. Nordstrom’s memoir, he wrote :

“Opening day, we had not had a customer by noon, so my partner went to lunch.  He had not been gone but a few minutes when our first customer, a woman, came in for a pair of shoes she had seen in the window.  I was nervous and could not find the style she had picked out in our stock.  I was just about ready to give up when I decided to try  the pair from the window, the only pair we had of that style.”   The customer bought the shoes.   He writes later that he never knew whether or not the shoes fit the woman.

That first day sale was $12.50.  The two were ecstatic!

Word spread quickly about the new shoe store in town.  Within weeks, Saturday sales topped $100.00.   Within 3 years of the store’s opening, annual sales were some $47,000.  That same year the two decided to expand.  Buying a second shoe store, along with a new location, they began to thrive.

At a young age, both Everett and Elmer began working as stock boys in the store. In 1928, the two partners decided to go separate ways.  Nordstrom sold his partnership to his two sons.   A year later, 1929, Carl F Wallin (John’s partner) sold his interests in the shoe store to the two Nordstrom sons.  Now the store was officially named “Nordstrom”.   Lloyd Nordstrom joined the company in 1933.

Not the first Nordstrom store but early 1930's

Not the first Nordstrom store but early 1930’s

The stock market crash of 1929 and extending through the Depression of the 1930’s was a trying time for the Nordstroms.  To keep the store operating, they had to sell double the amount of shoes at greatly reduced prices.

Knowing that leather was in short supply, the sons had to travel far and wide in order to keep their inventory going.  After all, with shoes being rationed to no more than 3 pair per person per year, (using ration cards issued by the government) along with the bulk of leather going to the military, it became a challenge indeed, just to keep one’s head above water, financially speaking.

After The Depression

Having gained the reputation of “The Nordstrom Way”, that is, a very high quality of business for customers and suppliers, it paved the way for the Nordstrom Department Store to “explode” onto the retail scene.

An odd thing though, about the highly successful Nordstrom stores is that the absolute WORST sales people were the brothers and their father.

That was according to Lloyd Nordstrom.

However, realizing that to be true, the brothers made sure that those whom they hired as sales people, knew their business.  Each salesperson was customer orientated and provided superb service to each and every person who entered their doors.   The very same is true even today.

With the  3 son’s expert handing (after all, they were all college graduates) of business affairs, by the 1960’s, Nordstrom became the largest privately owned shoe chain store in the U.S.  Eight stores were now open in Washington and Oregon along with a minimum of 13 departments areas that were leased in other retail stores.

Nordstrom’s 4 story building was then known as the largest shoe store in the United States, totalling an astronomical sales volume in 1961 of $12 million!

With the sweet taste of success, the Nordstrom boy’s began to diversify into other areas.  They purchased  Best’s Apparel Inc. in 1961.  Best’s Apparel was a highly fashionable women’s clothing store.  Now the store had a new name.  “Nordstrom Best” became a household word for quality.  By 1967 the sales volume now reached $40 million, half of which consisted of shoe sales.

First In Commissions

Another milestone for the Nordstrom Department Stores were the incentives given to it’s sales staff.  They were the first major store to pay out meaningful commissions to it’s people.   Thinking that cash incentives motivated sales folks to work harder and make more sales, they began a system that paid out more money to more people.  The results?  The merchandise sales went through the roof!

At one time, Everett, Elmer and Lloyd entertained the notion of selling the business.  However, their son’s convinced them not to.  In fact, with the next generation of Nordstrom’s now at the helm, they made a bold and extremely risky move.  They chose to go public along with an expansion to the East Coast of the United States, always keeping in mind that they were only known in the Pacific Northwest.

Their venture paid off.  The name Nordstrom is well known for quality merchandise throughout the U.S.

Seattle Seahawks And Lloyd Nordstrom…What Is The Connection?

Left to Right : Lloyd Nordstrom, NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle, Herman Sarkowsky...1974

Left to Right :
Lloyd Nordstrom, NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle, Herman Sarkowsky…1974

In 1970, the NFL began to plan and expand it’s teams.  In 1972, a wealthy group of Seattle investors decided to purchase an NFL franchise for Seattle.  In June of that year, Seattle was granted the franchise.   The major purchasing family was the Lloyd Nordstrom family.  The Nordstrom’s now owned the majority part of the newly formed football team.  However, as of yet, they had no team name.

Soon after the the acceptance of a new expansion team in the Pacific Northwest, a contest was held.  Everyone could participate. The contest was:  Name the newly formed Seattle football team.  The name:  Seattle Seahawks was the winning pick.

Though Lloyd Nordstrom was the one best known for his signing of the agreement for the Seattle Seahawks expansion team, he never got a chance to see them in action.  He died of a massive heart attack soon after the signing took place.  🙁

Seattle And Guinness World Records

Seattle’s fans have been known collectively by the term of the “12th Man” or perhaps the “12th Fan”.  Why so?  Twice, the Seattle Seahawks’ fans have set records for being the loudest fans at a sporting event in the world!    This was on Sept. 15, 2013 (Seahawks Vs. San Francisco 49ers) at 136.6 db.   Then they bested that db reading on Dec. 2, 2013 (Seahawks Vs. New Orleans Saints) with a db reading of 137.6.

Loudest Fans in the world !

Loudest Fans in the world !

Why so loud?  The volume of the fans was ONLY when the the opposing team had the football!  It was done so that the opposing team could not hear what the quarterback said to his team mates.  In that way, they would (hopefully) hear the wrong play being called.  On the other hand, when Seattle had the ball, you could “hear a pin drop” because of how quiet the entire stadium had become.   🙂

Seattle was also credited with what we now know as “The Wave”.   First started with Seattle Mariner Baseball, then with the Seattle SuperSonics basketball fans, and finally perfected with the Seattle Seahawks football fans.

New Owners

Back in 1996, Seahawks owner Ken Behring told the press he was going to be moving his franchise (the Seattle Seahawks football team)  to L.A. California.    Behring claimed that the Kingdome was unsafe because of potential earthquakes in the area.  Yet he was choosing to move to earthquake prone, Los Angeles, California?  No one could understand that type of “reasoning”.

What Stopped The Move?

When Ken Behring found out that the Seahawks were legally locked in by legal contract and would be using the Kingdome until 2005, his lawyers suggested he sell the team.

With that as a backdrop……in steps the Seattle Seahawks savior, Microsoft’s Paul Allen.  Allen agreed to the purchase but only if there was a state wide election for financing a brand new stadium for the Hawks.

It passed.

Seattle Seahawks brand new stadium !

Seattle Seahawks brand new stadium !


What are your thoughts on the Nordstrom family?  Do you like the Seattle Seahawks?  What about the Super Bowl outcome?

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Written by :   Tom McDaniel