Is walking a good exercise?

Is walking a good exercise?  Everyone does it.

Normal walking is an everyday activity.  But is walking a good exercise that can benefit us?  Perhaps your job requires you to walk most of the work day.  Is that also beneficial? or do you need more?

Purposeful walks are certainly beneficial.  Walking on-the-job is also beneficial.  However, since in this article we are concerned with getting the proper type of exercise, we will not be looking into the work-day type of walking…though it too, can and is, beneficial.

Gym In A Bag…To Go!

Full body training is becoming more and more accepted throughout modern society.  We are becoming more and more aware of eating healthy, our heart condition, our bodies overall shape, and the way our clothes fit us.

How can we balance all our everyday hectic life so we can achieve our goals?  We do so by having our exercise equipment with us wherever we go.  Our “gym in a bag” is the very popular Nordic Walking Poles.

Now, don’t sell yourself short here and think:  “I don’t need poles to walk with.”  You may be surprised at the quickly gained benefits that come from the use of Nordic Walking poles.

Your New equipment

Your new equipment

Full Body Workout

Consider the results you are seeking.  Walking poles can help you get there sooner.  Being out in the open fresh air, seeing the changing scenery, enjoying others that come along with you, are just a few of the enjoyments that come with using poles.

Back strength, bone density, head to toe muscle development, along with cardio training will be automatic with pole walking.

Getting out of the sweat filled, stale air of most gyms is desirable for many.  The Nordic Walking poles can be taken with you in a bag, or carrying case.  It’s really your ‘gym on the go.’

How Does It Work?

Nordic Walking poles will combine your upper body movements and balance, rhythmically to generate physical strength along with the burning of calories.

Almost immediately, you’ll begin to notice the difference in yourself.

Shapely leg muscles

Shapely leg muscles  masterfile image

A healthier heart is one benefit.   Also, weight loss and a much improved posture along with those developing back muscles.  Leg muscles will also begin to take shape, especially the calf muscles.

Keep in mind though, that there is a right and wrong way to walk with Nordic Walking poles.

Equipment We Need

There is an old saying that says :  “We get what we pay for.”  That same is true when we choose a walking pole.  Proper walking poles can vary in cost.  Anywhere from about $60.00 to $200.00 or more.  Depending on what you are looking for.

Regardless of which you choose, they will all give you that needed overall workout.  However, some are more efficient than others.  So how do you know which to purchase?

What about our feet?  We need to keep them in shape also.  Proper footwear is highly important.

The terrain we will be walking through makes a difference also.  So does the weather conditions and time of year.  These are things to consider when walking out of doors.

LightWeight And Ready-To-Go

Often times we think of walking poles as heavy, or awkward to use.  Not so with Nordic Walking poles.  For instance, Alpine type poles or cross country poles are designed for specific types of terrain.

Consider your terrain

Consider your terrain

Most cross country skiing poles are much too long for everyday walking, and the Alpine type pole is specially weighted at the bottom to help keep a person balanced as the pole is used for moving brush, and small bushes out of the way.

Nordic Walking poles are lightweight, yet extremely sturdy.  Adding these to your “arsenal” of exercise equipment will be a great investment.  Most are designed to fit your height, and walking experience.

Where To Walk

Ideally, a 3 or 4 foot wide path is perfect.  Paved, gravel, grassy, sand, or even a bit rougher terrain is perfect for getting started.  Since we are using the Nordic Poles to help propel us as we walk, we’ll note that most walkers will keep their poles to the sides and slightly behind their bodies.

Have you considered walking in water?  It’s a very low impact way to walk.

Once you begin your training, you’ll enjoy it’s almost immediate benefits.

Walking in Water

Walking in Water

Happy Walking!

Have you used Nordic Walking Poles?  Let us know your experiences below.

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