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Seattle And It's Entrepreneur Spirit

Seattle And It’s Entrepreneur Spirit










Let me set your mind at easy.  Yes, this page DOES have to do with Seattle Watching.   How so?  It’s because Seattle and the folks that live here have a tremendous entrepreneurs spirit and love to have businesses of their own. Seattle Watching is not only for things to see and do, but it is an “attitude” that permeates people’s thinking and view of themselves. That thinking and view is always positive!

This is especially true when it comes to learning how to have that online entrepreneurs spirit. Just think about it.  In the Seattle area are found many, many major companies that have their roots buried deep into the community.  This community and it’s spirit is one of upward thinking.

There is the spirit of ‘free enterprise’ for all. I personally know of a number of individuals that have started their own small Seattle based businesses and over a rather short time frame, have made it into a thriving business. One person in particular whose business has become so large that it is now unionized. The employees, along with the owner, have chosen to have it’s members become a union.

The reason being… is that the union members are trained and have higher standards than those of non-union workers.  All of this began with that entrepreneurs spirit of one man.  Now, don’t get me wrong, non-union workers are also great people and so are their businesses.

The Spirit Is Contagious

But what about the online entrepreneur businesses?   Can they succeed?  Yes…with the right connections and an honest-to-goodness training program, much like the union workers and their specialized training.

Let’s think about this for a moment.  Some of the most recognized names around the world that had their start here in Seattle are, to name just a few are :   Microsoft, UPS, Amazon, Costco, Starbucks and The Boeing Company, started by Bill Boeing many years ago.

Why is it that they have become so hugely successful?  It’s because the state of Washington encourages everyone here to have their own business! They make it so easy to be in business for yourself.

Very few, if any, hoops to jump through.  No people you have to please.  No problems with getting a business license.  No yearly license fees.  And many other things that make it a real pleasure to be here and in business for yourself.

Just apply (as a resident) to Olympia for a tax I.D. number and it is yours for life.   That is all you’ll need, along with a business name of course.

Don’t Fall For The  Next Shiny Object Syndrome

Now, how about those online entrepreneur Seattle businesses?   Have you heard of folks making literally “truck loads” of money online?  Yes?  Well I have too.

However, because of such a lack of knowledge of how this online stuff works, literally thousands of people shy away from it.  Plus, the professional scammers are always looking for a new way to grab your hard earned money.  Their thinking is:  the old bait and switch program.

You know what that is, right?

It’s similar to what a fisherman does.  When the fish do not bite on one type of lure, he switches to another.  That shiny object in front of the fish is just too irresistible!  They bite! Scammers promise you “little work and massive amounts of money” will be yours…IF you join their program.

Don’t fall for it.

Investigate every program BEFORE you ever invest one single penny.  Don’t let the promise of a “shiny object” blind your thinking.

Have you wanted to have an online presence?  Most of us have.  But where do we go?  Where can we find an honest online program that will have our best interests at heart? After losing many, many dollars to scams and chasing after the next “shiny object”, I came across such a program.

It is called Wealthy Affiliate. Following my own advice, I investigated it.  After extensive investigation, I can now in all good conscience, invite others to either join the community or at the very least, investigate it for yourselves.

A Community That Shares It’s Online Knowledge

wa benefits



Let me explain.  In the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) community, you are taken step-by-literal-step, through each and every thing we need to know. In fact, this page you are now reading is a by-product of that very training that I myself have received.

I am not a “computer guy” by any means.  If you take the time to read my About Me page located on this site, you can see for yourself, not only what I look like, but a bit of my background and what I’ve done.  None of which had to do with computers or online entrepreneurs type of activities.

Go ahead, check it out.


Anyway, back to WA.  Kyle, our main instructor, teaches us with “baby steps” in videos that we can watch, pause, implement what he says, then return to the video and go to the next step and so on.  It is fantastic!

Now let’s say you run into a little “stuck” spot.  There is an area where you can either ask Kyle or Carson, (the owners of, and creators of WA) or the entire WA community, pretty much any question you want…and actually get an answer!!!

Try it with your “test drive” of the program. wa kyle carson So if you have that same spirit of most folks that live in the Seattle businesses community, especially the online entrepreneurs spirit, then take a look at WA.

They have a great program.  They also let you “test drive” their entire system for a period of time for free.

No Credit Card Needed

FREE?  Yes, and I do mean free!  No credit card is needed!

No need for credit card to sign up!  None of the mumbo-jumbo stuff that so many other online programs “require” from you.

Take a look, I’m sure you’ll enjoy what you’ll see and what you can learn. Have fun and be successful! Wealthy Affiliate

Oh, and I invite you to leave a comment below because I really do want to hear back from you.

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