How to blog and make money while enjoying life

What to blog about to make money is quite easy to learn.  

So you want to know what to blog about to make money.  Right?  In this blog (what I am writing)  I will keep it very simple for all to understand how it works.

Many people enjoy writing articles online and posting them for the online community to see and read.  They also have spaces to leave a comment below each post, share each post with others, put a video on the same blog site, an audio (voice), and even have clickable links that will take a person to another site.

You will also find (at any location all around the blog post) banner ads, videos, along with many other things of interest.  These are areas where the blogger has placed links or videos so when you see something else that catches your interest, you can continue your search or education on that particular subject by clicking on each link and/or image.

It can be great fun to just write about anything that you want to.  You can also give out your url website blog address, which is located at the very top of your blog page and usually starts with   http://  followed by the remaining part of your website address.

That is the website address you want to give to family and friends.  They can read what you write everyday or whenever it is that you leave a new post (a post is what you write, afterwards making it public online).

So how do you start a blog?

If you read my previous blog on this site, you will get much more insight regarding that question.  It is under the heading of :   What is a FREE blog?

When you start a blog, that is exactly what you need to do.  Just START IT !!

The Right Way To Start A Blog

Remember this, if you are new, there is a right and wrong way to start a blog.  However, if you just want to have fun and send your friends to your blog site, then it’s a great place to tell about yourself, a funny story, keep a daily diary and so forth.

It’s amazing how many find what you may call “odd websites” about folks dogs, cats, horse, hiking trips, funny vacations and more.  That being the case, then why can’t they find your site?  A site put together the correct way (using SEO) can easily be found.  Learning about keywords and long-tailed keywords is a great way to start.

Several years ago they made a movie entitled “Julie and Julia.”   Based on a true story.   In short, it was about a young woman who wanted to go through  every  one of Julia Childs (a famous chef) cookbook and keep a record of what she did on an online blog page.

It was a very good movie.  Great for the entire family.

Anyway, if you get a chance to watch it, it will give you much insight as to what to write about and how to do it.  Remember, there is no definite correct way of writing a blog if it’s just for fun or for family and friends.

On the other hand, if you decide you want your blog to be a business with an opportunity to make money online, then it needs to be quite different in it’s contents.

How so?

Learn To Blog (write) The Right Way To Make Money Online

Keep in mind  that when you have your own blogging page, people begin to view you as an ‘expert’ because, after all, you DO have your own website page.  They do not!

So what you write or blog about, it totally up to you.  If you have items that you want to sell, then blog about it.  Not every single detail, but just enough to pique someone’s interest so they will purchase from you.  You can leave a clickable link within your blog information.

Here is a link that get you started on your journey of learning how to make clickable links.

Do you have knowledge of something?  Then blog about it.  Write yourself a very simple ebook and sell the information online.  How do you do and ebook?  Search online for “how to make an online ebook” or something like that, or you can click the above link and join with an online community that will help you.

Using The WordPress Blogging Platform Simplified  

Now, in a previous blog, I mentioned that most people will use the WordPress blogger platform.
It is very simple to start with and is the most popular blog system online.

Within minutes, a total beginner can have an online website and blogging page set up and ready to start your first blog.   Don’t be intimidated.  If you feel you will need help along the way, then consider the WA link above and take advantage of the free 7 day “peek into the back office” of this teaching program.

Kyle and Carson have created this highly successful and easy to follow program for average folks to get started with.  Step by step videos can be watched and paused, implemented, then returned to each video to continue your learning.  Watching is more than once also has it’s benefits.

Kyle teaches us how to setup and capture emails, follow ups, our own custom landing page, what to blog about, how to blog, how to give out good contents to those wanting to learn online marketing and much much more.

If you have an item you want to promote, a skill to share or knowledge of a subject, you will learn how to do so the correct way.  Remember, there is no obligation.  Just a learning program that if you choose to not go any further than the 7 days, that is OK too.

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