Seattle’s Flying Fish Video

Main Entrance

Main Entrance…Take Note of  where the Clock is Located

Come see the Flying Fish in the Pike Place Fish Market Video!   See them, touch them, taste them, film them and meet the “Flying Fish Guys…and Girls” that are responsible for this feat.

I can recall the very first time I came to the Pike Place Market near the waterfront in Seattle.  I was just a little kid.  Even then, watching the “flying fish” go sailing through through the air to it’s catcher, some 20 feet away, was mesmerizing.

Here it comes!

Here it comes!

Will she catch it? What do you think?

Will she catch it? What do you think?







People from all walks of life come to watch.  Without the fishguys, the market probably would not be quite as popular.  Want to see them?  Here’s the link, but be sure and come back. 🙂

What Else Is At The Market?

As you enter the market, be sure and stop to visit Rachel the Pig at the entrance.  Yes, Rachel is one of the largest, if not THE largest piggy bank in the world.  Every so often, she is unloaded of her catch of coins that generous folks drop into her.

Pike Place Fish Market Video was taken directly behind Rachel the Pig

Pike Place Fish Market Video was taken directly behind Rachel the Pig

She was created by Georgia Gerber from Whidbey Island.  Sculpting this 550 pound pig was not only interesting to make, but also an inspiration of the “Pigs on Parade” fundraiser throughout downtown Seattle.

Rachel the Piggy Bank

Rachel the Piggy Bank

However, the Seattle city fathers felt Rachel was “lonely” so they decided to bring in her “cousin”, Billie the Pig.  You can see her at the bottom of the Hillclimb on Western Ave.  Western Ave. is just a street down towards the waterfront.

Restaurants Near Pike Place Market

This is a fun fact to keep in mind if you are searching for those seemingly, hard to find, restaurants near the Market.  Since you’ve already entered the Market area, why not continue on?  You’ll be amazed at the local and even foreign foods that are made handy for you to sample and purchase.  The smells are wonderful and all the items look so tasty.

Scattered throughout the Market, you’ll be treated to more than 30 uniquely different types of cuisine.  It’s the best of the Northwest, right under your nose, most of which, offer you a beautiful scenic view of Elliott Bay.

Pike Place Fish Market Video Area

Some of the Pike Place Market Stores Located on Main Walkway in Market

Yes, there are other restaurants in the local area.   Just walk up to 1st ave. or use your Segway, or another “Segway Type” of personal transport, then  go either North or South to locate unique restaurants.  Lenora, Virginia, Stewart, Pine, Pike, or Union Streets, can also be used to locate great restaurants.  It’s your choice.

If you choose to leave the Market area, you’ll also be leaving a 9 acre district of foodies within the Market itself.   You’ll find professional chefs, wonderful home cooked meals, bakeries, cafes, bistros, fine dining and casual restaurants.  And not to be overlooked, are those counters for take-out and quick bites.

 Pike Place Market Stores

These are not your typical stores.  With more than 225 specialized craftspeople, along with some 200 owner operated service oriented and unique shops to choose from, you’ll not only be enchanted but entertained by the folks that frequent these shops.

One of the easiest ways to navigate through the Market is to  have a Pike Place Market map.  It will give you a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the entire area.   This way, your visit will always be pleasant.

Pike Place Market Map

Pike Place Market Map

Where to get your Market Map?    Look for the Information booth on Pike, which would be about 100 feet in front of the large Public Market  Clock.

Parking Pike Place Market

In many large cities, parking can be a real nightmare.  However, seeing that Seattle is always a friendly city to visitors, they make is fairly simple for everyone to find a parking area.   On the other hand, the superb bus system (Metro Bus) can take to right up to the “door” of the Market.

The average cost per hour is about $3.00.  More hours, the cost per hour will drop in some privately owned parking lots.  Parking garages are handy and keep your vehicles safe and dry.

However, one of the most convenient places to park is The Public Market Parking Garage that is found directly behind the Western side of the Market.  It’s address is :  1531 Western Ave. Seattle, Washington.

Would you rather have Valet Parking?  It too, is available.  Just look for the large Clock at the Market.  Valet parking is located under it.  But keep in mind that it is limited  from 6 pm till midnight, Thursday through Saturday nights only.

One more thing you can take a look at is the Pike Place Market Twitter results.  You’ll only find good comments about the market.  One in particular is the Market Spice Tea.

Market Spice Cinnamon-Orange Tea

Being right by the Fish Market area,  take just a few minutes and visit the tea shop just to the left of the fish area.  It’s located in a little corner shop where you can smell the spices coming from within.  You can’t help but stop in and get a sample of this tea.

What is so intriguing about this tea is that it has NO SUGAR in it!  What it does have in it is :   Black tea, cinnamon along with orange flavorings and many spices.  Yummy!  You just have to get some!

It goes back a number of years.  In fact, for the average Seattleite, it was known as “hippy-tea” from back in the 60’s and early 70’s.  Why so?  Because the hippies were the one’s that really made it popular.  They would gather around the concrete walled area, singing, dancing, and putting on entertaining little skits for all who were passing by, hoping to gain a few dollars from generous people.

The tea was promoted among them and from there, word just spread.

Three Levels To The Market

Be sure and go through the entire market.  Look for the ‘ramp’ that will take you down to the lower level where you’ll find many more “old timey” shops and turn of the century (early 1900’s) tools, clothes, and much more.  You can not miss it.  Just look for the giant hand with it’s first finger pointing down the ramp.

What will you find here?  Art galleries/studios, Bath & Body, Candy and Chocolates, Florists, Collectibles, Imports and Trade items, Jewelry shops, and even Toy shops for the kids.  Many of these items are “homemade” by the shop owner or their workers.

As you continue to meander through the lower levels, you’ll come across another access that will take you to the 3rd and last level of the Market.

It is interesting, but not a level to continue to return to.  However, at this level, you can also descend the back steps to drop down towards Alaskan Way and the waterfront.    If you choose to go this way, then when you cross over Alaskan Way, you just have to visit Ivar’s Seafood Bar.

The lower level entrance or exit to Alaskan Way

The lower level entrance or exit to Alaskan Way

It’s a walk-up outdoor type eatery.  It’s usually easy to find because there always seems to be people gathered around it, waiting for their orders to be filled.  From there, you can sit at the outdoor tables, or just continue to walk along the waterfront and enjoy the view.

Keep in mind though, that the litter laws are highly enforced.  Seattle does have some litter, but all in all, the vast majority of people will make good use of the many refuse barrels located through out the city.

More From The Market

The Market is open every day of the year except Christmas Day.  Yes, it is open on New Year’s Day.    The Market offers Breakfast at 6 am, the Flying Fish market opens at 7 am and the entire Market officially opens at 9 am.  In fact, the Market is open to the general public some 19 1/2 hours each day.

Have you ever considered a cooking class?  The Market offers one.    How about the other end of the cooking class?  You know, it’s the eating part!   Yes, the Market also offers you the unique opportunity to attend a tasting course.

The Infamous Gum Wall

Back in the early 1990’s, movie goers were always leaving behind popcorn bags, tubs, candy wrappers, spilled popcorn and more…….inside the locale theaters.  However, they chose not to rid themselves of their mouth full of chewing gum… until they left the movie theater.  The deposited it on the now, infamous, “wall of gum” at Post Alley in the Pike Place Market area.

Disgusting you say?  Maybe so, but it is considered to be one of Seattle’s “unplanned visitor attractions” that not only draws people to see it, but to also to add their bit of “flavor” to the wall.

Gum wall with "flavor" added

Gum wall with “flavor” added

Infamous gum wall

Infamous gum wall

Gum wall again

Gum wall again

                           Seattle Hotels Near Pike Place Market

So you enjoyed your visit to the Market so much that you lost track of time.  Now you find out that you need/want to stay for the night.  So, where do we go from here?

Here are a few just for you.

Seattle Marriott Waterfront  2100 Alaskan Way  Seattle, Wa  206-443-3600

Inn at the Market  86 Pine Street, Seattle, Wa.  206-443-3600

Hotel Five  2200 5th Ave.  Seattle, Wa.  206-441-9785

Hotel Andra  2000 4th Ave.  Seattle Wa.  206-448-8600

Seattle People Have A Unique View Of Life

So many well known business’ have had their start in the Seattle area, it would only be fair to name a few.

Microsoft, UPS, Costco, Boeing Air, Amazon, and Starbucks Coffee.  There are many others that have their roots located in Seattle.  So you may be asking why?

It’s mainly because of the entrepreneur spirit that totally dominates the entire western part of the state.  Have you ever had the desire to “be your own boss?”

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Have You Been To Seattle?

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Written by :  Tom McDaniel