Alki Point Beach in West Seattle

Alki Point Beach in West Seattle

Is Alki Beach In Seattle?

It almost seems that Alki Beach is a separate entity from the city of Seattle. Located in West Seattle, it most definitely is a highly popular “go to” spot for  great entertainment, people watching, and salty water.

On those beautiful sunny days and warm weather, you’ll want to head over to the 2.5 mile long sandy beach at Alki Point.  Joggers, rollerbladers, volleyball games, beachcombers, sunbathers, bicyclists and families with their children will be out in droves.

With so many activities going on, you’ll be hard pressed as to which one to choose first!

What To Expect

Plenty of parking makes it so pleasant as you arrive.

Want to picnic?  Tables are a-plenty.  Take note of the bathhouse, the art studio, bathrooms and more.  All located at the south end of the beach.  That would be the official “Alki Point” part of the beach.

Ready for a swim?  Remember that Puget (pew-jet) Sound waters  never do get real warm.  About 46-56 F year round.  However, on those warm August days, you’ll find the water is perfect.

Plenty of "people watching" going on.

Plenty of “people watching” makes Alki enjoyable

At the other extreme end of the beach, the North end, you’ll find a bulkhead protecting the beach.  Take note of the cottages that dot the area.  Looking over the Puget Sound waters, you’ll be pleased with the year round snow capped  Olympic Mountains.

Since so much of Seattle is water oriented, keep a sharp eye out for the ferries, sailboats, barges, steamers, and all the other flotilla that you’ll enjoy watching.

Be sure too, to watch out for those SeaFair Pirates that show up from time to time!

SeaFair Pirates invade Alki

SeaFair Pirates invade Alki…you may be taken captive!.

A local Seattlelite taken "Captive?"

A local Seattleite taken “Captive?”   Hmmmm?

Luna Park is one of those areas that you’ll find of interest.  But unless you know a bit about it’s history, it may be something you’ll pass on.

Luna Park and Coney Island 

The years of 1907 to 1913 were glory years for the park.  Lighting up the night skies on the northern tip of West Seattle as you gazed across Elliot Bay.   Those quiet summer nights would also bring to your ears the screams and happy laughter of excited folks enjoying the park.

Luna Park, for it’s time, rivaled the  Disney parks of today.  They were far more than just the week-end carnivals that pop up across the country.  With permanent fixtures to enjoy for decades to come, Luna Park rivaled New York’s Coney Island, but located in the West.

Luna Park early 1900's

Luna Park early 1900’s

Luna Park 1910

Luna Park 1910

With the Figure 8 roller coaster, Merry go round, Chute the chutes, Water slide, Cave of mystery, Canal of Venice, Human ostrich, Joy wheel, Electrobator and many other park-like rides were at your fingertips all night long.   A fun place for folks of all ages to enjoy.

Demise of The Park

Because of political unrest and the communities struggle for morality, the park eventually was shut down.  1913 was the year it closed its doors.  Torn down or sold, the music, happy laughter, screams of joy…ended.

However the Natatorium (salty swims) remained for a couple more decades until an arsonist decided to torch it.  Going up in flames truly ended all the glory days of Luna Park.

The park in flames

The park in flames

If you happen to be at Elliott Bay when the tides fall to their lowest point (which happens about every 10 years) you’ll see the old rows of pilings and other burned and charred timbers that once supported Luna Park.

Similar to the old movie entitled Brigadoon, Luna Park will once more, be covered over by the waves of Elliott Bay for another 10 years or so.

Alki Park Rivals Seattle’s Green Lake

If you enjoy getting outside and enjoying the rare sunny days in the Northwest, then Alki is where you want to be.  On the other hand, Greenlake is also a great place to see and get involved with others in outdoor activities.

Watch for the Sand Model girls on the Point

Watch for the Sand Model girls on the Point

Whether it be watching or joining in, both parks are easy to locate and great place (and unusually safe to be in) to enjoy the great city of Seattle.

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Written by :  Tom McDaniel

Images: coastalseattle,alkinews,wikipedia,seattlepi,mynorthwest,pauldorpat,wikimedia,historylink,tunersandmodels