Follow Along With Us As We Explore Seattle And It's Surrounding Areas

Is Alki Beach In Seattle? It almost seems that Alki Beach is a separate entity from the city of Seattle. Located in West Seattle, it most definitely is a highly popular “go to” spot for  great entertainment, people watching, and salty water. On those beautiful sunny days and warm weather, you’ll want to head over […]

Lynden Wa is another one of those uniques city townships in Washington that constantly draws people from around the country and  around the world. Located in Whatcom County and established in 1874 on the Squahalish Indian village.  Early beginnings of the location was to establish a place for early pioneers to settle. Lynden Wa & […]

The Wenatchee Indians (Native Americans) were the first to occupy the area of Central Washington where the Columbia River and the Wenatchee River confluence. Wenatchee  is the County Seat of Chelan (she-lan) county.  Surrounded with a mountainous backdrop,  it is ideal for both city and country living. Early History of Wenatchee Fur traders of the […]

If you enjoy “getting away from it all”, the North Cascade Travel Guide is what you’ll be wanting in order  to locate those enjoyable places that most folks know nothing about. The Pacific Northwest is known for it’s beautiful wilderness and wild areas.  However, there are many, many places that have wonderful recreation sites also. […]

Anacortes (anna-core-tess) is in the state of Washington.  Located on the north end of Fidalgo Island.  Many ask what is Anacortes?   Some think of it as some type of wild animal.  For instance, a big snake like the Anaconda. Sorry to disappoint you, but it is not a snake but what it is, is […]

La Conner Washington (a.k.a. LaConner) really has the best of both worlds going for it.  You have the friendly folks in the town areas, plus the outdoor recreation of the Pacific Northwest.  Especially the fishing  (smelt), hiking and crabbing throughout the year. Located just north of Seattle and it’s famous waterfront and floating bridges, La […]

In my previous page, you’ll notice that I tackled the low-end drones.  Here we are going to set aside prices issues and work with the more expensive type drones, what they can do, where to get them, and why they are much preferred over the low-end type drone. Thousands of folks still want to know […]

With the advent of and popularity of drones, not only does everyone want to know what a remote control drone is, what it does, but also where they can get the most bank for their buck! Before getting into the higher priced drones, I want to introduce you to the best selfie drone.  Move over […]

A flying drone a.k.a. quadcopter, is likened to a miniature helicopter with two, three, four or even more, rotating props (propellers) that are operated from a joystick type ground controller held by an individual. A remote control drone is a great way to become introduced into the world of rc (remote controlled or radio controlled) […]

With so much information in the news media about hoverboards exploding and catching fire, it seems to be putting a little bit of a damper on the hoverboard market.  But that only applies to the cheap models. There are still plenty of good quality, safe hoverboards being marketed.  Inferior battery packs seems to be the […]

With the huge demand for a reasonably priced  quality hoverboard, many are choosing to opt. in for the cheaper, less expensive hoverboards that have been linked to house fires, exploding batteries, and even catching fire while riding them. Don’t let that deter you from a purchase.  Just be aware of the dangers of a cheap hoverboard […]

By now, most everyone has either seen or heard of the “floating anti-gravity” hoverboard that was made so famous from the 1985 movie with Michael J. Fox “Back To The Future” part 2. Scenes of Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) balancing on a hoverboard dashing through the streets of the future and  over water, caught […]

The Seattle Space Needle is probably one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city. Created in 1962 for the Seattle World’s Fair, it’s 520 foot high observation deck is enjoyed by people from around the world. Being a “sister city” to many of Japan’s cities, it has that international flavor permeating every corner. With […]

The Seattle Aquarium will take you “under the water” and give you a “real feel” for the marine life in Puget (pew-jet)  Sound.  Come join us as we stroll through the Under-the-sea,  Seattle Aquarium. In fact, you ‘otter’ come and visit the  sea otter during feeding times.  These little balls of fun and fur will […]

The Seattle Science Center or a.k.a. Pacific Science Center, has been one of those fun places for the entire family.  It stretches our imagination and teaches us really cool stuff. Have you been?  If you are new to the Seattle area, the Seattle Science Center has changed  much over the years since it’s original beginnings […]

The word ‘ Intense ‘ refers to physical exertion, mental exertion, or strong emotional feelings of exertion.  So, what is an intense workout and how can we accomplish it? Actually, an intense workout involves all of the above.  Physically, we become involved with what we are doing.  We require our body to perform various tasks. […]

Strength training should not be injurious to ourselves.  On the other hand, it can, and should be,  very enjoyable…when done right.  So what is a strength training program that can accomplish this? Listen carefully…it is called…walking!   Yes, it’ that simple.  Now, don’t say something like, ” walking! how in the world can walking be […]