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Early Boy's Bike

Early Boy’s Bike

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Early StingRay Bike

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Early Girl’s Bike


Remember when you were a kid?  Or at least, going back when you had more free time and energy to ride your bicycle.  You found yourself far, far away from your home, but enjoyed every push of the pedal!  Now it’s time for the return trip home.  As you mounted your trusty “steed”, you looked up just in time to watch the guy or gal, motor by on their motorcycle.  Though not saying it out loud, you silently wished you had one of those at this time.  It’s a long trip back to the old “stable” where your bicycle will be put to bed…along with yourself.

Well, take heart because there is something that will make your eyes shine with delight.  It’s an electric bike kit that takes the chores out of your riding enjoyment.  After all, when you were just a kid, we used our bike to get from point A over to point B and back again.  That was an early way of spreading our “wings” as we grew into adulthood.  Loads of fun!

Remembering Point “A”  To Point “B”

However, now we have a car or perhaps two that we can use at any time.  But it just seems that from time to time we want to get back on our trusty “steed” and go biking again.  This time it’s not to get from point A to point B and back again, but it’s so that we can just get outside and enjoy the things around us.  Whether it be a trip around town, or perhaps following a trail or path that just plain looks inviting.  We want to do it.

But remember, however far we travel, we have that much to travel back again.  So what do we do?

Recently there have been huge innovations in the bicycle community.  Not the racing circuit or serious bicycling community.  No, they have a totally different goal in mind, that of winning first place.

Serious Bike Riders!

Serious Bike Riders!

The community I am speaking of is the one that just want folks like you and me to enjoy the ride.  Or, perhaps we can use our bicycles for a short commute to work.  How can we do that?

In recent times, inventors have come up with a variety of electric bike kit (s) for the average person to install onto their personal bike.  All that is needed is to change the rear (or sometimes, front) wheel and install the kit.

The Kit(s)

One of the early developers of this electric bike kit was made by the Copenhagen Wheel company of Copenhagen, Denmark.   Their kit comes as an entire wheel.  Basically, just bolt it on. You can also control it with your smart phone and make it operate as you choose.  It can also “learn” how you pedal.  This little wheel kit can increase your pedal power from about twice the pedal pressure to as much as 10 times.  That makes biking fun again, especially when it comes to going up hills.

However, to many, they pass this kit up because of the initial cost.  It comes in at around $700.00 plus shipping and handling.  So for many, especially for a first time effort and expense, folks would rather try something else.

Then comes along another electric bike kit that has rave reviews going for it.  It’s a kit made by the Aosom company that does pretty much the same thing as the Copenhagen Wheel, but for about 1/3 the cost.   It comes as a 26″ rear (or front wheel) with easy to follow instructions.  If your existing bike has different sized wheels, you may want to consider making the change to the 26″ size, front and rear.  Those who have done so, have loved the change, especially with the electric bike kit installed.

The Little Baby

This little baby (the kit), can take you up to speeds of close to 30 mph.  But why someone needs to go that fast, is just beyond me.  How can you enjoy your surroundings when going at that speed?

This kit comes with a 48 Volt  1000 Watt brushless hub motor along with  Two hand brakes to help stop the motor which in turn, slows the bike and eventually stops it completely.  All with very little braking effort!

Electric Bike Kit

Electric Bike Kit

Let me share with you a couple of  comments from some happy purchaser’s of this electric bike kit.  Their comments are below.

How Do Others Feel?

“It almost feels as if you’re cheating because the bike is so fast. Forget pedaling! You can’t pedal doing more than 20mph. If it makes you feel better, you can fake pedal, but you don’t need to. Oh and for hills, lets see, I weigh about 220lbs, the bike weighs in at 110 lb with motor and batteries, and I went up a 300ft steep grade without even using full throttle.”

And another’s comments are as follows :

“I’m 200 pounds and it pulled me up hills fine, except for the steepest hill which I had to assist slightly with really little effort. I rode around for about 5 miles and my battery indicator showed 2/3 remaining. The best thing about this is that it’s very quiet. The motor is very quiet and the clicking from the chain coasting is louder than the motor.”

The above is just a few of the many great comments from happy riders of this kit.  Want to check it out for yourself?

The Downside Of The Kit

Now, this little electric bike kit is quite a good  fit for most people.  However, I do have to say that I did find one small drawback.  It does not come with a battery pack.   But, when we contact the Aosom Company, we find that there was a reason for not having one come with the kit.

Why?  Because there are as many variations to people’s riding habits as there are batteries!  So, depending on you as a person, will make the difference in which battery you will purchase.  The  LifePo4 48 Volt battery pack or the 48V 20AH LiFePo4 Electric Bicycle Battery Pack Scooter E-Bike Lithium Battery will work wonders for most everyone.

Another option is to use  four 5000 Mamp Turnigy Lithium Polymer batteries and wire then in parallel and series. One final option on batteries if we really want to go “cheap” is to use 4 9ah sla batteries. Whichever way you choose to go, you will have many happy outings with this electric bike kit.

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Posted by  Tom McDaniel

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