Always Something Interesting – The Sights In Downtown Seattle

People watching at the Pike Place Market

People watching at the Pike Place Market

Have you ever been a “people watcher?”  What’s that?  You do not know what “people watching” is?   It is very simple.  You just stand, sit, or walk along and be observant of others around you.  It’s that simple!Even though people watching can be rather interesting, see people from all over, rushing, walking, talking or just strolling by, you do not really learn anything from them.  Everyone seems to always be in a hurry to get somewhere.

But how about you?  Are you in a hurry also?  Hopefully you are not.

I’m now going to introduce you to just a few of the wonderful sights in downtown Seattle.  Now, depending on where your starting point is, it can be different things that will catch your attention.  But, for sake of argument, let’s start down by the water…say…just off Alaskan Way.

Looking North on Alaskan Way

Looking North on Alaskan Way

In the photo on the left, looking north, you will notice the raised parking lot.  The waterfront is directly behind it!  Strolling down the sidewalk you will be at the waters edge.

The seagulls…the vendors selling their foodstuffs…the Old Curiosity Shop (where you will see a real “live” mummy)…the Ivar’s walk-up seafood bar along with all types of other entertaining sights. But what will really catch your attention is the Seattle Great Wheel!

What About The Great Wheel of Seattle?

The Wheel was built in 2012 on Pier 57 by Hal Griffith.

Hal has always wanted to have a Great Wheel in Seattle, but did not know exactly where he could build it and get the attention it deserved.  Then he came upon the idea of building right on his own pier.

So Pier 57 is now the home of the Seattle Great Wheel.

Pier 59 & Seattle Big Wheel

Pier 59 & Seattle Big Wheel










Seattle’s Skyline Is Always Changing

The Seattle skyline is always on the move.   As you enjoy your walk along the water front, you’ll note the old Alaskan Way Viaduct with the traffic flowing north and south…but not for much longer!   Soon the newly dug underground tunnel will be taking its place.  This will change the Seattle waterfront forever…but in a good way.

Freeing up needed space and allowing traffic to avoid any back-ups. However, this is only one of many, many changes and attractions in the downtown area.

Ride The Duck?

Within just a few blocks you can visit the Seattle Aquarium (1483 Alaskan Way),  the Pacific Science Center (200 2nd Ave N) , the EMP Museum ( 325 5th Ave N) , the Olympic Sculpture Park ( 2901 Western Ave) ,  or you could even Ride The Ducks (516 Broad St) which will give you a ride of a lifetime!  The Duck tours will take you through downtown Seattle allowing you to  see many more attractions, winding up right in the middle of Elliott Bay!

Land and Sea...the Duck will take you there!

Land and Sea…the Duck will take you there!

Don’t worry though, your “duck” is water proof!

 A Fun Way To See Seattle

Something that is quite popular in Seattle that really caught my eye years ago, were these little personal transportation devices on wheels.

A great way to get around downtown Seattle, especially around the water front.

A great way to get around downtown Seattle, especially around the water front

They have become so popular that many have chosen to have their own and use them in their downtown sightseeing and/or commute within the city limits!   Even Bill Gates at the Microsoft headquarters has invited his staff to feel free to use them in his huge office complexes. With these little devices, you can go where you want to and just park it while you enjoy your sights and sounds of Seattle.


A handy bit of transportation at your fingertips!

A handy bit of transportation at your fingertips!

 Pike Place Market   

Now, don’t forget to go to the Seattle Pike Place Market.  It is a fascinating place.  With all the variety of people coming from all over the world to see the market, along with their arts, entertainment, and customs.  It makes the market a favorite place to catch up on your “people watching” skills.

Underground Seattle

Oh, yes, and one more thing that is a real MUST SEE is the Seattle Underground Tours!  You’ll be fascinated with the history and some of the actual “old Seattle” that is still in existence. You’ll be able to look up through the “skylights” that were built into the Seattle sidewalks.

Seattle underground tours getting ready to start in the evening.

Seattle underground tours getting ready to start in the evening.

Do you see them?

Who, you may be asking.  The people that are walking right over the top of you!

You’ll love the tour

. I’ll be writing a new blog post in the not too distant future highlighting the Pike Place Market.

You’ll love it. Hope you enjoyed your “tour” of downtown Seattle.

Be sure and leave me a comment below and share with others.                       Written by: Tom McDaniel