How would you answer the above question?

Halloween face paint       Wiccans and Halloween     “Christians” and Halloween ?  So we ask: What is Wiccans and how in the world do they have an influence on me?!

Halloween has evolved into a major “holiday” (holy day) for many countries.Most feel that it is just a day or night to have fun, dress in scary costumes or face paints.

However, Halloween does indeed have Devil inspired “roots” at its inception.Many people who claim to be a so-called “Christian” continue to get involved in this celebration.   This is shown by your  asking these “Christians”  whether or not they would go to a party that was lots of fun, with candy, toys for the kids, booze for the adults, even where immoral behavior was accepted, would they go?

About 99 % would say “yes.”Then you add to the above information that it is all to be sponsored by your local terrorist group, school student shooter, child molester or  murderer, Would you still go?  ……..  Answer for yourself.

That is the roots of the Halloween celebration, regardless of what it “seems to be” at the present time.  The rise in so-called zombies, werewolves, witches and vampires does make one think seriously about it.

These creatures have for many centuries been connected with the occult and an evil spirit world.  Even the candy that is now handed out has its roots in the pagan practices of the ancient Celts.   They would offer a sweetened item to the ancient evil spirits in order to try and appease them.

The Church Joins In  

Wiccans and Their Symbols...Like The Churches Symbols

What  Is The Wiccans and Their Symbols…Similar To The Church Symbols

Then some time later, the Catholic Church  wanted its members to go from house to house and ask for sweets or candy on All Hallows’ Eve (Halloween), afterwards, they (the church) would offer up a prayer for all the dead.

As time went on, this candy in exchange for a prayer, became the modern custom of “trick or treat” to those celebrants.

The Celts also would dress themselves up in scary costumes with face paints or masks so that the evil spirits they were contacting, would mistake them for an evil spirit also, and hopefully, would leave them alone the rest of the year……

Once more, the Catholic and now the Protestant churches became involved.  Both gradually adopted these pagan customs, including the scary dress, right into their church services.

They began to  do so with their already popular celebration of the All Souls  and All Saints Day.

And , in time, these celebrants would go from house to house wearing costumes of saints, devils, angels, clowns, popular people, werewolves, ghosts, zombies, witches, and demons.  All in the name of their “Christian” religion.

Hmmmm Still makes a person think about their own religion, doesn’t it?

How about you?  What would you do?  Leave me a comment below.

What about the Wiccans who follow very closely, the ancient Celtic rituals?  On another blog we will go into details about the Wiccans and the Wicca religion practices.

Wiccans still observe Halloween but they call it by the ancient Celtic name of Samhain and view it to be their most “holy” night of the year.  Now remember, where did this Halloween celebration come from?  If need be, re-read my earlier blogs.

What Is The Difference?

It’s to the point that the Wiccans can clearly see that the so-called “Christians” are actually celebrating their “holy day” with them.  That would be the worship of the devil gods and demons.  Do the Wiccans want it to stop?  Of course not.  They like all to be involved in their Devil worship along with them.

That is the time of year so many poor innocent animals are tortured, butchered, and sacrificed to their devil gods.

I can recall a number of years back when the Green River Killer was on the loose, murdering and butchering young women.  In fact, the Green River Gorge was only a few miles from where I used to live in Kent, Washington, USA.

It was a beautiful area, along with the flowing Green River, which by the way, is not green in color.

I was out and about with some friends in the wooded areas around the river when we came to an opening in the trees.  There was a large cleared out area and a type of a star was laid out in the middle of it.   At first we wondered what it was.

It did not take long to realize that it was a place of animal sacrifice when we saw all the little animals strewn about the area.  Rabbits, chickens, birds, cats, dogs and the like.

Needless to say, we left the area very quickly and did not return.

So What Is Wiccan?  



Basically it is a revitalizing of old pagan practices that have to do with witches, spells, devils, demons, death and the like.  Did you know that is it’s history?  Comment below and let me know.

Through the 1990’s and well into the 2000’s wiccan ( or as some say, wicca ) practice’s have gained tremendous followings.  Why so?

Because many people are being drawn into, what at first, seems to be a harmless pass time.  There have been TV and movie programs that make it look like it would be fun.

Some examples are :  Bewitched, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Coven, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Craft, Merlin, Ghost Whisperer, Dead Zone, The Legend of the Seeker, Ouija,  and many, many others in more recent times.

Because people do not know about something, it draws them in.   It’s like telling someone “don’t turn around, because you’ll never guess who is following us,” and what does the person do?  Naturally, they turn around.

So when you tell someone “no”, they usually do it anyway.  Right?

Wiccan seems to be inviting, but it is not.   What about Christmas?

True Experience

A friend of mine that I’ve known for many years was being scared out of his wits when he was at home alone.  Since he worked nights, many times he would  be at home when the other 3 or 4 guys that were sharing rent, food, utilities and so on, were all at work.   He would hear “voices” calling out to him.  Thinking it  was someone outside, he would run out to see who it was.

Nope. No one at all.  He would go all around his house and carefully check.  Now keep in mind that  there was no place someone could hide, quickly he realized  that there was no one there.  But where did the “voices” come from?   He realized that it was from somewhere in the invisible spirit realm.

Now, many choose to not believe in a spirit realm, yet they claim to believe in God, Jesus, and angels.  Yet, they do not think that their is a Devil.  HaH !   What a great way for someone to be manipulated by another when they do no believe that person exists in the first place!  (the spirit realm)


Many Wiccans are sincere, but are they really being mislead?

Many Wiccans are sincere, but could they be being mislead?








Now that you have a bit more information of the observance of the All Souls Day, All Saints Day and Day of the Dead.  How do you view Halloween now?

Leave me a comment on this information…if you dare.

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Written by:  Tom McDaniel

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